Best calming dog beds: Keep your canine cozy and secure

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Best calming dog beds: Keep your canine cozy and secure


Having a pet can bring you immense joy, but it also comes with challenges. Caring for your beloved canine companion means taking the time to ensure their well-being and comfort. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in a calming dog bed.


Designed to be cozy and secure, these calming dog beds provide your pup with a safe place to retreat when stressed or overwhelmed. They are available in various shapes and sizes, so no matter what breed you have, there's sure to be an option that perfectly fits your pup's needs and lifestyle!


In this blog post, we will explore some of the best calming dog beds on the market today—so keep reading if you want to find out more!

Top 10 Benefits of Purchasing a Calming Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend!

Provides Comfort and Support for Older Dogs

Calming dog beds provide comfort and support to older dogs, allowing them to rest and relax more easily. These calming dog beds are specially designed with soft materials that cushion and conform to the shape of your pet's body, providing support for weak or stiff joints. This helps reduce pain from arthritis or other joint ailments.


Calming dog beds can also help maintain a warm temperature for your canine, even in cold weather, keeping them cozy and comfortable as they sleep through the night.


The plush materials provide extra cushioning for senior pets whose bones may be weak or sensitive. With calming dog beds specifically designed for their needs, aging dogs can enjoy their golden years with greater ease and comfort.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety in Anxious Pets

Calming dog beds are a great way to reduce stress and anxiety in anxious pets. The soft, plush materials provide comfort and security, offering a haven for your pet to retreat to during high-stress moments.


These calming dog beds can also help limit distractions in the home so that your pet stays focused on its safe place and doesn't become overwhelmed by other stimuli. Also, calming dog beds can effectively teach anxious pups basic commands such as "stay" or "relax."


By providing additional cushioning that helps to lower their heart rate, the dog bed becomes a comforting space and a training tool for your pup. This can help them handle more stressful situations with more ease and calmness.

Hudson Laying in the Pearl Puff Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed 

It helps Regulate Pet Temperature.

Calming dog beds can help regulate a pet's temperature during sleep. The plush cushioning provides insulation from cold floors and helps keep your pup warm on cold nights. The beds can also be used outdoors to shield pets from the sun's heat during the summer months.


Even better, some calming beds come with a cooling gel insert to provide relief from hot temperatures or to cool down overly excited pups. A calming bed will keep your pet comfortable during their sleep, whether it's a cold winter or a hot summer day.

Creates a Safe, Secure Place for Your Dog to Sleep

Calming dog beds provide a safe space for anxious pets to curl up and rest. The soft cushioning is a barrier from the floors, providing a cozy, warm respite for your pup during sleep. Plus, the beds come in various styles specifically designed to create an enclosed snug space where your pet can snuggle up and feel safe.


Whether you're looking for something small and lightweight that can be moved around the house or a larger bed with sides to give extra security, there is undoubtedly an option out there that will cater to your pup's needs.

Offers Protection from Floor Drafts

Calming dog beds protect from cold drafts from hardwood or tiled floors. In addition, the plush cushioning of the bed acts as an insulation layer, keeping your pet warm and insulated at night, creating a calming bed.


Also, calming beds with covers or sleeves can be zipped around them to provide extra protection and help retain heat. This extra layer of insulation makes it easier for your pup to stay toasty on a chilly evening while they rest comfortably in their calming bed – providing the ultimate refuge from cold air drafts.

Promotes Better Digestion and Joint Health

A calming bed can also do wonders for promoting better digestion and joint health. In addition, the increased level of comfort provided by the dog bed helps reduce stress on joints and muscles, especially for elderly pets, making them more comfortable and increasing their mobility.


Plus, the elevated surface of the dog bed helps facilitate proper digestion due to its raised position – helping your pup digest food quicker and with less discomfort. Not only does this make your pet healthier, but it also makes pet parents much happier!

Aids in Calming Behaviors During Storms or Fireworks

Calming Donut Dog Bed is especially helpful in calming behaviors during thunderstorms, fireworks, or other loud and stressful events that create anxious dogs. The round shape and raised edges can provide a comforting and secure sleeping environment for your pup, reducing anxiety levels caused by external stimuli, which leads to anxious dogs. This is why calming donut dog beds are essential for a nervous dog and make for the best calming dog beds.


This stylish dog bed helps soothe pets and brings their beloved pet parents peace of mind.

Pamper your pet companion with this luxe donut bed, designed to bring extra comfort and peace of mind to you and your beloved anxious dog. The fashionable circular shape encircles them in a protective embrace during uncertain times so that furry friends -and their owners- can get the best possible rest.

Improves Quality of Sleep for Your Pet

Whether a soft dog bed, an orthopedic dog bed with memory foam, or a calming donut dog bed, all are designed to improve your pet's sleep quality and create restful, peaceful slumber.


The thick donut bed cushion boosts your pup's comfort level and helps reduce the times they'll need to wake up during the night.


