Let Your Pup Lounge in Style: Our Top Picks for the Best Outdoor Dog Beds!

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A picture of a dog laying out in the sun on the Animals Matter Outdoor Dog Bed, the Contour Lounger Orthopedic Outdoor Dog Bed with a waterproof cover.


As a devoted pet parent, you understand the importance of providing your furry friend optimum comfort and relaxation. With summer approaching and more time spent outdoors, finding the perfect outdoor dog bed that suits your dog's needs is essential.

A picture of Hudson, relaxing in the sun, on his Animals Matter Contour Lounger, orthopedic outdoor dog bed, with waterproof cover.

In this ultimate guide for 2023, we will explore the best outdoor dog beds on the market, featuring durability, weather resistance, support, and luxurious designs from top brands like Animals Matter.

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing outdoor dog furniture, factors such as durability, size and shape, comfort and support, and weather resistance should be considered to ensure your furry friend's optimal relaxation experience.

  • Some of the best outdoor dog beds in 2023 include the Animals Matter Orthopedic Contour Lounger Outdoor Dog Bed for superior comfort and support, the stylish and versatile Animals Matter Futon Outdoor Dog Bed made from weather-resistant materials, and the durable Animals Matter Floor Pillow Outdoor Dog Bed featuring water-resistant exterior covers that are easy to clean.

  • Additional features like bolsters for added support or waterproof covers for easy cleaning can enhance your dog's outdoor relaxation experience. Assessing your pet's needs based on their breed, weight, sleeping habits, climate, and terrain will help you choose the appropriate dog bed with the right features.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Dog Outdoor Bed

Consider the durability and material of the best outdoor dog bed, ensuring it can withstand outdoor weather conditions, elements and rough and wet playtime!

A picture of two dogs, Raine and Ali, playing by the pool and enjoying their Animals Matter Outdoor Dog Bed.

Outdoor Dog Furniture Durability And Material

Durability and material are two vital aspects to consider when selecting the perfect outdoor dog bed for your furry companion. High-quality, durable materials ensure that the elevated pet bed can withstand extended periods of outdoor use, rough play, and potential chewing incidents.

When evaluating your options, look for beds with heavy-duty fabrics such as UV ray-resistant or mold and mildew-resistant materials. These features will protect your dog bed investment and contribute to keeping your pets healthy by reducing allergens in their living space.

Ali drying off in the sun, on her Animals Matter Sydney, Outdoor Bolster Dog Bed.

Additionally, an outdoor dog bed design made with Outdura Fabric, like the Animals Matter Outdoor Dog Bed Collection, offers increased breathability and UV protection. You can feel safe knowing that the fabrics are made in the USA and are CA Prop 65 tested and approved for the utmost safety of your pets.

Ruby sun bathing on her Animals Matter Floor Pillow, Outdoor Dog Bed.

Size And Shape

Selecting an outdoor dog bed's appropriate size and shape is crucial for your pet's comfort and overall well-being. As a responsible pet parent, you must ensure that the dog bed you choose accommodates your dog's needs.

Similarly, smaller breeds of dogs, such as Chihuahuas or Pomeranians, may prefer cozy, circular beds that surround them with a sense of security. Elevated designs can help keep pets cool during hot summer by allowing air circulation to cool them beneath the bed and paws while protecting them from damp ground or cold weather conditions.

Don't forget to consider any mobility issues your furry friend may have - look for beds that offer easy access without putting too much pressure on their joints.

Comfort And Support

Prioritizing comfort and support is essential when selecting the perfect outdoor dog bed for your loyal companion. A comfortable bed provides a cozy resting place and helps alleviate pressure points, preventing joint pain and promoting overall well-being.

In addition, some pet owners prefer bolstered beds that provide extra cushioning around the edges where their furry friends can rest their heads after an energetic play session or a long hike.

Weather Resistance

When choosing an outdoor dog bed, it's essential to consider weather resistance. An excellent outdoor dog bed should withstand weather conditions, including rain or shine.

Look for a waterproof cover or durable material that is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Additionally, beds made of breathable fabric can help regulate your pup's body temperature during hot summer days.

Investing in a high-quality outdoor dog bed that is weather resistant will provide comfort and protect your furry friend from the elements. The Animals Matter Contour Lounger Outdoor Dog Bed is also orthopedic, and the Animals Matter Sydney Outdoor Dog Bed are excellent top dog options as they have water-resistant features and durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions and bolsters to enhance comfort.

