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October 07, 2014


Animals Matter: Products That Will Help Your Aging Companion

Owning an older companion requires a little more attention. They have a harder time getting around and can get pain in their joints. Here at Animals Matter, we care about your pets, and we want to help you give them a great quality of life. We offer products that will help your aging dog be comfortable and happy.


Our indoor and outdoor dog beds offer comfort that can help ease the pain in your dog's joints. These beds are so soft and comfortable that you will wish you had one of your own. 



Steps and Ramps

There is nothing sadder than seeing an elderly companion struggle to get up on a bed or couch. You can help your dog onto the furniture with our steps and ramps. These can help prevent him from falling off of the furniture and hurting himself as well.

Mobility Harness

If your dog has mobility problems, we can help with our mobility harness. You can use this harness to help your dog walk up stairs, get into your car, or get up on the furniture. This convenient harness is comfortable for your dog and will make lifting your pet much easier for you.

Caring for an elderly dog can be physically and emotionally taxing. It is hard to see your beloved pet experiencing pain or hardship. We would like to help you with all of the physical demands of caring for your aging companion. For more information, please visit our website or contact us.


September 25, 2014


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Animals Matter® T-Shirts Help You Show Your Support for No-Kill Shelters

More and more people everyday are realizing that adopting a pet from a no-kill shelter is a win-win situation. Homeless pets get a comfortable, loving forever home and in return people get loyal, life-long companions. The killing of unwanted pets is no longer an acceptable way of dealing with over-population, as it once was. No kill shelters have sprung up in most communities across the country. These shelters are mostly staffed by volunteers who work tirelessly to care for homeless animals, match them up with loving owners, and most importantly to educate their communities about ways to prevent the over-population of pets.

How can you help? Here are a few things you can do to get involved:

  1. Adopt – Do you have space, time, and extra love to give? Consider adopting a pet from a no-kill shelter. There are so many wonderful animals out there looking for a home. The bonus? Every time a pet is adopted from a no-kill shelter, it makes room for another animal who might otherwise go to a pound to be euthanized.

  2. Volunteer – No-kill shelters are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers, and there are many types of opportunities: clerical work, dog-walkers, janitorial work, construction work, dog-trainers, receptionists, kennel help, public relations, and the list goes on.

  3. Donate $$ – Monetary donations are always much appreciated. Just like everything else in life, it takes money to run a successful shelter! Most shelters have ongoing fund-raising opportunities. If you can't afford to donate money – volunteer to man a booth at the fair!

  4. Donate supplies – Shelters always appreciate donated supplies. They need everything from food dishes, leashes, and blankets to office supplies, cleaning supplies and even toilet paper. Every donated supply leaves them with more money available to spend on finding good homes for the animals.

  5. The Animals Matter® T-Shirt  – Purchase an Animals Matter T-Shirt to let the world see that Animals Matter to you! The Animals Matter logo is in large bold print on the front of a quality cotton t-shirt; sure to be a conversation starter! For each shirt purchased, Animals Matter® will make a donation to animal welfare societies who are working to make our society a no-kill society.

All it takes to change the world is a little time and a lot of love! Contact us for more information and to purchase other luxury supplies for your companion!


The What's What of Strut Your Mutt

In case you didn't know, the annual Strut Your Mutt fundraiser is taking place in different cities throughout September. This great charity event is to raise money for local animal welfare groups and Best Friends Animal Society. 

Strut Your Mutt has appeared in Austin, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Portland, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. Collectively they had over 5000 strutters and raised over $1,200,000.

The following cities will be strutting September 27th:

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary/Kanab @ The Welcome Center

D.C. Metro @ Black Hill Regional Park  

Minneapolis-St. Paul @ Rosland Park  

New York City @ Hudson River Park's Pier 84  

St. Louis @ Tilles Park

If you are lucky to have this wonderful event in your town, registrations begin between 7 and 9 am, followed by the Fun Run/Walk. In NYC, registration will begin at 2 pm, the run/walk will commence at 3 pm, and festivities will last until 7 pm. There are 2-3 courses to choose from. Registration costs $30 for adults and $20 for 12 and under. After the run/walk there is a doggie-themed festival that includes pet contests, photos, doggie goodies, fun activities for the whole family, food, refreshments and more. Reunion Rescue will be available to give you the opportunity to give a homeless pet a forever home. 

Among the prizes and incentives is the award for the largest fundraiser. Prizes are given to the winners' charity for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Reaching your fundraising goals can be as easy as asking each person you know and work with to donate $25 to this great cause.

