The Dog Bed Chronicles: A Step-by-Step Guide to Picking the Perfect Pet Bed

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Hudson in the Animals Matter Ali Jewel Square Orthopedic Dog Bed.


Welcome to the ultimate guide on choosing the perfect dog bed for your beloved canine companion pup! As pet parents, we understand the importance of the best dog bed to provide our furry friends with a comfortable and supportive resting place.

After all, dogs spend a significant portion of their lives sleeping, so investing in a high-quality bed contributes immensely to their overall well-being. In this comprehensive guide from dog experts, we will explore factors such as size, shape, fill type, and additional essential features when selecting the ideal pet bed for your dog's needs.

Key Takeaways


  • Understanding your dog's needs, such as size, age, and health conditions, is essential when choosing the perfect dog bed.

  • Different pet beds include standard dog beds, nesting/bolster beds, orthopedic dog beds, luxury dog beds, and calming dog beds. Each type offers unique features to cater to your furry friend's preferences and sleeping habits.

  • When selecting a pet bed for your dog, consider factors like material durability and your budget while also prioritizing comfort over aesthetics.

  • Essential features to look out for in a dog bed are machine-washable covers that can easily be cleaned or removed for washing and Certipur-US-certified memory foam that provides optimal support and comfort.


Understanding Your Dog's Sleeping Needs

To ensure your dog gets the best possible rest, it's important to understand their sleeping needs and preferences, including their comfort level, style of dog bed make, age, size, and health conditions.


A picture of the Animals Matter Ali Jewel Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.


The Importance Of Comfort

Ensuring your dog's comfort is essential when choosing a dog bed. A comfortable bed provides numerous benefits for your furry friend, such as promoting restorative sleep and aiding overall well-being.

A comfortable bed also supports your dog's joints and muscles, which is especially important for older dogs or those suffering from orthopedic issues. For example, memory foam beds provide just enough support while contouring to the unique shape of your pet, alleviating pressure on joints and providing relief from pain.

Moreover, investing in a quality dog bed can help minimize stress and anxiety by offering a secure space where your puppy feels safe and protected.

Consider Your Dog's Age, Size, And Health

Your dog's age, size, and health are crucial when selecting the perfect dog bed. For example, young pups may require softer beds for their growing bodies, while senior dogs often benefit from orthopedic beds that provide extra support on joints and reduce pressure points.

The size of your furry friend also plays an essential routine determining the right bed. For example, a small Chihuahua will likely have different sleeping needs than a large Great Dane.

Consider measuring your dog's length and height to ensure the chosen bed offers ample room for them to stretch out and relax comfortably. Additionally, be mindful of any specific health conditions your canine companion might have – waterproof beds with water-resistant covers are ideal for dogs prone to accidents due to bladder control problems.

Choosing The Right Shape Of The Bed

Selecting the appropriate shape for your dog's bed is crucial in ensuring their comfort and relaxation. Observe your furry friend's sleeping habits to determine which bed style fits them best.

For instance, dogs that love to stretch out while they sleep may favor a rectangular or oval-shaped bed, providing ample room for sprawling.

Numerous options are available for many dog beds, larger sizes ranging from nesting/bolster beds to luxury dog cradles with memory foam padding. By understanding your canine companion's distinct preferences and needs, you can make an informed decision that contributes positively to their overall well-being.

Investing in the right dog bed ensures optimal comfort and supports your beloved four-legged family member's health throughout their life stages.

Types Of Pet Beds

Many dog beds include standard dog beds, nesting/bolster beds, orthopedic dog beds, luxury dog beds, and calming dog beds.

Standard Dog Beds

Standard dog beds are the most common type of dog bed available on the market. They come in three sizes and different shapes and sizes, including rectangular, oval, and round designs.

When choosing a standard dog bed for your pet, make sure it is spacious enough for them to stretch out comfortably. Also, consider the material used to make the bed cover and ensure it's durable enough to withstand wear and tear from regular use.

Finally, opt for a machine-washable cover design dog bed if you want an easy-to-maintain option that can be quickly cleaned with a damp cloth or put into the washing machine when needed.

Nesting/Bolster Beds

Nesting/bolster beds are excellent for dogs who enjoy snuggling up in cozy spots. These beds have raised edges that surround the sleeping area, providing a sense of security and comfort that can calm anxious dogs.


A picture of the Animals Matter Ruby Puff Orthopedic Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam, CertiPUR-US Certified and CA Prop 65 Tested and Approved.


They come in various shapes and sizes, from oval to rectangular and square. One famous example is the Animals Matter Donut Cuddler Dog Bed, which resembles a donut with its round shape and raised sides. Animals Matter is renowned for producing high-quality dog beds. While they may be pricey, Animals Matter luxury dog beds undergo testing for CA Prop 65 and are Certipur-US-Certified. In addition, they use their own exclusive Luxura-Fill Fiber and Companion-Pedic Memory Foam, both made in the USA, which passes low-toxin testing.