The Best Outdoor Dog Beds For 2023

Here are our top picks for the best outdoor dog beds in 2023, including the luxurious and supportive Animals Matter Orthopedic Contour Lounger Outdoor Dog Bed, the versatile, sturdy, and stylish Animals Matter Futon Outdoor Dog Bed, and the cozy and durable Animals Matter Floor Pillow Outdoor Dog Bed - read on to discover more!

Animals Matter Orthopedic Contour Lounger Outdoor Dog Bed

The Animals Matter Orthopedic Contour Lounger Outdoor Dog Bed is a premium choice for furry friends who enjoy spending time outdoors and sun themselves. This high-end bed offers superior comfort and support with its Certipur-US-Certified orthopedic memory foam and raised edges that contour to your dog's body shape, reducing pressure points while they rest.

Raine and Ruby, relaxing in the shade on their Animals Matter orthopedic Outdoor Dog Beds.

It also features a weather-resistant cover crafted from soft yet durable materials such as Outdura Outdoor Fabric, ensuring longevity and easy maintenance.

Animals Matter Futon Outdoor Dog Bed

The Award Winning Design of the Animals Matter Futon Outdoor Dog Bed is a stylish and comfortable option for dogs and pet parents looking to provide their furry friends with many hours of relaxation. This bed features a design made from weather-resistant materials, making it perfect for outdoor use in all climates.

Ruby laying on her Animals Matter Award Winning Futon Outdoor Dog Bed. The Futon is the winner of the Yardzen Best of 2023 Outdoor Dog Beds.

The futon-style mattress supports pets' pressure points, helping them stay cozy while spending extended periods outside. With its beautiful design and high-quality craftsmanship, the Animals Matter Futon Outdoor Dog Bed is a luxurious addition to any living space, patio, or garden.

Animals Matter Floor Pillow Outdoor Dog Bed

The Animals Matter Floor Pillow Outdoor Dog Bed is a top pick for pet owners looking to provide their furry friends with ultimate comfort and support. Made with high-quality materials, this bed features a water-resistant exterior and removable cover that's easy to clean, keeping your outdoor space tidy and hygienic.

Hudson sun bathing on the Animals Matter Floor Pillow Outdoor Dog Bed.

The pillow design provides ample space for your dog to stretch out and relax, while the soft Luxura-Fill® inner filling offers excellent cushioning for pressure points. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand extended periods outdoors while remaining mold and mildew-resistant.

Additional Features To Enhance Your Dog's Comfort

For pet owners looking to take their furry friend's comfort to the next level, additional features like bolsters and waterproof covers can make all the difference - keep reading for more information on how these features can enhance your dog's outdoor relaxation experience.

Bolsters For Added Support

If you want extra support from your furry friend while they rest outdoors, consider opting for an outdoor dog bed with bolsters. These raised edges give dogs a sense of security and help align their spine and relieve pressure points.

The Animals Matter Sydney Outdoor Dog Bed is an excellent option, featuring sturdy three-sided supportive bolsters made from recycled polyester fibers and water-resistant fabric.

Hudson relaxing on his Animals Matter Sydney, Outdoor Bolster Dog Bed.

This soft, durable pet bed also has proven ideal for pets that need additional support due to age or injury.

Waterproof Covers For Easy Cleaning

The waterproof cover is another essential feature when choosing an outdoor dog bed. Dogs love to play and explore, which often means getting dirty and wet. A waterproof, removable cover will protect the pet bed from accidents and make it easy for pet owners to clean.


Choosing The Best Outdoor Dog Bed For Your Furry Friend

Assess your dog's needs, determine the appropriate size and shape based on their breed and weight, consider the climate and terrain in which they will be using the bed, review bed features such as weather resistance and additional accessories like replacement covers or bolsters for added support, and invest in a high-quality product for long-term comfort and durability.

Assess Your Dog's Needs

Assessing your dog's needs before selecting an outdoor dog bed is essential. Consider their size, weight, and sleeping habits when choosing a dog bed. For example, larger dogs may require extra support or a larger bed than smaller dogs.

You should also consider the climate and terrain where the bed will be used. If you live in an area with frequent rainstorms or high humidity levels, choosing a waterproof or weather-resistant bed that can withstand moisture exposure without mold buildup might be best.

On the other hand, if your furry friend spends time in hot temperatures or direct sunlight frequently, look for a bed designed with breathable fabric materials like mesh covers to ensure proper ventilation and shade to prevent overheating in the hot sun.

