Mastering the Art of Snooze: Can Cats Use Dog Beds?

Mastering the Art of Snooze: Can Cats Use Dog Beds? - Animals Matter, Inc.

Whether you're a multi-pet household or simply a cat run castle with a goal of making your feline friend as comfy as possible, choosing the right cat bed is essential for keeping your fur babies happy. But could the right pet bed for your fussy feline be a dog bed? If there's one thing we know about cats, it's that they're contrarian creatures by nature. They love stealing human beds and they love making their own cat cave hideouts wherever they please. So what is the best bed for your cat and why do kitties seem so drawn to their canine companion's snooze spots?

The team at Animals Matter can help your kitty find the pet bed of their dreams. After all, there's nothing better than a cat nap! Make sure your kitty is as cozy as can be with this helpful guide to pet products designed to pamper your cuddler.

What Kind of Beds do Cats Prefer? Do Cats Like Pet Beds? Dog Beds? Human Beds?!

Cuddler cats enjoy any space that smells like their best friends. You may spot them stealing beds throughout your house to find the right snuggle spot. While every cat is different (and quirky!), there are a few qualities to look for when shopping for a new bed. Cats like to feel safe and secure. A cat cave is a great option for felines who prefer a bit of privacy, while a donut bed is excellent for achieving the perfect snuggle shape. Orthopedic foam is the perfect choice for senior cats.

Think super soft and ultra-luxurious! Sherpa-lined fabrics are another excellent choice for cats. Unfortunately, the right type of bed for your kitty companion isn't always found in the cat department. That's why many pet parents are thinking outside the litter box and choosing dog beds as a more lavish alternative fit for feline royalty.

Why Does My Cat Like Sleeping on My Dog's Bed? And Other Comfy Conundrums.

Besides loving the scent of their canine companions, there are many reasons why cats might prefer sleeping in dog beds. Dog beds are often made with exquisite materials like memory foam, faux fur, and super soft mattress toppers that attract our fur babies like catnip. Blankets are especially appealing to cats as they fulfill the natural urge to knead and burrow while staying comfy. If your cat is an adventurous soul, you might notice them cozying up to your dog's outdoor pet bed. Self-warming beds that trap heat when the weather turns cool are ideal for cats as well as dogs, although these are most commonly sold as large dog beds.

It's no surprise that our fur babies demand the best. If that means stealing the prime spot in the living room, cats are not above making the dog move aside.

The Best Cat Bed Qualities (That Are Also Found in Dog Beds!)

The perfect pet bed should fit your fur babies like a glove. Hunting through dozens of items on Amazon or Chewy, only for your cat to ignore their new bed the moment it arrives is an age-old cat parent problem that many cat moms and dads understand all too well. Pet parents seeking to understand what makes their furry friend love some beds and ignore others should take a look at the qualities of a great cat bed and consider browsing the best dog beds instead.

One of the biggest selling points for choosing a dog bed over a cat bed is durability. Most dog beds feature a removable cover and are machine washable for convenient clean up. Dogs aren't the only pets to occasionally ruin their idyllic comfy space. Cats are notorious for coughing up hairballs on their brand-new bed. Fortunately, a little mess is nothing a washer can't fix when it comes to choosing a luxury dog bed for your cat.

Dog beds often look better in the living room as they blend well with your furniture, whereas cat furniture tends to stand out a bit more obviously among pet products. Natural faux fur designs can make any cat feel like a lioness. They're also a fantastic option for crates and car travel. A comfortable cat cave can make a vet trip far less stressful.

Senior cats need special accommodations, just like their canine companions. However, it can be difficult to find an appropriate cat bed for aging kitties. Orthopedic foam cradles sensitive joints, molds to the shape of your cat's favorite cuddler poses, and supports your kitty while they rest. Think of orthopedic foam as sleeping on a cloud! Orthopedic foam is available in a variety of designs, including donut type of bed varieties that cats adore.

When it comes to choosing the right type of bed for your cat, picking a good size for your best friends is important. Beds designed for small dogs typically fit cats well. However, you may have noticed your cat has a proclivity for sprawling on human beds. If your kitty likes to sleep like a king (or queen!) then beds for large dogs may just satisfy their need to be pampered.

Introducing your cat to their new pet bed is key. Cats don't enjoy change and may not take to a new bed right away. Try moving a favorite blanket or toy on the new bed to get your cat acclimated with their scent on the material. Sherpa beds are especially inviting as they trap kitty's scent easily. With a bit of prep and care, your cat will love their new bed in no time. They may even adore their cat bed enough to leave your dog's bed in peace.

Dog and cat households have the benefit of enjoying the best trending pet beds for every fur baby. Don't let labels limit you -- or your cat -- in the pursuit of the best pet bed. If you're in need of recommendations for your pet, contact our team today and check out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Luxury Dog Beds.

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