The Animals Matter Ali Donut luxury dog bed.


When choosing a nesting/bolster dog bed for your dog, consider their size and how much space they need to stretch out comfortably. Also, opt for durable materials such as hypoallergenic beds that can easily withstand rough playtime or scratching without tearing apart and are great for dogs with allergies.

Ensure that you wash the covers regularly to keep them clean since dirt accumulation over time can cause odor buildup within the material fibers.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are an excellent choice for dogs of all sizes, especially those with mobility issues or chronic pain. These beds have a unique design that provides extra support and comfort to your furry friend's joints and muscles.

A picture of the Animals Matter Orthopedic Ruby Square Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

Orthopedic dog beds offer additional benefits to senior dogs and are also great for younger pups at risk of developing joint problems as they age. When selecting an orthopedic dog bed, you'll want to consider the foam's density and thickness based on your pet's size and sleeping style.

These types of beds come in various shapes, including rectangular, round, oval, or even cave-style designs, which provide a haven for anxious pets who like to burrow.

Hudson Laying on the Luxurious Animals Matter Ruby Puff Orthopedic Dog Rug

Luxury Dog Beds

Animals Matter Luxury dog beds are the ultimate in comfort and style, providing your furry friend with a cozy place to rest and relax. These beds typically feature high-quality materials such as memory or supportive foam, providing enough support for dogs who prefer plush sleeping surfaces.

Many of the best dog beds also come with machine-washable covers and other features like raised sides or bolsters, making them easy to maintain and perfect for senior dogs with mobility issues.

Some examples of the best dog beds include the Animals Matter Deep Dish Dog Bed or the Animals Matter Orthopedic Square Dog Bed, for the right dog bed for large breed dogs, which offer a premium sleeping experience that is both comfortable and stylish.

Calming Dog Beds

The calming dog bed is another dog bed that deserves a closer look. These large dog beds are designed to provide a secure and cozy space for dogs who experience anxiety or stress, such as during thunderstorms or fireworks displays.

A picture of the Animals Matter Faux Fur Orthopedic Shag Puff Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

Calming dog beds often have a unique design with raised edges that simulate being cuddled in a safe spot. The filler material may be memory foam or other supportive materials that help soothe anxious pups.

A calming dog bed can be an excellent option for dog owners and pet parents looking to create a peaceful sleeping environment for their furry friends.

A picture of the Animals Matter Katie Puff Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Pet Bed

When choosing a dog bed, it is important to consider the size and weight of your dog, their sleeping habits, age and health conditions, the material and durability of the bed, and your budget and preferred style.

Size Of Your Dog: Large Dog Beds and Small Dog Beds

The size of your dog is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best dog bed. A comfortable bed should be spacious enough for your furry friend to move around, stretch out, and curl up. Large dog beds for large dogs may be better off with a Square dog bed due to its roominess and memory foam since large dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia.

A picture of the Ali Jewel Square Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

Measuring your dog's length from nose to tail and height from the ground to their shoulders is crucial before selecting a bed size. For best results, measuring the bed's dimensions or consulting the size guide and marking them out on the floor is advisable. This will help ensure that the dog bed fits perfectly in the designated area at home and is suitable for the dog.

On the other hand, smaller breeds, such as Chihuahuas or Terriers, will fit well in small or medium-sized dog beds. Remember that dogs who love stretching out may prefer rectangular beds, while those who like snuggling and curling may enjoy round ones.

Ali in the Animals Matter Pearl Puff Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Sleeping Habits

Understanding your dog's sleeping habits is essential to choosing the perfect dog bed. Does your pup like to sprawl out or curl up in a ball? Do they want a firm surface, or do they like something softer? These are all crucial factors to consider when selecting a dog bed that will provide optimal comfort and support for your furry friend.

For example, if you have an older dog with joint pain, an orthopedic dog bed with supportive foam can alleviate discomfort and improve their sleep quality.

A picture of the Animals Matter Ruby Puff Sydney Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

It's important not to overlook these details, as getting the best dog bed can make all the difference in how well-rested and comfortable your pet feels.

Age And Health Conditions

It's essential to consider your dog's age and health conditions when choosing the perfect pet bed. For example, older dogs may require orthopedic beds with extra joint support, while younger pups prefer soft, cozy, nesting-style beds.

A link to the Animals Matter Katie Ortho Rectangle Companion-Pedic Memory Foam Luxury Dog Bed.

Dogs with mobility issues such as arthritis or hip dysplasia will benefit from a bed with ample cushioning and pressure relief.

