The Ultimate Guide to Dog Cuddle Beds: Benefits, Materials, and More

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A cute chihuahua resting in bed

As any pet parent or guardian knows, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with your pup. Whether they cuddle beside you on the couch or burrow in the blankets at night, your faithful companion brings endless love and joy to your life.

But did you know that selecting a dedicated dog bed could benefit them (and you) even more?

A raised-rim dog bed can provide superior comfort and warmth and contribute to their overall health and happiness - not to mention give them their own unique space in the home to feel secure.

In this guide, we’ll explore all of the critical benefits of having a dedicated dog bed, along with innovative features in materials and design so that your furry friend has an optimal sleeping space for calming relaxation!

Cute Puppy resting in his Dog Cuddle bed

What is a dog cuddle bed?

A high bolster pet bed with deep crevices is a way to show your beloved pet the luxury and comfort they deserve. The best snuggle beds are designed with an Orthopedic foam base, providing optimal support and joint alignment, and a super soft round shape of cuddly plush fabric surrounding them, helping your best friends feel secure and providing a night of restful sleep.

For convenience, they offer removable covers that are machine washable and offer multiple colors and stock available replacement parts.

The inside of the pet bed bolster should be generously filled with luxura-fill fiber that encourages imaginative playtime and will spend hours of sound sleep.


Hudson sitting in his Charcoal Animals Matter Katie Puff Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase

The memory foam cushions your pup's body for maximum comfort from achy bones and joints, giving them a cozy spot to settle and relax.

These beds offer neck support, enhance security, treat anxiety, and create a warm sense of calm and better health to make the perfect bed!

Buying a comfy pet bed with superior-quality materials is one investment you won't regret.

 Hudson Resting his neck and head in the Animals Matter katie Puff Dog Cuddle Bed and a Link to purchase.

What is the most comfortable pet bed for a dog?

When searching for the most comfortable bed for your dog or cat, it's essential to consider super soft yet durable materials, muscle and joint health support, and luxurious touches.

A bed that relieves anxiety with raised bolsters and calming materials is a great way to provide comfort and allow your dog or cat to curl and rest their head. The round bolsters give a sense of security, and when your dog or cat is curled and surrounded by the high bolsters, you will see your pets become less nervous, with improved behavior and better sleep.

Opting for plush materials like memory foam or orthopedic foam can soothe pressure points and support your pet's neck, head, bones, and joints.

Soft, calming fabrics such as velvet or faux fur add a layer of comfort, while hand-tufted details give the ultimate in luxurious sleeping arrangements.

Hudson looking confident in his Animals Matter Ruby Puff Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase. 

With the right pet bed choice, you can offer your pets the best possible comfort that will last them a lifetime.

Why do dogs like to cuddle in bed?

Dogs and Cats love to cuddle in bed due to the soothing presence it provides them. Its supportive embrace grants them a sense of security, helping them feel safe and secure even when they are not home.

The luxurious sensation of lying in bed is enhanced when snuggling with their human companions, allowing both a truly soothing experience. Whether it’s for warmth, comfort, or security, dogs gain so much from cuddling in bed- making it no surprise why many enjoy this nightly ritual so much.


Cute Picture of Dogs Cuddling together on a bed.

Benefits of a cuddle dog bed

Cuddle Dog beds are a luxurious asset to any collection of furniture and pet bedding essentials in your home. They provide soothing comfort, and their deep cushioning and supportive design help your beloved pup relax and find peace naturally. It is perfect for tired dogs needing extra coaxing to rest comfortably for the night.

 Ali curled up in her new Ivory Animals Matter Raine Puff Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase.

Pamper your pet with the luxurious embrace of our Soft Cuddle Bed - designed to provide superior comfort, support, luxury, and style from toy breeds to any dog's size. The plush walls offer a calming, cozy nap atmosphere, while hypoallergenic materials guarantee allergen-free bliss for dogs or cats everywhere! So let them curl up in perfect contentment and settle into sweet dreams - providing an incomparable night's sleep you can be sure they deserve.

How to choose a dog cuddle bed

When choosing a dog cuddle bed, carefully consider your pup's needs and preferences. For senior or arthritic canines, Orthopedic support beds are ideal for extra cushioning and warmth. A temperature-regulating memory foam mattress might be best if you have an active pup that sleeps in numerous positions throughout the night.

Additionally, when considering the size and shape, many opt for a rectangular bed that ensures their dog has enough room to stretch out or curl up. Finding a luxurious, fashionable design that meets your puppy’s requirements can provide a sense of ease and comfort for both the pet and the owner. Selecting the perfect bed just for your pup is a necessary process that should not be taken lightly.

 Hudson resting in his Ivory Animals Matter Ruby Square Orthopedic Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase.

Best materials for a plush dog bed

When you think about the best materials for a plush dog bed, please look no further than quality faux fur and memory foam. Offering superior comfort and warmth, faux fur ensures your pup receives the utmost soft luxury.

 Ruby sleeping in her Animals Matter Faux Fur Shag Puff Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase.

Memory foam cushions the body, supporting bones and joints while alleviating pressure from achy muscles. Furthermore, from gentle wiping with a damp cloth to spot clean any soil accidents, both materials are highly durable and easy to keep clean. Your pup deserves the best; these quality materials provide them with just that.


How much is a cuddle bed?

A dog cuddle bed is a luxurious indulgence that allows your best friends to experience a unique and comfortable night's sleep. The highest quality materials, advanced designs, and choice fabrics mean that cuddle beds come with a more premium price point than your standard pet bed. In addition, they are crafted to last while providing maximum comfort, style, and quality, so the cost of the cuddle pet bed is an investment in quality sleep and is built to last. It is impossible to put an exact number on the price of a cuddle bed as many factors are in play, such as size, brand, fabric, and other features.

