Orthopedic Dog Beds

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    FAQs About Orthopedic Dog Beds

    Are you thinking about purchasing an orthopedic dog bed for your furry friend?

    An ortho dog bed is essential for keeping your pup comfortable and happy long into the future. I have all the answers you need to find the right dog bed.

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    What is an Orthopedic Dog Bed?

    The purpose of an orthopedic bed for dogs is to give them extra support as they sleep or rest, protecting their bones and joints. However, like humans, a pet bed, specifically an orthopedic pet bed that’s too soft, can put undue pressure on your dog’s hips, legs, and elbows.

    Think of pet beds in the same vein as orthopedic mattresses. Most experts recommend investing in a good mattress early; the same principle applies to your dog. 

    Certain breeds, such as German shepherds, are more susceptible to orthopedic issues as they age. Purchasing therapeutic dog beds early can postpone these medical issues and keep your pup feeling young and spry.

    What are Orthopedic Dog Beds Made Of?

    Whether you need a large or small orthopedic dog bed, it will likely be made of memory foam for the best results. The best orthopedic dog beds use memory foam because it molds itself to your dog's figure and provides support where it counts.

    Strictly speaking, an ortho dog bed doesn’t need to be made of memory foam as long as it’s durable and provides sufficient support. However, if you’re looking for the gold standard of dog beds, search for an orthopedic memory foam dog bed or a memory foam mat for dogs.

    Are Orthopedic Dog Beds Good for Dogs?

    Everyone knows how important it is to have a mattress that effectively supports their bodies as they sleep. The same goes for dogs. Despite the name, an orthopedic bed is not exclusively for dogs diagnosed with bone or joint problems. Even puppies can benefit from having one of these beds.

    Some advantages of orthopedic dog beds for large dogs and small dogs include promoting healthy joints, better mobility, and mitigating the onset of conditions like hip dysplasia and arthritis.

    Dogs that sleep in orthopedic beds from a young age can also avoid soft tissue injuries, bone problems, and back issues.

    Consider an orthopedic dog bed (large or small) as a preventative measure for common health problems as they grow up. Not only will your pup have a higher quality of life, but you can also avoid those expensive vet bills later.

    What are the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds?

    You need a dog bed that gives them enough space to move and nest however they want. It’s always best to opt for a larger bed, even if you have a smaller breed. You want them to feel comfortable and at home in the orthopedic dog bed, not cramped and claustrophobic. Sizes range from Small to XL orthopedic dog beds.

    The best orthopedic dog bed should always be made of high-quality materials, such as companion-pedic or memory foam. Other factors to consider include the texture of the material your dog will be sleeping on, such as a micro velvet bottom. If you want some extra cushioning, consider adding dog blankets for added support. They should also have high marks for durability and should provide easy maintenance for washing a dog bed.

    The key is to search for a bed that provides the necessary firmness and support for your furry companion. Your dog shouldn’t be sinking into the bed when they climb into it; it should hold up strong yet provide a soft and comforting home base.