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    Both pets and couches provide comfort to us, but sometimes we want to keep dogs and furniture separate. Enter: pet couch protectors.

    FAQs About Pet Couch Protectors

    Furniture covers for pets can help keep our chairs and couches in good shape. Plus, they’re cozy for dogs. A couch protector for a dog is a win-win.

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    What are the Best Couch Protectors for Dogs?

    Sometimes a large pet furniture protector is best for furniture, and sometimes a pet blanket is all you need. It depends on the behavior of the dog and the size of the couch. Either way, seek out material that is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. All our pet couch protectors and blankets are machine washable, durable, and luxuriously soft.

    What are the Benefits of Furniture Protectors for Dogs?

    Furniture covers help you, the furniture, and your dog.

    Keep your furniture clean

    Pet couch protectors reduce dog fur and dander on your sofa. This means you can get away with cleaning your sofa less often! It also makes your home more hospitable to guests who have pet dander allergies.

    Maintain your furniture’s quality

    Pets are a risk to furniture in several ways. Dog claws and teeth can do a number on a couch. A pet might have an accident on furniture that’s been in the family for generations. Scratches and indentations created by repeated pet use can lessen the quality of your furniture over time. If you plan to sell your furniture, or want it to last a lifetime, it’s important to protect it from pet odors, stains, and damage by using a sofa protector for dogs.

    Create healthy boundaries

    Some pet owners prefer not to have their dogs sit on the couch with them, and other pet owners don’t mind. For pet owners who believe humans have certain designated spots to sit, just like how dogs have their beds, a dog couch protector helps reinforce the boundary between areas in the home intended for pets versus for humans. Alternatively, you can always get them a luxurious dog bed so they have a nice, cozy place to relax.

    Keep your pet safe

    Many dogs have the tendency to chew on everything. In particular, ornate furniture (such as a chair with tassels) can be tempting for dogs to chew on and accidentally ingest. A dog couch protector can keep your pet safe by reducing temptation to chew on an unsafe surface.

    How Often Should You Change Your Dog Sofa Protector?

    Change out or wash dog sofa protectors as needed. If your dog sits atop the protector on a daily basis, wash it every couple of weeks, just as you would change out and wash the sheets on your bed. If your pet comes in contact with the protector less often, washing it on a monthly basis should suffice.