Opt for hypoallergenic materials and washable covers at high temperatures for dogs with allergies or skin sensitivities. If you have a puppy prone to accidents, look for waterproof or water-resistant options that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Material And Durability

The material and durability of your dog's bed are crucial when selecting the perfect pet bed. Look for beds made of high-quality materials, such as durable polyester or machine-washable fabrics that can withstand regular use and wear.

Memory foam is an excellent option for large dogs who need extra comfort and support due to age or health conditions. In addition, dog beds with waterproof covers are ideal for puppies or seniors with sleep accidents.

Regarding durability, consider how often you'll need to replace the bed based on your dog's size, activity level, and overall product quality.

Price And Budget

Pet beds come at different prices, and it's essential to consider your budget before purchasing. While luxury dog beds may offer more features and better materials, they can be pretty expensive.

For example, standard dog beds can range from $20 to $100, depending on size and material. Nesting/bolster beds typically cost between $30 and $150, while orthopedic dog beds can cost between $50 and $300, depending on the size and brand.

Hudson in the Animals Matter Ali Jewel Puff, Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed.

If you're in the market for a top-of-the-line dog bed, be prepared to spend anywhere from $250 to $650. However, these luxury beds are typically certified for low toxins, made in the USA, and tested for VOCs. They're crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to last for years. Plus, they often come with replacement parts and removable, washable covers. Keep in mind, these premium dog beds aren't for everyone.

Hudson on his Animals Matter Ruby Puff Ortho, Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed.

The key is finding the right balance between affordability and quality for both you as a pet parent and your furry friend's sleeping needs.

Style And Design

The style and design of your dog's bed are essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect one. While functionality is critical, you also want a dog bed that complements your home decor and reflects your taste.

Consider selecting a bed with colors or patterns that match your furniture or room theme.

A picture of the Animals Matter Ali Jewel Ortho Puff, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

Another popular trend in dog beds is using natural materials like bamboo or wood for a rustic look.

Remember that while style matters, comfort should be prioritized over aesthetics.

Features To Look For In Pet Beds For Dogs

Look for a pet bed with machine washable covers, a removable cover, and Certipur-US-certified memory foam for ultimate comfort and safety from toxins, such as VOCs.

Machine Washable Covers

Another essential factor to consider when choosing the perfect dog bed is whether its cover is machine washable. Dogs love to roll around in dirt and mud, so having a bed that can easily be cleaned and maintained is crucial for their overall health and hygiene.

In addition, a removable cover lets you keep your dog's bed fresh and clean without replacing the entire unit. This not only saves money but also prolongs the life of the bed itself.

Many Dog Beds Offer Removable Covers

One of the essential factors to consider when choosing a pet bed is the ease of maintenance. A removable cover makes cleaning your dog's bed much more manageable and ensures it stays fresh and odor-free.

Having a removable cover also means you can switch up the look of your furry friend's bed by changing the covers whenever you feel like updating their sleeping space.

Consider getting extra covers so you always have a spare one on hand while one is in use and another in the wash.

Replacement Parts

Ensuring your pet's bed is durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear is essential. However, accidents happen, and certain parts of a dog bed may get damaged over time.

Choosing a dog bed with replacement parts is crucial for easy repair.

A closeup of Hudson in the Animals Matter Ruby Puff Ortho Lounger, luxury orthopedic Dog Bed.

Choosing a pet bed with easily replaceable parts can save you money in the long run while ensuring your furry friend has a comfortable and supportive place to rest their head.

It also allows you to customize your dog's sleeping experience by swapping out different types of foams or changing up their cover design from season to season.

Certipur-US Certified Memory Foam

Certipur-US Certified Memory Foam is essential when choosing the perfect pet bed for your dog. This certification guarantees that the orthopedic foam in the dog bed has been tested and certified by a third party to ensure that it meets specific quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Choosing a pet bed with Certipur-US Certified Orthopedic Foam offers numerous benefits for your furry friend and large breed dogs. First off, this type of foam provides excellent support and comfort for large dogs, older dogs, small dogs, or those suffering from joint problems or arthritis.

It conforms to your dog's shape while providing enough support to alleviate pressure points during sleep.

A picture of the Ruby Puff Orthopedic Dog Bed Rug, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

Investing in a pet bed with Certipur-US-Certified Orthopedic Foam will give your fur baby the best possible sleeping environment while being confident that you're putting their health and safety first! When I choose a human bed, I don't want VOCs or toxins in my lungs or exposed to my skin.

Raised Sides

Raised sides on a dog bed or crate can provide additional comfort and support for your furry pal. These raised edges act as a pillow, offering a sense of security and allowing your dog to rest their head comfortably.

