Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Luxury Dog Beds

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Luxury Dog Beds - Animals Matter, Inc.

Choosing the right dog bed for your furry friend is a big decision. You want to make sure that you have a dog bed that is right for your pooch, whether that means an orthopedic dog bed for your older dog or a luxury dog bed with a machine-washable cover and more.

Are you looking for more information about luxury dog beds or how to choose the best dog bed for your pet? Read on for more information.

What makes a dog bed "luxury?"

A luxury dog bed, like other luxury items, is made of high-quality materials. Not only is a dog bed a great place for your dog to have their own space, but a luxury dog bed can also help increase your pet's overall comfort, supporting their joints and offering them a more comfortable sleeping space. You may notice several key attributes of a luxury dog bed.

  • Luxury pet beds are made of the highest quality materials. We’re not just talking about luscious faux fur or microfiber. Luxury pet beds should use materials that are ethically sourced, incredibly luxurious, and perfectly soft for your pups. As an example, the US factories we partner with help us source insanely luxurious and high-quality materials like our Companion-Pedic® Memory foam and Luxura fill.
  • Luxury beds may have memory foam interiors or other high-quality materials that are specifically designed to provide additional support for your pet's joints. Often, luxury dog beds will include orthopedic beds that are much more supportive, reducing joint pain for senior dogs.
  • Choosing a luxury pet bed may mean that your dog's bed fits better with your overall home decor. You choose the height of luxury for your own items, so you may want to offer the same luxury to your furry family member.
  • Luxury pet beds are authentic, meticulously crafted, and insanely durable. We use our homebase in California to produce our luxurious beds.

Many dog owners find that "luxury" for their pets also means choosing a dog bed that is the right size for their pets. For example, small dogs may prefer smaller beds, while large breed dogs may prefer extra-large beds that are better for their body size and needs.

Understanding luxury dog bed materials

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a luxury dog bed for your pet.

Memory foam

You may already be familiar with memory foam in your own bed and furniture. Memory foam conforms to the dog's body, providing considerable support for the dog's joints and making them much more comfortable. Certain memory foams are more supportive and long-lasting than others.

Luxurious outer materials

As you choose a dog sofa or donut dog bed, you may find a lot of options out there on the market at different price points. Choosing a dog bed with luxurious outer materials, including faux fur can help make your furry friend more comfortable. A pillowtop mattress, like the one you use for your own bed, can also offer a level of cushioning and comfort. Usually, that outer material is closed with a zipper. Make sure that the zipper is covered to help keep your furry friend as comfortable as possible.


Like humans, dogs can have unexpected sensitivities to the materials used in their beds. You want a luxury dog bed made from hypoallergenic materials to help prevent uncomfortable reactions—and ensure that your pup can cuddle up and get comfortable.

Manufacturing quality, material sourcing, and material quality

When it comes to "you get what you pay for," luxury dog beds are certainly no exception. Luxury dog bed manufacturers may pay much more attention to where the material comes from and what benefits it offers.

Material quality

Luxury dog beds are made from high-quality materials that are more likely to stand the test of time. If you've found yourself buying cheap dog beds frequently, it could be that the materials aren't made of the high quality you expect. When you buy a luxury dog bed, on the other hand, even beds for big dogs will be more likely to stand the test of time. You will more often find that a luxury dog bed will come along with a warranty, which means that you can replace your dog bed or get repairs if needed.

Manufacturing quality

Manufacturing quality matters, too. Luxury dog beds are often made by manufacturers who pay careful attention to the details. Seams are carefully constructed to be tough, and materials are chosen carefully to increase longevity. Material sourcing Many pet owners are concerned about the ethics of material sourcing. Luxury dog beds are made from ethically sourced materials that you can trust. You can feel much more confident that your dog's bed is made of the materials you need when selecting a luxury dog bed. Eco-friendly materials are sustainable and more friendly for the earth—and, in many cases, more friendly for your pet, too.

Are you interested in learning more about luxury dog beds or how to choose the best bed for your dog? Contact us to learn how we can help you select the best luxury dog bed for your needs.


Are expensive dog beds worth it?

As a pet parent, if you're looking for the best bed for your dog, a luxury dog bed is well worth the investment. Expensive dog beds can provide more support for your dog's joints, help keep your dog more comfortable, and offer better longevity, which means you can count on them standing the test of time.

What bed material is best for dogs?

There are several factors you may want to take into consideration when choosing the dog bed for your needs. You need a dog bed that is durable, machine-washable, and hypoallergenic. Ideally, you also want material that is water-resistant.

What is the top-rated dog bed?

At Animals Matter, we have a variety of top-rated dog beds. The best bed for your dog may depend on numerous factors, including your dog's size, age, and comfort level. Our customers (and their pups) love the Ruby Puff Ortho Companion Pedic Luxury Dog Bed.

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