Who We Are

Animals Matter

Animals Matter®  is a manufacturer of luxury pet products dedicated to providing innovative comfort, safety and style. The Companion Collection®  includes functional, yet fashion-forward car seats, safety harnesses, ramps, stairs, beds, loungers and floor cushions available in an assortment of luxurious fabrics. We design all of our products to fit the lifestyle of companions everywhere and the people who love them. The Companion Collection® was created with the idea that Animals Matter®, and that all dogs and cats deserve a good home and a good life, regardless of age, breed or lineage.

We manufacture all of our products in the USA. All of our products and materials are Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly and Vegan.

Our Passion

Because we are passionate about keeping all companion animals out of the sheltering system while promoting a no-kill philosophy through adoption, Animals Matter® proudly funds Aimee Sadler's Dogs Playing for Life®. This innovative program goes to shelters all over the country offering play group training free of charge. Dogs Playing for Life® trains shelter staff and volunteers to get all the dogs in the shelter out of their kennels to play. Play groups provide mental enrichment, quality of life and socialization increasing over all well being and the number of adoptions. This program is essential to a No-Kill philosophy. dogsplayingforlife.com

Our Models

All of the models for Animals Matter® have been adopted through shelters, and when they aren’t working tirelessly to promote the Companion Collection®, they can be found relaxing in our home, where they continue to inspire all of the quality products we offer.