In addition, raised sides can help keep your dog warm by preventing drafts and creating a secure environment. This is especially beneficial for smaller breeds or dogs who get cold quickly.

A picture of the Animals Matter Raine Puff Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed, made with Companion-Pedic Memory Foam.

When selecting a bed with raised sides, it's important to consider the height and thickness of the walls in relation to your pet's size and weight.

CA Prop 65 Tested

When selecting a pet bed for your furry companion, it's important to consider materials that are safe and free from harmful substances. One crucial factor to look out for when choosing a dog bed is the "CA Prop 65 Tested" certification.

As a responsible pet parent, choosing a dog bed with this certification is essential, as you want the best for your best friend. CA Prop 65-compliant dog beds offer peace of mind knowing your pup sleeps on a non-toxic surface.

Tips For Choosing And Maintaining Your Dog's Bed

Analyze your dog's sleeping style to determine the best bed shape and fill, choose the right dog bed size and material based on their weight and health conditions, look for quality and durability, consider the bed's purpose and aesthetic, regularly clean with a damp cloth or machine washable cover if available, and store properly to maintain its overall quality.

Analyze Your Dog's Sleeping Style

Understanding your dog's sleeping style is crucial when choosing the perfect pet bed. For example, some dogs prefer to curl up and nest, while others like to stretch out and sprawl.

Ali in the Animals Matter Raine Puff Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed.

For example, if your dog likes to curl into a ball, consider a nesting or bolster-style dog bed with raised sides supporting its head and neck. On the other hand, if your dog prefers to stretch out along their back or side, an orthopedic dog bed or memory foam dog bed may be ideal, as it provides just enough support in all the right places.

Choose The Right Size And Material

The right size and material for your dog's bed ensure a comfortable and supportive sleeping space. When choosing the perfect bed size, consider measuring your dog from nose to tail and adding a few inches to determine the correct length of their bed.

Regarding materials, you should consider your dog's needs, such as allergies or sensitivities. Look for high-quality fabrics that are durable and easy to clean while providing enough warmth or ventilation, depending on the climate you live in.

Look For Quality And Durability

When choosing the best dog beds for your best friend, selecting one of high quality and durable is essential. Investing in a well-constructed bed will ensure that your dog remains comfortable and save you money in the long run by preventing frequent replacements.

A common issue with low-quality beds is that they can lose their shape over time or become lumpy, leading to poor spinal alignment and discomfort for your dog.

To ensure durability, look for beds made from sturdy materials such as heavy-duty nylon fabric or reinforced microfiber. Additionally, consider opting for beds with removable covers so you can easily clean them when necessary without compromising the integrity of the foam or the inner liner filling. As a responsible pet owner, selecting the best dog beds and the right dog bed is just as important as choosing a comfortable human bed for yourself.

Determine The Ideal Bed Shape

Choosing the right shape of the bed is crucial for your dog's comfort and ensures that they get a good night's rest. Some dogs prefer round or oval beds to snuggle into, while others prefer rectangular-shaped beds where they can stretch out fully.

Another important consideration is the type of fill used in the bed. If you have a larger breed dog who prefers sleeping on its back, look for beds with supportive foam, especially for older dogs, rather than plush fillings, as it offers enough support without being too soft.

Consider The Bed's Purpose And Aesthetic

Another factor to consider when choosing the best dog bed is its purpose and aesthetic. For example, do you want a bed that can serve as a multi-functional piece of furniture or blends seamlessly with your home decor? Some other pet owners and parents prefer beds with additional features, such as storage compartments or raised sides, for added comfort and security.

A picture of the Animals Matter Companion-Pedic Ruby Puff Dog Bed Rug, with CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam.

In addition to function, the aesthetics of the bed play an important role in determining its suitability for your best friend. For example, dogs who love to burrow may prefer cave-style beds with enclosed tops, whereas those who like to stretch out may need a rectangular-shaped bed with ample space.

Regularly Clean And Store Properly

Cleaning and maintaining your dog's bed is essential for their health and comfort. However, not cleaning the bed regularly can result in a buildup of dirt, germs, and bacteria that could harm your pet.

One great tip is to choose a bed with machine-washable covers or removable covers that are easy to take off for washing. Use a mild detergent when washing the cover, ensuring no traces are left behind as they might irritate the skin.

You should also spot-clean the inside lining of the bed as needed using a damp cloth or sponge.


Choosing the best dog bed is crucial to ensuring their comfort and overall well-being. By understanding your dog's sleeping needs, considering factors such as size, shape, and fill of the bed, and choosing additional features like machine washable covers and raised sides, you can provide a cozy spot for them to rest after a long day of play.

Remember to clean and maintain the bed for optimal hygiene regularly.

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