This can help them achieve a deeper sleep cycle and wake up more energized in the morning after a long night of restful sleep. Not only will this make your pup happier, but you, as a pet parent, will be too! In addition, it helps Reduce Potentially Harmful Chewing Habits.

The best calming dog bed can help reduce potentially harmful chewing habits and stop your pup from chewing up the entire bed.


Soft, safe materials create these beds, making destructive chewing harder. Plus, the donut shape is raised off the ground, allowing pet parents to quickly see if any unwanted chewing is taking place, as opposed to having a traditional flatbed that sits right on the floor.


By choosing a calming bed specifically designed for this purpose, you can help extend the life of your pet's favorite resting spot while saving yourself money in the long run!

Offers Quality Materials and Design That Last

When shopping for the best calming dog bed for your furry friend, look for quality materials and lasting designs.


Dog beds with durable fabrics and high-density foam are essential for longer-term comfort and lasting durability.



Look for features like a machine-washable removable cover, a high-quality fluffy bed, plush faux fur, soft faux fur, bolster bed, dirt resistant, memory foam base, sturdy zippers, water-resistant covers, and breathable chenille fabric to ensure your pup is always cozy and supported while they sleep.


And because these beds come in cute shapes and sizes, you can easily find one that fits your doggie's style!

What shapes and sizes of calming dog beds are available?

When providing comfort for your pup, there are endless options to choose from when selecting a calming dog bed. Thanks to modern innovation and design, calming beds come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics.  


From square bolster beds to rectangular extra-large mats, there are numerous shapes and sizes for every pup size, lifestyle, and personality - no matter whether your furry friend loves to curl up or sprawl out.


These luxury dog beds come with stuffing designed for maximum comfort, providing essential cushioning for joints so your pup can rest well in ultimate tranquility.


For pet owners looking for a luxury experience, bolster beds with faux fur exteriors can be found in trendy styles with customizable features such as removable covers. Make sure it's faux fur, though!


There's something special about giving the gift of a cozy reclining spot; after all, nothing says "I love you" like a super soft snuggle zone that's as plush as possible.


Head and neck support

Head and neck support is an essential factor to consider when investing in a calming dog bed. A supportive bed can help prevent joint pain and promote overall good health by ensuring your pup's spine, neck, and head are properly aligned. To provide maximum support, look for beds that offer layers of cushioning made up of memory foam or thermo-gel materials that contour to the shape of your pup's body while providing temperature control—keeping them cool in the summertime warm in the winter months. For larger breeds like Great Danes or St Bernards, look for extra large beds with thicker layers of cushioning that will provide more support and security.


Shallow beds may be ideal for smaller breeds, such as Chihuahuas, who prefer less room to move around but still ample support. In addition to the cushioning layer, some beds feature removable covers or shag faux fur exteriors that add softness to their sleep area—providing even more comfort for your pet friend! These additional features are also great for pups who spend a lot of time outdoors or love water activities like swimming; waterproof orthopedic dog beds resist mildewing odors and repel water, keeping their sleeping area dry no matter what adventures they embark on!


Having a supportive bed means more than just physical comforts; it provides mental security by giving your pup its special place to call home. In addition, it can help reduce stress levels and ease any anxiety they may have, thus promoting better overall health! Investing in a quality calming dog bed with advanced neck and head support is an investment in their physical and emotional well-being—something priceless that money can't buy!

How to choose the right size and shape for your pup's needs.

When selecting the perfect size and shape for your pup, consider all your options carefully. Smaller sizes are best for smaller breeds, such as Chihuahuas, and can provide a cozier environment for the dog to sleep and relax in.


For a small pup, you may want to look for a bed that is thickly filled and provides enough cushioning and softness to keep them comfortable. Larger-sized dogs like Bulldogs need more room, so look for mattresses with raised sides, giving them more space to stretch out while still feeling securely tucked in.


Depending on the breed's personality and activity level, select a curved or rectangular shape as they offer more moving around the room during their slumber. Alternatively, bolster beds provide extra support while keeping them snug and secure. Whatever you decide, make sure it's one that your pup will love!

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Dog's Bed

Keeping your pup's bed clean and well-maintained is essential for a healthy, comfortable sleep. First, start spot-cleaning your dog's bed surface using lukewarm water, white vinegar, or a mild detergent. If the bed is machine washable, follow the instructions carefully when laundering to ensure optimal results. Next, confirm to air dry the bed thoroughly in direct sunlight or inside an open space since beds may not be suitable for tumble drying or hot temperature settings. Finally, use a waterproof cover over the bed to prevent further messes. With these tips, your furry friend will sleep soundly on their clean, cozy, calming dog bed!

Benefits of Picking an Orthopedic Bed

An orthopedic dog bed is ideal if you're looking for a comfortable and supportive sleep spot for your pup. Orthopedic beds are designed with extra cushioning and padding that helps to reduce joint pain and improve overall comfort. These beds also relieve pressure by reducing strain on the body, allowing your furry friend to rest more peacefully throughout the night. In addition, the materials used in orthopedic dog beds are durable and long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. With an orthopedic dog bed, not only will you be providing a comfortable sleep surface for your pup, but you'll also be supporting their overall health!


