Dog Blankets & Rugs

FAQs About Dog Blankets

Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Absolutely. Just like us, many dogs are fond of blankets and prefer to sleep with one. In fact, some pups can even become attached to their dog blanket — much like human children.

Here are a few reasons why dogs enjoy and benefit from pet blankets:

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  1. Dog Blankets Provide Warmth

    While some dog breeds, like huskies, thrive in cold environments, others are not as equipped to handle lower temperatures. Shih tzus, greyhounds, and yorkshire terriers are just a few examples of dogs that dread the cold. But even if your pet loves to frolic in the snow, it’s still important to provide them with the option of warm, cuddly cover, so dog bed blankets are recommended regardless of the breed of your furry friend.

  2. They Are Soothing

    Our pets miss us when we leave them at home or aren’t by their side. Dog blankets provide a little extra comfort in these situations. Your pup will benefit from the consistency of knowing they always have their blanket nearby. Plus, it’s important for your pet to feel as though they have belongings that are just for them, including toys and puppy blankets introduced at a young age.

  3. More Practical For Cleaning

    Let’s face it; dogs aren’t the cleanest animals. In addition to having high-quality dog bath supplies on hand, having a blanket for pets is ideal for getting rid of pet odors and maintaining a clean home. Unlike dog mats or pet beds, blankets can be machine washed — an extremely convenient perk. This makes it easier to travel with dog blankets, bring them to the park, or simply lay them out in the backyard. No matter what happens, you can always pop the blanket in the wash for restored freshness.

What is the Best Material for a Dog Blanket?

When shopping for blankets for dogs, comfort should always be top of mind. But durability and convenience also play a factor. Here are some of the top fabrics for dog blankets and what makes them appealing:

  1. Fleece

    Fleece is an ideal material for pets because of its warmth and durability. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear, so it is a great long-lasting solution for pets that tend to be a little rough with their belongings. And if your pup is particularly put off by cold temperatures, a fleece throw blanket for dogs will undoubtedly provide the snugness they require.

  2. Microfiber

    Due to the tightly woven construction of microfiber material, it does not gather allergens and other particles as easily as other fabrics. This is one of the reasons microfiber products are so popular amongst owners in need of blankets for puppies or dogs with sensitivities. Additionally, microfiber is incredibly soft and moisture-wicking, which will keep your pet dry and comfortable during warmer months.

  3. Cotton

    Cotton is a great lightweight material that allows for maximum breathability. It is also naturally soft and gentle on the skin. The only concern with choosing a cotton blanket for dog use might be durability. Cotton tends to fray over time, so you can expect to replace cotton dog blankets more frequently than those made from other materials.

How Big Should a Dog Blanket Be?

Your dog’s blanket should be appropriately sized for its body. Smaller dogs will require a smaller blanket that is more lightweight, while bigger dogs can handle more heavyweight materials and require a larger blanket. As a rule of thumb, dog blankets should be approximately 12 inches X 12 inches for small dogs, 24 inches X 24 inches for medium-sized dogs, and 36 inches X 36 inches for large dog breeds.