Luxurious Animals Matter Faux Fur Dog Bed Rugs for Maximum Comfort

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Raine enjoying the luxurious Animals Matter Ruby Puff Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed Rug.

Imagine providing your companion a luxurious and comfortable resting place while enhancing your home decor. That’s precisely what faux fur dog bed rugs offer! These stylish and cozy beds look great in your living space and provide numerous health benefits for your beloved pet, such as joint pain relief and improved sleep quality. Let’s explore the appeal of Animals Matter dog bed rugs and the various features that make them the perfect choice for your canine companion.

Short Summary

The Appeal of Animals Matter Dog Bed Rugs


Hudson loving his new Animals Matter Ruby Puff Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed Rug.


Animals Matter dog bed rugs are more than just an attractive addition to your home. They provide your pet with the ultimate comfort and support thanks to their innovative design and high-quality materials. With a soft, luxurious faux fur cover and a supportive memory foam base, your dog will enjoy the perfect resting place that caters to their every need.

The removable faux fur cover is vegan and designed to be comfortable and durable, while the CertiPUR-US Certified and Companion-Pedic memory foam base provides comfort and durability.

Stylish Design

The sleek and modern design of Animals Matter dog bed cover and rugs adds a touch of sophistication to any living space. The elegant faux fur bed cover provides a plush and cozy sleeping surface for your dog and seamlessly complements your existing home decor.

No longer will you need to hide your pet’s bed when guests come over – instead, your dog’s bed will become a stylish statement piece.

Companion-Pedic Comfort and Support

At the heart of Animals Matter dog bed rugs is human-grade, Low VOCs, CertiPUR-US Certified memory orthopedic foam designed to alleviate joint pain and provide maximum dog support. This proprietary Companion-Pedic orthopedic foam ensures your pet’s body is cradled and supported in all the right places, making it an ideal choice for aging dogs or those suffering from joint-related issues.

Choosing the Right Size


Ali resting in her Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Dog Bed Rug.


Selecting the appropriate size faux fur dog bed rug is crucial to ensure your dog has ample space to move and feel comfortable. The right size will depend on your dog’s breed and weight, so it’s essential to measure your dog accurately and consider these factors when choosing a dog bed rug.

Let’s explore the suitable sizes for various breeds.

Small Breeds

A smaller dog bed rug is typically sufficient for small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pugs, and Dachshunds. To determine the appropriate size, measure your dog’s width at its widest point, a line, usually from shoulder to shoulder.

Smaller breeds may require extra cushioning to provide adequate support and comfort.

Medium Breeds

Medium-sized breeds of dogs, like Beagles, Bulldogs, and Border Collies, typically weigh 25-50 lbs and are often called medium dogs. A medium-sized dog bed rug measuring approximately 30” Lx20” W should suit this case.

Always measure your dog to ensure you choose the right size bed, as proper support is essential for your pet’s health and comfort.

Large Breeds

A larger dog bed rug is necessary for large breeds such as Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Great Danes. The Extra Large Curve White & Brown size is recommended for these breeds and others like Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, Huskies, and Australian Shepherds.

Always measure your dog and consider their weight to ensure that the bed you choose provides adequate support.

Caring for Your Faux Fur Dog Bed Rug


Ruby and Hudson resting on their Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Dog Bed Rug.


Proper care and maintenance of your faux fur dog bed rug will ensure its longevity and retain its luxurious appearance. Regular cleaning, grooming, and maintenance of the memory foam insert are essential to keep the bed looking and feeling its best.

Let’s explore some tips for caring for your faux fur dog bed rug.

Cleaning the Outer Cover


Ruby on her Animals Matter Orthopedic Dog Bed Rug


To clean the removable faux fur cover, unzip the zipper linings and remove the memory foam base from the outer cover. The cover can be washed in a washing machine. Use cold water and the gentle cycle for best results. Afterward the wash, hang it to dry.

For spot cleaning, use a damp cloth with mild detergent to gently rub the stain in a circular motion, then rinse with cold water and blot dry with a clean towel.

Maintaining the Memory Foam Insert

To keep the memory foam insert fresh and clean, lightly sprinkle baking powder and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking powder and pet hair.

  1. Moisten a cloth with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing soap to deal with stains.

  2. Rub the stain in a circular motion. Allow the solution to sit for 10 minutes, then press out as much moisture as possible without wringing out the foam. Finally, let the foam air dry.

Grooming the Faux Fur

To fluff carefully maintain faux fur's plush and luxurious appearance, use a pet care brush with widely spaced metal bristles, also known as a slicker brush. Gently brush and fluff the faux fur's fabric, careful not to damage the fabric.

Regular grooming will keep the faux fur looking its best and ensure your dog’s bed is cozy and inviting.