 Close up picture of Hudson Laying in the Animals Matter Ruby Puff Ortho Lounger and a link to purchase.

However, consumers should expect these beds to be slightly more expensive than standard options, which can range from around $150 to over $650, depending on the level of luxury that you're looking for.


Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

The Animals Matter Katie Puff Cuddle pet Bed was the first of its kind when it was created over two decades ago. This luxury calming dog bed supports your pup's body for maximum comfort, joy, and relaxation with an ergonomic shape and proprietary Luxura-Fill pillowy filling.

 Ruby resting in her Animals Matter Katie Puff Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase.

In addition, it features a proprietary Companion-Pedic, Certipur-US Certified Orthopedic Memory foam, designed specifically for pets, and a plush, luxurious chenille outer fabric to provide excellent insulation in warm and cool environments.

Plus, it's made with hypoallergenic and CA Prop 65 Compliant materials free from toxins and dangerous chemicals. From its timeless design to its ultimate comfort, this anxiety bed for dogs will surely be a pawsitive addition to your furry pal.

 Ruby sleeping in her Animals Matter Katie Puff Luxury Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase.

Made of Pet-Safe Materials

Pet-safe materials should always be a top priority when buying a pet bed. Could you ensure the bed you're considering is made with pet-safe materials that are non-toxic and free of unhealthy chemicals throughout the entire bed?

Please ensure the materials are CA Prop 65 tested and compliant, the memory foam is Certipur-US Certified, and the product is handcrafted in California, not imported. This will ensure the utmost safety for your beloved best friends and prevent them from being exposed to toxic chemicals.

 A picture of a dog holding a Safety First Sign and a hard hat, with a link to Animals Matter, who provide safe pet products.

Cozy dog beds for cold weather 

When temperatures drop and the days become shorter, provide your loving pup with the ultimate comfort and style of a cozy dog bed for cold weather. These luxurious sleeping quarters offer superior insulation and padding to ensure your canine companion stays warm in more excellent conditions.

Each bed is designed with only the finest materials to ensure long-lasting durability, so you never have to worry about sacrificing fashion for warmth. So give your furry friend the luxury they deserve this winter season when you shop cozy dog beds for cold weather today.

Raine sleeping in her Animals Matter Faux Fur Shag Puff and a link to purchase. 

Enclosed dog beds for anxious dogs

Enclosed dog beds provide the perfect space of security and protection for anxious dogs, keeping them safe from external elements and potential triggers.

The bed also helps reduce vocalization behaviors that come with anxiety, allowing both you and your pet to experience an uninterrupted night's sleep. Furthermore, the enclosed walls act as physical barriers that create a secure environment where your pup can feel at ease.

Enjoy watching your dog relax in the luxury comforts of an enclosed bed, knowing that an improved sense of control will add to their overall well-being.

 Hudson happy in his Animals Matter Ali Jewel Ortho Lounger Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase.

Are orthopedic pet beds worth it?

Without a doubt, orthopedic pet beds are worth every cent. Investing in orthopedic beds offers a luxurious, high-end sleeping surface that can provide relief and comfort to pets of all sizes and breeds. In addition, an orthopedic pet bed is designed for superior joint support through a dual layer of firmness. 

It will cradle an animal's body while providing relief from pressure points. Additionally, the raised edges provide security and help pets comfortably place their head while curling up during rest periods.

Therefore, investing in an orthopedic pet bed guarantees essential restorative sleep that helps keep your fur friend happy, healthy, and ready to take on their day.

Hudson enjoying his Animals Matter Ivory Ruby Sydney Ortho Lounger Dog Cuddle Bed and a link to purchase. 

What type of pet bed do dogs prefer?

Whether a soft pet bed, an orthopedic pet bed with memory foam, or a calming donut dog bed, all are designed to improve your pet's sleep quality and create restful, peaceful slumber.

The thick donut bed cushion boosts your pup's comfort level and helps reduce the times they'll need to wake up during the night.

This can help them achieve a deeper sleep cycle and wake up more energized in the morning after a long night of restful sleep. Not only will this make your pup happier, but you, as a pet parent, will be too! In addition, it helps Reduce Potentially Harmful Chewing Habits.

 A Cute Dog Resting in bed at the spa with cucumbers over his eyes and link to Animals Matter.

Should I use a gentle cycle to clean my cuddle bed?

Keeping your pup's bed clean and well-maintained is essential for a healthy, comfortable sleep. First, start spot-cleaning your dog's bed surface using lukewarm water, white vinegar, or a mild detergent.

If the pet bed is machine washable, follow the instructions carefully when laundering to ensure optimal results, and only use a gentle cycle with cold water.

You can purchase a pet bed with a removable cover that's dirt-resistant, water-resistant, machine-washable, in stock, and easy to care for. This will allow for a machine washable cover in cold water but do not machine dry. Also, do not use heat; even low heat can damage faux fur fibers.

Next, confirm to air dry the bed thoroughly in direct sunlight or inside an open space since beds may not be suitable for tumble drying or hot temperature settings. Finally, use a waterproof cover over the bed to prevent further messes. With these tips, your furry friend will sleep soundly on their clean, cozy, calming dog bed!



Investing in a dog cuddle bedis wise for any pet parent. Not only does it offer countless benefits for both owners and dogs alike, but there are also several materials and styles to choose from that will work with various living spaces and budgets. 

Whether you’re a first-time pet parent or an experienced one looking to upgrade your pup's sleeping situation, this guide is the perfect starting point to create the ultimate nighttime experience for you and your furry friend.

The best part? You’ll be able to take comfort in knowing that every evening will be shared with them in cozy luxury, ensuring good restorative sleep for all involved!

So why wait; turn your home into a luxurious oasis today by purchasing a cuddle bed.

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