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    Besides adding an elegant, considerate touch to your home, dog stairs can significantly help your pet feel more comfortable.

    FAQs About Dog Stairs

    When are steps for dogs the most helpful?

    Is it OK for Dogs to Use Stairs?

    Unless your dog has a severe injury or has been advised by a veterinarian to not use stairs, it is okay for dogs to use stairs.

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    However, stairs created for dog legs, not human legs, can be very helpful to your pet. To prevent hip or leg strain in older dogs, your vet may advise that your dog avoid stair use. Puppies, dogs with short legs, and arthritic dogs will especially appreciate dog steps designed to meet their needs.

    Does Your Dog Need Stairs or a Ramp? And, What Is the Difference Between Pet Steps and Ramps?

    So, how do you know whether to get pet steps or a ramp? A pet stair is a set of steps designed for a dog’s body to help them get to its destination a little easier. A dog ramp has a gentler angle to lessen back and joint strain. It is made especially for aging, injured, or recovering canines.

    When are Dog Stairs and Ramps Needed?

    If your dog sleeps with you, it is nice for him to have his own dog ramp for bed or dog steps for the bed to use at the end of a long day. It also comes in handy if your luxury dog bed is elevated.

    Further, puppies have a learning curve when first going up and down human stairs. Adult dogs may be helpful in teaching puppies and boosting their confidence. And to help them learn, ramps or dog stairs can act as training wheels.

    If you have steps leading up to your house from the outside, and your dog has difficulty going down or up them when going outside, stairs or a ramp could be a better alternative for the comfort of your pet. Unless she is trained to use pee pads indoors, your dog will require easy access to the outside multiple times a day. This can get difficult for many dogs in old age.

    Plus, if older dogs lose control of their bladder, it is even more important that they can get where they need to go without any hassle or hold-up. This is crucial for large dogs that are too heavy to pick up multiple times per day.

    In addition to going outside, your pet may need steps or a ramp to get elsewhere in the house, yard, or to his favorite comfy chair.

    Consult with your veterinarian for further clarification if and when ramps and stairs are needed. Having both as an option might suit your dogs best, in case they are more comfortable going down ramps and up stairs, or vice versa.

    What are the Best Steps and Ramps for Dogs?

    Here are a few factors to pay attention to when choosing the right dog stairs and ramps to suit your dog’s needs.


    Make sure the pet steps and ramps you purchase reach the bed, chair, or surface that your dog needs to access.

    Step Dimensions

    All our individual step dimensions are listed for dog stairs so that you can select the appropriate size for your dog’s gait and leg length.



    All our steps, stairs, and ramps are professionally upholstered with microsuede or micro velvet. They are sturdy, safe, vegan, and cruelty-free. All covers are machine washable. Plus, they are eco-friendly and made in the U.S.A.


    Just as you help your dog with your purchase of Too Faced x Animals Matter Companion Pedic Luxury Companion Dog Stairs, you will also give shelter dogs a second chance. Proceeds from this product go toward Dogs Playing for Life, a nonprofit dedicated to creating enriching playgroups and other programs to provide a better quality of life for shelter dogs.