What Dog Bed Sizes Are Right for Your Puppy?

What Dog Bed Sizes Are Right for Your Puppy? - Animals Matter, Inc.

When you add a new puppy to your family, you want to make your new furry companion as comfortable as possible. Even if you have older dogs in your home, you may want to purchase a new bed for the puppy. It’s a place that will help them feel safe and comfortable in their new environment. Choosing the right dog bed sizes for every puppy is very important, so read through our quick guide for simple tips.

Why Is Choosing Between Dog Bed Sizes So Important?

Choosing the right dog bed size is critical for a number of reasons. First, you want to make sure that your puppy is comfortable in their bed. Large dogs may feel cramped and uncomfortable as they contort themselves to fit in a small dog bed. While older dogs may feel the strain more than young ones, even puppies need room to spread out and feel comfortable in their beds.

You may be tempted to start with a large dog bed if you have a large breed puppy. After all, the pet bed can grow with your furry friend, which means that you may not have to purchase another dog bed for some time. However, the best dog bed for your puppy may be smaller and cozier.

Puppies often turn to their beds for comfort and warmth. They need a cozy environment where they can cuddle in and feel protected and safe. If you choose a bed that's too large, your puppy may not feel that sense of safety, making your pup less comfortable.

Gauge the Right Dog Bed Sizes by Measuring Your Pup

Start by measuring your puppy from one shoulder to the other. Small dogs may be tiny, with just a few inches that you have to measure; larger dogs may have much wider shoulders, even as puppies. Your puppy will need approximately 8-10 inches more space than their shoulder width to spread out in the bed. Also, measure from the nose to the base of your puppy's tail. This will give you a solid idea of how much space your puppy actually needs in the dog bed.

Consider Your Dog's Breed When Choosing Between Different Dog Bed Sizes

If you have a large breed puppy that hasn't grown into itself yet, you may find yourself browsing the internet as you look for a bed that will accommodate your pup as its size increases. There are some strategies you can use to make a larger dog bed fit even a small puppy, especially if you know that your puppy will grow rapidly.

Smaller dogs, on the other hand, may not grow as much, so you may not have to purchase a larger bed as they grow if you use the right one to begin with. The dog bed that is perfect for a Great Dane and the dog bed that is perfect for a corgi may be completely different, especially if you're buying for an older puppy who has started to grow into those adorable paws.

Consider these strategies for making a bigger bed fit for a puppy:

  • Add a blanket or something else that your puppy can cuddle up in. Consider your dog's favorite sleeping position and whether you can tuck him in to help get that sense of coziness.
  • Put in a bolster or additional padding. Memory foam can help fill in the space while your dog is small.
  • Fold the dog bed. Sometimes, you may have a bed that is easy to fold, especially if you use a dog pillow or other options.

Pet owners should remember that while they can purchase beds that will grow with their large breed dogs, they must consider what their dog needs as a puppy, not just what the dog will need when it gets bigger.

Measuring Your Dog's Sleeping Space

As you consider what type of bed you want to purchase for your dog, and the size of that bed, carefully consider where you will be placing that dog bed. If you have a puppy who will be sleeping in your room or need a puppy bed that will be placed in common areas of the house, you may want to measure the space where the bed needs to fit to ensure that you can tuck the bed away comfortably, where no one will trip over it (or your puppy).

If you are tucking the bed into a dog crate or kennel, you may want to carefully measure that available space. You want your dog to have a comfortable snooze and not feel cramped.

If you'll be placing the dog bed in a crate, especially if your puppy will be in the crate for long periods of time, make sure you select a bed with a washable cover. Many older dogs will avoid urinating in their crates. But puppies may have a harder time holding their bladders for an extended period of time. A machine washable cover can make cleanup easier.

Choosing the perfect bed for your new puppy is an important choice. You need a bed that supports your dog's body and leads to comfortable, restful sleep. As your dog grows, you may want to upgrade to a bigger bed. You can also look for options that help protect your dog's joints. At Animals Matter, we have a variety of pet beds to choose from. So contact us today to learn more about your options.


Do puppies like big or small dog bed sizes?

Puppies generally like beds that are the right size for them. That may mean purchasing a smaller bed, even for a large breed puppy.

Can a puppy bed be too big?

Yes, a puppy bed can be too big. You want a puppy bed that makes your new family member feel cozy and safe. A too-big bed may prevent your puppy from experiencing those benefits.

Does a puppy need a bed?

Your puppy needs a bed of its own. Just like older dogs, puppies need a place to get away. This is especially vital if they feel overwhelmed or overstimulated by a busy environment.

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