Be sure to visit the Best Friend's Save Them All® tent and learn more about the largest no-kill sanctuary in the country. Since their start nearly 30 years ago, Best Friend's has reduced the number of homeless pet deaths from 17 million to 4 million annually by implementing spay/neuter programs and increasing the number of adopted pets by raising awareness.

If you can not attend the live events but still would like help, you can sign up to participate in the virtual Strut Your Mutt Challenge. You can join one of the many participating rescue groups and shelters as they race against each other in an online fundraising challenge through October 11th. You may also simply donate to this great cause.

According to Best Friend's website more than 70 percent of cats who enter our nation's animal shelters are killed. An estimated 25 percent of all dogs entering shelters are pure breeds from puppy mills. And the vast majority of dogs killed in shelters are pit-bull-terrier-type dogs. 

Animals Matter® believes every life is special and is dedicated to providing innovative comfort, safety and style. We need your help spreading the no-kill philosophy. Strut Your Mutt is just a small way you can help bring health and happiness to our homeless pets living in shelters.  

Contact us today for more ways to give your pets, and homeless pets, a healthy and happy life. 




September 15, 2014


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Animals Matter® T-Shirts Benefit Animal Welfare

There are many organizations to provide charitable donations to these days. We believe you should consider purchasing an Animals® Matter T-Shirt the next time you are looking to give money to a good cause.  Here are 4 reasons why!


Every purchase of an Animals Matter® T-Shirt means more money is donated to an animal welfare organization. We pledge to send a donation to an organization that promotes a No Kill society with every T-shirt we sell. Your purchase of a T-shirt results in a charitable donation to a good cause! You can feel good about that!


Our T-shirts are soft and smooth. They are made with fine-gauge pre-shrunk combed ring spun cotton. The neckband is ribbed making it higher durability. This is a high quality shirt with an extra soft feel making it extra comfortable to wear. You will want to wear this T-shirt and will be able to wear it over and over!

Colors and Sizes

With 7 colors to choose from it is easy to select the one that looks best on you. In addition, you can purchase a different color for each member of your family. The range of size choices means everyone can fit whether they are Small or XXL or anything in between.

Made in USA

Not only are you supporting a great charitable cause with these shirts, you are also supporting USA manufacturing.

Wear your Animals Matter® T-Shirt with pride knowing you are benefiting animals and the US economy. In addition, you will be letting everyone you see know the importance of animals in your life. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our other products such as dog beds, crates, car seats, and more don't hesitate to contact us.


Animals Matter® T-Shirt

Have Companion Car Seat, Will Travel. Before You Do, Know the Law.

Everyone has seen dogs stumbling about in the beds of pickup trucks and expressed an opinion about it. But did you know that several states have laws about dogs being loose in the bed of a truck? These drivers could face stiff fines for their carelessness. Several more states have established laws governing the restraint of animals in companion car seats for the safety not only of the animals but the people. Distraction from dogs being in the car is one of the main causes of automobile accidents. Here are the facts.

The States

New Jersey was the first state to adopt restraint laws for animals traveling in cars. Hard upon New Jersey’s heels came Connecticut, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Rhode Island with legislation of their own. New Jersey’s fines range from $250 to $1,000 per infraction, with the rest of the states charging between $200 and $500 for animals not in companion car seats. Detractors argue that the law infringes upon the freedom of the driver, but these people should look at the figures. Thirty-one percent of drivers polled said they were distracted by their dogs when they were driving, and 20 percent polled drove with their dogs on their laps. Hawaii has laws strictly prohibiting driving with a dog on your lap. In Arizona, Connecticut and Maine, distracted-driver could be applied to tickets for drivers with dogs on their laps.

The Physics

We’ve all been cut off and had to slam the brakes on to avoid hitting the car that cut us off. If anything was in the car, it either landed on the floor or was thrown into the front seat or hit the windshield. It’s not so bad when it’s a box of KFC for supper, but when it’s a carpet cleaner, that could spell a hospital visit for the driver and/or a passenger. Think how much worse it would be should the projectile be a dog. A small dog could fall on the floor, but s/he would be rattled and possibly injured. A larger dog weighs more. The trajectory of his/her fall could knock out the driver or a passenger, causing an auto accident. A ten pound dog traveling in a car doing 50 mph in an accident hits the driver with 500 pounds of pressure. Companion car seats keep our furry buddies from becoming projectiles, causing an accident that could mean the end of a life.

