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Pet Education

Dog hiding under the bed with it's nose poking outside of the blanket due to a thunderstorm

How to Comfort Your Dog During Thunderstorms

Knowing the right way to comfort your dog during thunderstorms can keep them calm or reduce their fear. Check out this guide to get started.
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Two dogs sharing the Animals Matter Ruby Puff Ortho Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed infront of the fireplace @handcraftedinvirginia

Debunking 7 Famous Dog Myths

Dog myths can be dangerous. Read up on the truth behind these seven myths so you can feed, play with, and care for your pup with more confidence.

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A fluffy doodle mix dog resting in a comfortable ivory color Raine Puff Companion-Pedic Luxury Dog Bed by Animals Matter @garbyandcoby

How the Right Dog Bed Impacts Your Dog’s Long-Term Health

The right dog bed makes all the difference to your pet’s health. See why investing in a high-quality dog bed is so important.
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