Determine The Appropriate Size And Shape

To ensure your furry friend is comfortable and well-rested, it's essential to determine the appropriate size and shape of their outdoor bed or pillow. A bed, pillow, or blanket that is too small or too large can cause discomfort and difficulty resting, leading to behavioral problems.

The shape is equally important, as dogs have varying preferences for laying down and stretching. Some prefer traditional rectangular shapes, while others enjoy circular beds with raised edges for added support during their stay outdoors.

When selecting your pup's new outdoor bed, consider their individual characteristics, such as age, breed size, and activity level, to ensure optimal comfort while spending time in their outdoor beds.

Consider The Climate And Terrain

Another essential factor to consider when choosing an outdoor dog bed for your furry friend is the climate and terrain. If you live in a region with extreme temperatures, such as hot summers or cold winters, look for dog beds that can withstand these conditions.

If your dog loves exploring the great outdoors, choose a bed that can handle rugged terrains. Elevated bed designs are perfect for outdoor use as they keep your pet off the ground and away from dirt and insects.

Additionally, when camping, consider beds with waterproof covers for easy cleaning after adventurous camping excursions.

Review Bed Features And Additional Accessories

Choosing the right outdoor dog bed for your furry friend is important, and considering additional features and accessories can enhance their comfort. Look for beds with bolsters that offer added support to help your pet relieve pressure points while sleeping.

Waterproof covers are also a great option as they make cleaning easy and protect against wet and cool weather conditions.

A Customer Review of the Animals Matter Futon Outdoor Dog Bed

Investing in a quality product is crucial when selecting an outdoor dog bed to ensure long-term comfort and durability. The article recommends top picks such as the Animals Matter Orthopedic Contour Lounger Outdoor Dog Bed, which boasts UV-resistant polyester fabric that withstands the harsh outdoor elements without fading or mold growth; this feature makes it ideal for pet owners who spend time for extended periods camping or enjoying the lake/beach life with pets.

Invest In A Quality Product For Long-Term Comfort And Durability

Investing in a high-quality outdoor dog bed for your furry friend is essential to ensure their long-term comfort and happiness. Cheaper options may seem more cost-effective initially, but they often lack the durability and support to withstand the elements and wear and tear over time.

Raine under the umbrella by the pool, relaxing on her animals matter futon outdoor dog bed.

It's essential to look for beds made with weather-resistant materials and sturdy construction that won't break down quickly. Additionally, consider investing in replacement covers or waterproof options to keep the bed clean and comfortable.


Choosing the right outdoor dog bed can make all the difference in your pet's comfort and happiness. Considering durability, size, shape, and weather resistance, you can find a top pet bed that will keep your furry friend comfortable for years.

Our top picks for the best outdoor dog beds in 2023 are sure to provide luxurious comfort and support.

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1. Do outdoor cats and dog beds need special weatherproofing?

Most outdoor dog beds come pre-treated with waterproofing and UV protection, so they should do well in most climates without additional weatherproofing treatments! However, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures (think: hot summers and freezing winters), consider investing in a more heavy-duty option to protect your pup’s bed from additional wear and tear.

2. Are there any easy-to-clean options?

Yes! Look for a bed made from synthetic materials resistant to staining or fading, like ripstop nylon or microfiber fabric. These materials are easily wiped down with mild soap and water, so cleaning up after your pup is fast and hassle-free!

Avoid materials that can easily trap moisture or odors, such as cotton or synthetic fabrics not made with high-quality material. If you opt for a foam-based option like memory foam, ensure it is covered adequately in waterproof material for protection against rain & snow.

3. How do I clean an outdoor dog bed?

Cleaning an outdoor dog bed is straightforward – use mild detergent and warm water! Ensure you spot clean in between washes to prevent the build-up of dirt and bacteria on the fabric. Be sure to let the bed dry entirely before putting it back outside.

  1. What are the most durable outdoor dog beds?

When buying the best outdoor dog beds, durability is an essential factor. Look for materials that can withstand wear and tear and won’t fade or become brittle in the sun. If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting option, consider getting a bed made from tough nylon fabric with waterproofing and UV protection. You should also opt for extra padding or stuffing to provide cushioned comfort for your pup.

5. What size should I get my pup's outdoor bed?

Your pup’s outdoor bed will depend on their size – if you have a larger breed pooch, look for an extra large option upholstered with thick foam padding or cozy stuffing;. At the same time, smaller breeds can enjoy a more basic medium-sized option, even something that packs away easily when unused. Make sure there’s a removable cover and plenty of space inside the bed so your pup can sprawl out comfortably!

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