Important Safety Features to Consider

When it comes to buying a dog bed, pet-safe materials should always be a top priority. Make sure the bed you're considering is made with pet-safe materials that are non-toxic and free of unhealthy chemicals throughout the entire bed.


Check for secure stitching throughout the entire bed to ensure the bed won't easily get torn or apart, and look for additional features like removable covers and washable fabrics.


The bed should also be stable enough to support your pup's weight without slipping around or shaking suddenly when they move in their sleep. With these features in mind, you can find a safe, reliable sleeping spot for your furry companion.


What is the original calming dog bed?


The Animals Matter Katie Puff Calming Dog Bed was the first of its kind when it was created over two decades ago.


This luxury calming dog bed supports your pup's body for maximum comfort, joy, and relaxation with an ergonomic shape and pillowy filling. In addition, it features a proprietary Companion-Pedic, Certipur-US Certified Orthopedic Memory foam designed specifically for pets and a plush, luxurious chenille outer fabric to provide excellent insulation in warm and cool environments. Plus, it's made with hypoallergenic and CA Prop 65 Compliant materials free from toxins and dangerous chemicals. From its timeless design to its ultimate comfort, this anxiety bed for dogs will surely be a pawsitive addition to your furry pal.


Who Is The Top And Most Trusted Brand?

Animals Matter Luxury Pet Products is the top and most trusted brand in the luxury pet products industry.


They go above and beyond industry standards for pet safety, luxury, and style, with their products being CA Prop 65 Compliant and tested to ensure that they are safe for pets.


Their proprietary Companion-Pedic memory foam, made explicitly for pets, is Certipur-US Certified memory foam to guarantee its quality.


For over 20 years, this Palm Springs-based company has been crafting luxurious pet products for pampered paw parents everywhere. They feature a vast selection of top-notch bedding, car seats, steps, and stylish accessories, all designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your beloved companion - plus organic shampoos and balms that keep them looking their best!

Animals Matter Faux Fur Orthopedic Shag Puff, Calming Dog Bed Story

"When my wife and I adopted our beloved dog, we were overjoyed. She was the light of our lives and brought us so much joy. But little did we know that she had an issue with anxiety. She would bark for long periods, often late at night, which kept us up all hours of the night. We tried everything to help her feel more relaxed, but nothing seemed to work until one day when we stumbled across Animals Matter Faux Fur Companion- Pedic Shag Puff Orthopedic Calming Dog Bed." 


"We decided to try it and couldn't believe what happened next! From the moment she lay on the bed, she felt completely calm and relaxed - like a new dog! The CA Prop 65 tested fabrics gave us peace of mind knowing that our pup wouldn't be exposed to toxins or pollutants while sleeping in her special place."


"Additionally, the Companion-Pedic memory foam provides superior comfort while being Certipur-US certified, meaning it meets safety standards set by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Plus, who can resist its luxuriousness and softness?" 


"Since getting this calming dog bed from Animals Matter, our pup has been feeling better than ever! She looks forward to resting on it every single day without fail. Even when it's time for walks outside, she won't get out of her cozy spot as if hypnotized by its comforts! My wife and I are beyond thrilled with how this product has changed our puppy's life- allowing her to finally find some peace amidst all her anxious thoughts in the safe yet comfortable environment provided by Animals Matter Faux Fur Shag Puff Calming Dog Bed."



Animals Matter Luxury Pet Products is the top and most trusted brand in the luxury pet products industry, providing paw parents everywhere with quality and safe products for over 20 years. Specifically, their Faux Fur Companion-Pedic Shag Puff Orthopedic Calming Dog Bed is a comforting choice for pups struggling with anxiety.

It features a proprietary memory foam explicitly made for pets that is Certipur-US Certified to guarantee its quality and comfort and a plush, luxurious faux fur outer fabric to provide excellent insulation in warm and cool environments. This bed is also made with hypoallergenic and CA Prop 65 Compliant materials, ensuring it will be free from toxins and dangerous chemicals.


Many pet owners vouch that this calming dog bed has been life-changing for their pup's mental health, giving them a cozy spot to relax where they can find peace amidst anxious thoughts.


After being mesmerized by its softness and luxe design, they lay down on the bed only to feel completely calm and relaxed - like a whole new dog!


The CA Prop 65 tested fabrics also give paw parents peace of mind knowing that their pup isn't exposed to toxins or pollutants while sleeping in this special place.


Pamper your pup with Animals Matter's luxurious line of calming beds designed for ultimate comfort. Crafted from proprietary and certified Certipur-US Companion Pedic orthopedic foam, many owners have praised Animals Matter orthopedic dog beds as a perfect anxiety remedy for their furry friends!


Make every day extraordinary with this exceptional calming dog bedding from Animals Matter and make the right choice for your luxury bound fur pooches who deserve the best.


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