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    FAQs About Dog Car Seats

    Everyone knows luxury dog beds exist but sometimes people are surprised that dog car seats are available, too. Curious about purchasing a dog car seat, but unsure what to look for? Read on for dog car seat requirements, tips, and benefits!

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    Do Dogs Need to Use Car Seats?

    A pet car seat is extremely beneficial for comfort and safety. When cars turn, pets get easily jostled around. A car seat or bed can help keep them steady. A steady dog is less likely to hurt himself if momentum jerks him around suddenly. A steady dog is less likely to get carsick. A steady dog is a calmer dog - causing less whining, and less distraction for the driver. A steady dog is a happier travel buddy.

    How Safe are Dog Car Seats?

    A car seat with a seatbelt is the safest and most secure. The car’s seat belt secures the structured, soft, micro velvet bed in place, and the attached strap hooks the dog’s harness to the seat. This allows your pet to rest comfortably while preventing harm from sudden car movements. Be sure to install the car seat in the backseat for maximum security.

    An ultra-plush cushion bench, hammock, or bucket is intended to provide comfort for your pet while traveling. They function as a dog bed for car use. The hammock also creates a barrier, safely preventing your dog from accessing the front seat while in transit. Similarly, a buttery soft crate pad in a backseat or truck bed can act as a portable dog bed for cars.

    Are Dog Booster Seats Required by Law?

    It is not currently required by law in any state to have a dog car booster seat. However, many states do have ambiguous laws and/or proposed legislation regarding restraining pets in vehicles. So before taking your furry friend on a cross-country road trip, be sure to check each state’s current laws and prepare accordingly.

    As of 2021, only six states have laws regarding the transportation of pets in vehicles. Of those six states, only Rhode Island requires the pet to be secured (in an enclosed area, in a seat belt, or by another person in the car other than the driver).

    For the safety of both humans and pets, securing your pet in the car is a good idea, such as in a dog booster car seat. Pets can cause distracted driving, which can cause accidents. A dog without a secure dog booster seat is at a higher risk for injury.

    What Should You Look for in a Dog Car Seat?

    There are several important factors to consider when purchasing a car seat or bed for your canine travel companion:

    • Look for the right fit according to the size of your dog. Make sure he fits snugly but comfortably as if you were ensuring the safety of a toddler. Consider getting a puppy car seat first, and another one for the adult dog stage if you know your dog will have a significant growth spurt.
    • Easy to install and wash, durable, ultra-soft touch.
    • Chic and streamlined look, without extraneous parts that your dog might chew on.
    • Five-star reviews and a variety of options.