The Solution

Laws governing children in car seats are in effect to protect the lives of our children. Adults wear safety belts to protect them from injury. Cars are machines that can do untold damage in the hands of distracted drivers. How much more sense does it make to restrain our dogs in companion car seats? Even if it infringes upon the rights of pet owners driving cars, it saves lives and not just human ones. How important is your pet to you? If you get it shots, natural foods and take it to animal playgrounds, why wouldn’t you protect its life from an accident? Contact us at Animals Matter® for more information in addition to our line of animal accessories for your pet’s comfort.

Pamper Your Pup: 10 Ways Your Dog Can Live in Luxury

Think of the ways you pamper yourself. Do you go to the spa for massages? Wrap yourself up in a soft blanket? Enjoy some time in the great outdoors? Much like humans, dogs sometimes need extra TLC, too. Here are 10 ways your furry friend can live an anything-but-ruff life.


1. Set up your pup on an outdoor dog bed. She'll love getting fresh air, listening to birds, and spending time with you in your backyard.

2. Think about your baby's safety—your fur baby, that is. When you take your dog for a ride in the car, be sure to use a dog car seat. She'll be more comfortable, and your mind will be at ease, too.

3. Give your pup the perfect place to nap with a comfortable, yet stylish, blanket. Throw it over a chair and read next to her or simply sit by a warm fire.

4. Help ease your dog's joint pain with a companion ramp. Whether she's prone to joint problems or getting up there in years, a ramp is the perfect way for your dog to continue to sleep in your bed or peek out a window whenever she likes.

5. Give her a dog bed made in the softest material possible. You just might want to "borrow" it and use it as your own pillow.

6. Make a trip in a crate more comfortable for your dog with a crate pad. Travel can certainly be stressful on a pet, so create a soothing spot for her to sleep while on the road.

7. If your pup suffers from hip dysplasia or is simply a senior, a mobility harness can give her the lift she needs.

8. Give her a comfy place to hide or relax with a Snuggi Luxe. It might become her go-to place to retreat to during thunderstorms.

9. When you're lying on the couch watching movies, your dog can do the same thing with a couch of her very own. Popcorn not included.

10. We bet you're already doing this step, but be sure to give her plenty of hugs, kisses, and snuggles!

To learn more about our innovative luxury pet products, feel free to contact us and visit us at http://www.animalsmatter.com.

September 08, 2014


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Consider a Companion Ramp for Your Dog

You may have thought about purchasing a Companion Ramp or stairs for your senior or arthritic dog, but other dogs can benefit from this type of support as well. Overweight dogs have difficulty jumping into cars or onto furniture; the same is true of small dogs with shorter legs. Breeds like the Dachshund and Basset Hound who have long spines and short legs are at a significantly higher risk for spinal injuries due to jumping.

Companion ramps can also help you avoid injury caused by lifting your dog up into the car or on your bed to be close to you.

Although dogs are likely more familiar with walking up and down steps, you might want to think about a ramp instead. Once your dog gets the hang of it, a ramp is easier on arthritic joints, since he can move up and down without having to lift and bend his legs to the same degree. In addition, ramps tend to be less expensive than stairs and not as heavy, although good quality products in both categories can often hold weight up to 250 pounds.

The following are some factors to consider when choosing a companion ramp.

Ease of movement. If you’re planning to use your ramp to help your dog get in and out of the car, you’ll be moving it around frequently. Consider the weight of the ramp: Can you lift it easily? If it’s a folding or telescoping ramp, is it easy to set up? Some ramps have carrying handles that make moving the ramp easier; you’ll need to determine if this is a must-have feature.

Strength and Durability. Be sure to check the ramp’s weight capacity to make sure it’s strong enough to hold your dog. If you have a Yorkie, you won’t want to purchase a ramp with a 15 pound weight capacity, simply because a solidly built ramp—one that’s worth spending your money on—must be constructed in such a way that it can hold at least 100 pounds (or more).

Traction. In order to ensure your dog’s safety, it’s important that his ramp be stable and that it provides traction so he doesn’t slip around or off the ramp. Look for a ramp that will maintain its traction in rainy or icy weather conditions.

If you're considering a ramp or stairs for your dog, Animals Matter® has a collection designed specifically for the geriatric, orthopedic, and the very small companion in a variety of styles. Want to learn more about stairs and ramps, or other luxury items for your dog? Please contact us.