Ultimate Comfort: Find the Best Dog Bed Bolster for Your Companion's Rest

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Animals Matter Ruby Puff Orthopedic Lounger Luxury Dog Bed.

Choosing the right luxury dog bed bolster can drastically improve your pet’s quality of life. These specialized beds offer essential features like raised edges for security and comfort and memory foam for orthopedic support. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key considerations in selecting a bolster dog bed that fits your dog’s individual needs, such as size, sleeping style, and health concerns, without overwhelming you with unnecessary details.

Key Takeaways

  • Bolster beds provide dogs with a sense of security, alleviate anxiety, and offer therapeutic benefits for older dogs with joint issues due to their design, which includes raised edges and high-quality materials like Companion-Pedic memory foam.

  • Choosing the right bolster bed for a dog involves considering the appropriate size according to the dog’s measurements and sleeping habits, the material for comfort and joint support, and the dog’s specific needs, like addressing arthritis or mobility issues.

  • Maintaining a bolster bed requires ease of cleaning with additional waterproof blankets and features like water-resistant, removable, and machine-washable covers, and the bed should be replaced when it shows signs of wear or if the dog appears disinterested in using it.

The Bolster Bed Advantage

A link to the Animals Matter New Katie Puff Encore Orthopedic Lounger for dogs.

Bolster beds offer several benefits for dogs, including:

  • Emulating a den-like environment that dogs’ ancestors were drawn to

  • Providing a sense of security and containment

  • Alleviating anxiety symptoms like panting and destructive behavior

  • Creating a serene sanctuary for dogs prone to anxiety or those who prefer a snug space

These beds have plush surfaces and raised edges, making them an ideal choice for dogs needing extra comfort, love, and security.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The design of bolster beds caters to cuddling dogs who enjoy the constant sensation of being surrounded and supported. The bolstered beds' edges double as pillows, accommodating dogs’ sleeping habits, providing a place for head and neck support, and catering to their sleeping posture needs.

Beyond comfort and security, bolster beds also serve a therapeutic purpose. Orthopedic bolster beds with high quality memory foam are essential for older dogs with joint issues. The high-quality materials and Companion-Pedic Memory Foam provide additional comfort for dogs with arthritis.

The Orthopedic Supportive Animals Matter Ruby Puff Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed is one that checks all these boxes. It offers:

  • Therapeutic comfort

  • Warmth

  • Support

  • Security

This makes it a popular choice among dog owners who love their small, large, and medium-sized pets, offering them the perfect companion, especially for those with a pup.

Design Matters: Choosing the Right Bolster Bed

Though bolster beds come with a myriad of benefits, choosing the one that best suits your dog is crucial. First off, the size of the bed matters. A bed that’s too small won’t be comfortable, and one that’s too large can be overwhelming for smaller breeds. Measure your dog from the tip of their nose to their tail for length and across the widest part of their body for width. Don’t forget to accommodate their common sleeping position, whether they sprawl, curl, or lean.

The bed's comfort level is highly influenced by the type of materials used. For instance, high-quality and supportive memory foam can greatly affect the comfort and joint support a bolster bed provides. Make sure the foam used is American Made and Certified for Safety, such as CertiPUR-US Certified. All Animals Matter Luxury Dog Beds have this certification.

Dogs with special needs like arthritis, mobility issues, or pressure sores can benefit more from an orthopedic bolster bed compared to standard ones. These beds are designed to provide extra support, ensuring your furry companion gets the comfort they need.

The selection of a bolster bed goes beyond size and material considerations. It involves comprehending your dog’s needs and confirming the bed fits within any assigned space, such as a crate if required. By considering all these aspects, you can ensure that your dog gets a bed that’s as comfy as it is beneficial.

Ease of Maintenance: Keeping Your Dog's Bolster Bed Clean

A link to the Animals Matter Faux Fur Luxury Bolster Lounger Dog Bed with Companion-Pedic Memory foam.

The cleanliness of the bolster bed is not just about your dog’s comfort but also their health. Bolster beds with water-resistant and machine-washable covers, or waterproof blankets offer easy cleaning and maintenance, which is especially handy for older dogs with incontinence issues. Consider vacuuming the bed and using a pet hair sticky roller for regular maintenance. Occasional natural deodorizing sprays can also keep the bed fresh and pleasant.