Health Benefits of Animals Matter Companion-Pedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Rugs


Ruby loving her Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed Rug.


Providing your pet with a high-quality dog bed rug, like the Animals Matter Companion-Pedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Rugs, can significantly improve their overall health and well-being. The orthopedic memory foam offers joint pain relief and improved sleep quality, ensuring your pet is well-rested and comfortable throughout the day.

Let’s delve deeper into these health benefits.

Joint Pain Relief

The Companion-Pedic memory foam in Animals Matter dog bed rugs offers much-needed joint pain relief for dogs, particularly those aging or suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia. The foam distributes weight evenly and conforms to the body, providing support and cushioning to the joints. This can significantly affect your pet’s comfort and overall quality of life.

Animals Matter dog bed rugs are designed to protect and provide superior comfort and support for your pet.

Improved Sleep Quality

A supportive and comfortable dog bed rug with memory foam can improve your dog’s sleep quality. The foam absorbs motion, alleviates pressure points, and provides consistent support, allowing your pet to enjoy a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Better sleep leads to a happier, healthier, and more active dog or cat, which every pet parent wants for their furry companion, ensuring their pets’ health.

Top 2023 Faux Fur Dog Bed Rugs on the Market


Raine enjoying her Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed Rug.


In 2023, the market will be filled with various faux fur dog bed rugs and blankets, each line offering unique features and benefits to cater to pet parents and furry friends' diverse needs. Some of the best options include Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Dog Bed Rugs, Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed Rugs, and Animals Matter Luxury Dog Beds and Blankets.

Let’s take a closer look at these top choices.

Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Dog Bed Rugs

The Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Dog Bed Rugs are a top choice for pet parents seeking the perfect blend of style, comfort, safety, and support. These pet beds are crafted with a soft, luxurious faux fur fabric, CA Prop 65 tested materials, that looks great and provides a cozy and supportive sleeping surface for your pet.

The bed is filled with a supportive memory foam cushion insert, ensuring the ultimate resting place for your dog.

Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed Rugs

Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed Rugs offer exceptional comfort and support for your canine companion. These beds are stylish, cozy, and made with a soft, luxurious faux fur fabric. The supportive CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam insert relieves joint pain and improves your pup's sleep quality.

Animals Matter Luxury Dog Beds and Blankets


Hudson cozied up in his Animals Matter Ali Jewel Luxury Dog Blanket


Animals Matter offers an impressive selection for those seeking a complete range of luxury dog beds and blankets. Their faux fur dog bed rugs provide the same comfort and support as their luxury beds, while their plush blankets add an extra layer of warmth and coziness.

The upholstery-grade construction ensures that these beds and blankets are comfortable but also durable and long-lasting.


Faux fur dog bed rugs are an excellent choice for pet parents seeking a stylish, comfortable, supportive resting place for their furry friends. With the added health benefits of joint pain relief and improved sleep quality, these beds invest in your pet’s overall well-being. The top choices 2023, such as Animals Matter Luxury Faux Fur Dog Bed Rugs, Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed Rugs, and Animals Matter Luxury Dog Beds and Blankets, cater to the diverse needs of pet parents and their beloved pets.

By selecting the right size, caring for the bed properly, and understanding the health benefits, you can provide your furry companion with the ultimate place to lay, rest and rejuvenate. Give your pet the comfort they deserve with a luxurious faux fur dog bed rug – after all, they deserve the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do dog anxiety beds work?

Dog anxiety bedsprovide our pets with a sense of security, replicating the natural burrowing behavior of their ancestors in the wild. This enables them to rest and relax and reduces stress levels.

The beds are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our furry friends, making them feel secure and protected. The beds are made from soft and comfortable materials, providing a cozy, comfy and inviting atmosphere for our pets.

Are off-the-ground beds good for dogs?

Off-the-ground beds provide significant benefits for dogs, such as comfort, pressure relief on their joints, improved air circulation, and easy cleaning. They are beneficial for larger and older dogs with mobility issues.

What is an anxiety dog bed?

An anti-anxiety dog bed is a specialized bed that contours to your dog’s body for support and relaxation, typically featuring lots of plush filling, a super soft faux-fur exterior, and a classic donut shape with bolstered sides.

This combination appeals to your pup’s senses by providing a sense of safety and security and a cozy place to relax.

What materials are used in Animals Matter dog bed rugs?

Animals Matter dog bed rugs are constructed with a soft faux fur cover and a supportive memory foam base, providing your pet with luxurious comfort.

How do I clean the outer cover of a faux fur dog bed rug?

Remove the memory foam liner and base, unzip the zipper linings, and machine wash the liner and outer cover in cold water on a gentle cycle. Hang it to dry for the best results.

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