Luxury Dog Beds

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    Dogs, like humans, seek comfort. Luxury dog beds give them just that.

    FAQs About Luxury Dog Beds

    The right size of your designer dog bed depends on the size of your dog.

    How Big Should a Dog Bed Be?

    Ideally, your dog should be able to stretch out comfortably on the pet bed. Consider using a tape measure to determine the dimensions of your dog when they are fully stretched out, and select a dog mattress that is at least that large. When it comes to the right dog bed and dog pillows, a little too big is better than a little too small.

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    You may opt for a smaller bed when your dog is still a puppy, and then purchase large dog beds as they grow. If you’re only planning to purchase modern luxury dog beds for your puppy to grow into, go with the bigger bed, and then provide an additional dog blanket for your puppy. That way, they won’t feel like she’s all alone in a big bed.

    Also, consider your dog’s specific preferences for finding the best dog bed. Does he always curl into a ball when he sleeps? If so, veering on the smaller side is okay. Does she always sleep surrounded by fellow pets, other animal beds, toys, or blankets? If so, a bigger bed is needed so there is room for everyone to snuggle. (Note: we also offer dog stairs if your dog needs assistance getting to their bed.)

    Large Breeds

    Luxury big dog beds are typically flatter and rectangular to accommodate sprawling limbs. Our orthopedic beds are up to 48 inches long, especially for large and extra large breeds.

    Small Breeds

    Fancy dog beds for small dogs include our variety of puffs and loungers.

    Our size chart provides additional product dimensions, and what type of fancy dog beds work well for medium-sized dogs.

    How Do You Clean a Luxurious Dog Bed?

    To clean a luxury dog bed, follow the instructions on the label.

    • Carefully vacuum excess pet hair.
    • Machine wash our dog bed covers and air dry.
    • To clean the foam inserts, simply spray a mixture of half white vinegar and half water and let dry.
    • Keep in mind any allergies or sensitivities your pet may have to cleaners and disinfectants.

    Are Dog Beds Good for Your Pet?


    • A dog’s bed is his safe space. When the house is chaotic, a dog can self-soothe in a quiet, comfortable place he knows is fully his.
    • In the world of dog beds, a luxury dog bed not only means aesthetically pleasing, it ensures top quality to support your dog’s bones, joints, and muscles. That’s why we offer orthopedic beds. Anxious, achy, or sickly dogs especially need luxury pet beds to take pressure off sore and stiff bodies.
    • Additionally, when your dog travels, an Animals Matter Companion Travel Hammock ensures comfort as she goes to the vet, or is boarded while you’re on vacation, providing him with his own bed creates feelings of peace when he is in an unfamiliar environment.

    Luxury dog beds help us, too. Having a distinct place in your home where you know your pet is likely to reside creates organization and peace of mind. Designating a home base for your pet can be helpful when you’re trying to locate him, you’re in a rush, or in case of an emergency. But most of all, knowing our beloved pets are pampered and comfortable during all stages of life is the most rewarding part of owning luxury dog beds.