For a comprehensive clean, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by detaching the bolster and unzipping the bottom cover.

  2. Extract the base foam insert and wipe down the foam if needed with a damp cloth of white vinegar and water. (Do not wash the foam, as it is not washable, in the traditional sense)

  3. When washing the bed cover, use cold water in the wash cycle, preferably turning it inside out to remove stains and dirt. Ensure the cover is thoroughly washed.

  4. Tumble dry on low heat to avoid fabric damage. We recommend line dry just to be safe, as the temperatures vary on dryers and if the dryer is too heated, it can damage the fabric's synthetic fibers.

Upon washing the bed, proceed to reassemble it. Start by inserting the base first and then the bolster. If your dog has incontinence issues, consider encasing the bolster in plastic, or covering the bed with a waterproof blanket. This will help prevent moisture from reaching the mattress, ensuring a longer life for the bed.

Remember, no bed lasts forever. Your dog’s bed should always be washed and replaced when it shows noticeable wear like:

  • reduced mattress thickness

  • tattered appearance

  • persistent odors

  • stains

Also, if your dog seems disinterested in using it next time, it might be time to spend on a new one.

Customer Favorites: Top-Rated Bolster Beds

Customer reviews and ratings can be valuable insight when selecting a bolster bed for customers. Product ratings and the number of recent purchases are reliable indicators of customers' popularity and satisfaction with bolster beds.

One such top-rated dog bed is the Ruby Puff Ortho Lounger Companion Pedic Luxury Dog Bed. Its luxurious design and orthopedic support make it a customer favorite that promises quality and comfort for your furry friend.

Animals Matter Ruby Puff Orthopedic Lounger Review

Making the Purchase: How to Order Your Dog's Bolster Bed

The Animals Matter Luxurious and New Katie Puff Encore Orthopedic Lounger, with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

If you’re ready to provide your pet with the comfort they deserve, you’ll find ordering a bolster bed online simple and full of customization options. On the product page, you can:

  • Choose from available sizes, colors, and patterns to suit your dog’s needs and your home decor.

  • Ensure timely delivery by checking the estimated arrival date of the dog bed.

  • Confirm that the seller can ship to your specific location.

You can also opt for an eco-friendly purchase. Utilize filters like CertiPUR-US Certified and CA Prop 65 Approved and tested. Before finalizing your purchase at the checkout, also consider the returns and exchange policy. A good policy can provide peace of mind if the bed doesn’t meet your or your dog’s expectations.


To sum up, bolster beds offer a range of benefits for our furry friends, from providing a sense of security to reducing anxiety and supporting various sleeping positions. They also offer orthopedic support for older dogs, ensuring they get the comfort and care they need. Choosing the right bed involves considering your dog’s size, sleeping habits, and any special needs. Regular maintenance of the bed is crucial in order to ensure its longevity and your dog’s health.

So, why wait another year? It’s time to give your pet the ultimate comfort they deserve. Make an informed decision and order the perfect bolster bed today. After all, a well-rested dog is a happy dog!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bolster beds good for dogs?

Yes, bolster beds are good for dogs as they provide extra cushioning for support and a secure feeling while they rest. This helps in keeping the dog comfortable and safe as they sleep.

Is an orthopedic bed good for a dog?

Yes, an orthopedic bed is great for dogs with arthritis, joint problems, bone injuries, dysplasia, and severe joint issues, providing them with much-needed comfort and support.

Do dogs need bolsters?

Yes, bolsters can be beneficial for dogs, especially for older dogs or those with orthopedic issues, as they can provide comfort and a sense of security. This can also help reduce anxiety.

Why should I choose a bolster bed for my dog?

You should choose a bolster bed for your dog because it provides your pet with a sense of security, reduces anxiety, supports various sleeping positions, and offers orthopedic support for older dogs with joint issues. It's a comfortable and beneficial option for your pet.

How do I choose the right bolster bed?

To choose the right bolster bed for your pup or your dog, consider their size, sleeping habits, and any special needs they may have. Additionally, ensure the bed fits within the designated space.

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