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    FAQs About Outdoor Dog Beds

    What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Dog Bed?

    There are a few different reasons pet owners should consider purchasing an outside dog bed for their cherished companion. The most compelling of these reasons include:

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    1. Protection From The Heat

      Hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and steel all absorb and retain heat — a hazard for your pup’s sensitive paws. Investing in an outdoor dog bed made from breathable materials is the best way to ensure your dog remains cool and comfortable. These beds are tested to withstand the elements, including prolonged sun exposure, and provide much-needed relief on hot summer days.

      For ideal results, be sure to place your outdoor pet bed in a shaded area and ensure your dog has access to drinking water at all times.

    2. Prevention of Pain and Discomfort

      Many dogs are prone to joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other medical conditions that cause discomfort. Plus, even if a dog is completely healthy, laying on hard surfaces for extended periods of time will lead to aches and pains.

      A high-quality outdoor dog mat provides the cushioning required to prevent discomfort and keep your pet feeling their best. If you wouldn’t lay on your flagstone patio for hours on end, why should your dog?

    3. Quality Weatherproof Fabrics

      Many pet owners assume they can simply place an indoor pet bed outside, only to realize it’s a mistake when the weather changes. Indoor pet beds aren’t meant to hold up against rain or extreme temperatures, and they also aren’t made from materials that repel bugs or other pests.

      For these reasons, it’s best to invest in a waterproof outdoor dog bed. They last much longer and provide all of the functionality your pet requires.

    What Should You Consider When Purchasing an Outdoor Dog Bed?

    Familiarizing yourself with various pet bed features and specifications is an essential part of finding the best outdoor dog bed. Some critical factors you’ll want to consider include:

    • Whether or not the bed is made from chew-proof materials (if your dog is prone to gnawing on things they shouldn’t be)
    • If the bed is elevated from the ground (elevated beds protect your pet from ticks, fleas, and other pests)
    • Machine washability (for pet owners who prefer to maintain pristine cleanliness)

    Only you know which option will work best for you and your pet’s lifestyle, so be sure to do your research.

    What is the Best Outdoor Bedding for Dogs?

    While the world of indoor luxury dog beds is much easier to navigate, the best outdoor dog beds can vary significantly, which is why it’s difficult to provide a single recommendation. What we can tell you from our professional experience, however, is that the best dog beds for outside use typically meet three key criteria:

    1. They make your dog feel comfortable

      All beds should be appropriately sized for your pet and provide the ideal amount of breathability and cushioning.

    2. They are tested for your local weather conditions

      You will want to select an outdoor dog bed that can withstand the climate conditions of where you live (frequently high temperatures, high amounts of rainfall, etc).

    3. They are carefully and expertly constructed

      When using a dog bed outdoors, you’ll want to be sure it is built sturdily enough. You may also want specific features, such as handles or a non-slip undersurface.