Car Seats

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    Ensure safe, comfortable, and stylish travels with our Animals Matter® Dog Car Seat Collection. Our patented luxury dog car seats are designed to fit securely in your vehicle, offering a perfect blend of safety and comfort for your furry companion. Featuring CertiPUR-US® Certified dense upholstery-grade foam and padded Micro Velvet, these dog car seats provide exceptional support and a plush ride for your pet.

    Our collection includes various sizes and styles, all easily installed and contoured to fit your automobile seat. The customized recessed groove allows a lap belt to securely surround the front, while the shoulder belt buckles on the top back of the car seat. Simply clip the attached strap to your dog’s harness, and you’re ready to go!

    Each dog car seat allows your pup to see out of the window, reducing car sickness and providing ample space to lay down and sleep during long rides. These seats also secure dogs that like to roam around the car or sit in the driver's lap, enhancing safety for everyone.

    The removable, machine-washable cover backed with padding ensures easy maintenance and lasting luxury. Our dog car seats are recommended for use in the back seat with a comfortable harness. For multi-pet households, an additional adjustable attachment (sold separately) secures a second dog.

    Handcrafted in California under strict safety regulations, our dog car seats are the pinnacle of luxury and functionality. Give your pet the best travel experience with Animals Matter® Dog Car Seats – where comfort, style, and safety meet.