Why Are Luxury Dog Beds More Expensive?

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Why Are Luxury Dog Beds More Expensive? - Animals Matter, Inc.

When you're purchasing a bed for your dog, you may find yourself wondering what the real difference is between luxury dog beds and the cheaper, more affordable dog beds you may find on the market. Why are luxury dog beds actually more expensive? Does it really matter if you buy a dog bed that has all those key luxury elements?

Luxury dog beds actually have a lot of benefits, whether your favorite pooch is young and energetic or you have an older dog who can benefit heavily from some of the features of luxury dog beds.

Understanding "luxury" dog beds

Luxury dog beds may have a number of elements. When you purchase a luxury dog bed, you may get:

High-quality Memory Foam

Memory foam is a comfortable substance that forms around your dog's body. Many dog beds are just stuffed with regular old fluffy material, which, while comfortable short-term, won't support an aging dog's joints or keep that dog as comfortable long-term.

Some cheap dog beds may even claim to use memory foam. But there’s a near-perfect chance it’s cheaply made and unethically produced. For example, at Animals Matter, many of our orthopedic dog beds use Companion-Pedic® Memory Foam, a carefully-manufactured luxury foam that stays bouncy, comfortable, and conformable over years and years. Plus, it’s just more supportive.

You can also find a $200 memory foam mattress. But there’s a reason it’s $200. And it’s not going to last.

Machine Washable Options

Messes happen. As a pet owner, at some point, you can expect to have to clean your pet bed. Dogs come in from outside covered in mud. They shed. They have accidents and drop food in the dog bed. Eventually, it needs to be cleaned. Luxury dog beds often have removable covers that are machine washable, which means that you can clean up after your furry friend more easily.

Cheaply made dog beds rarely have a removable cover. Sometimes, they may even let you wash the entire thing in the machine. Why? It’s because they use cheap materials and subpar manufacturing techniques.

Orthopedic Support

As your dog ages, they may need more support for their joints. Orthopedic dog beds can offer a great deal more comfort for your dog, but they may carry a higher price tag than the cheaper options on the market. Orthopedic memory foam can help ease joint pain and keep your best friend living life more comfortably for much longer than many other materials.

Ethically Made to Last

To really understand luxury pet beds, you need to understand the care, quality, and time that goes into making one. For example, let’s look at our Ruby Puff® orthopedic lounge bed.

To start, we use heavy, super luxe, 16-gram faux fur on the outside. This incredibly soft, luxurious, and comfortable material is sourced from factories right here in the United States. And, like all of our other products, we make sure it’s upholstery-grade, vegan, cruelty-free, ethical, and hypoallergenic. We also adhere to Prop 65 standards here in California and avoid using materials that are toxic to you or your pet. As a point, Prop 65 goes above-and-beyond traditional classifications. So, even if a pet bed claims to be non-toxic, that does not mean it’s non-toxic under Prop 65 standards.

Next, we use our NASA-certified and CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam called Companion-Pedic® to line the bottom, giving the bed extra support, pressure relief, and immense comfort. We also carefully design each bed to fit the needs of the pet. In this case, we made the bed low-profile and with a cutout for easy access (important for dogs with aching joints!)

Finally, we have to assemble this bed here at our home base. We source from U.S. factories that adhere to intense standards, and we use ethically-paid labor in the United States to carefully and meaningfully construct each bed.

From the materials to the labor and the design, building this bed isn’t cheap. But it’s worth every moment. We know our beds are safe for you and your pup. And you simply won’t find better quality anywhere on the market.

So, when you compare this process to quickly-made beds pumped out of a factory overseas using cheap materials and exploitative practices, it’s easy to understand the price difference. We use the word luxury to provide searchability to our clients. But in our minds, we’re just making dog beds the way they should be made.

A Better Fit for Your Home Decor

You've put a lot of energy and effort into your overall decor, and you don't want your dog's bed to be the one standout element that doesn't look its best. In many cases, luxury dog beds are a better fit for your overall home decor.

Cheap dog beds are cheap for a reason

When you purchase a quality dog bed, you're getting a lot of benefits. Cheap dog beds are cheap for a reason. Let’s cut to the dark side of the industry: many of these beds are made in offshores factories that use exploitative labor, have little-to-no regulatory oversight, and leverage an entire supply chain of human exploitation. Not only is that bad for the people and the environment, but it results in poor-quality construction.

We believe that dog beds should be made with love, hard work, and world-class quality. From the construction itself to the selection of every material, luxury dog beds are simply made better, using more ethical labor. Chances are, your luxury dog bed will last you longer than 5 of the cheap dog beds. So, not only does this save you money in the long run, but it keeps your pet comfier and doesn’t contribute to the terrible conditions in overseas countries.

A luxury dog bed is made of quality materials. You'll get a quality bed that is ideal for a good cuddle, perfect for senior dogs, or tough enough to stand up to large dogs, not to mention one that is intended to last longer.

Let's cut to the chase: Why are luxury dog beds expensive?

Luxury dog beds are expensive because they're designed to last. They're made of quality materials, from a foam base that can offer better support for your dog's joints to a cover that you can toss in the washing machine when it gets dirty. You want what's best and most comfortable for your furry best friend just like you do for your human family members, and a luxury dog bed can deliver.

Are you looking for the perfect dog bed for your furry friend?

As you search for the perfect luxury dog bed for your dog, take a look at our luxury dog bed collections. We have beds for small dogs, large dogs, and everything in between, including options like orthopedic dog beds, donut dog beds, and more. Browse our collection today to find the ideal bed for your dog's needs, or contact us to ask any questions you might have about choosing the right bed for your pup.


What are some of the benefits of luxury dog beds?

The benefits you get from your luxury dog bed may depend on the specific bed you purchase for your doggy. However, common benefits may include:

  • A dog bed that better fits your existing home decor
  • A bed specifically designed just for big dogs or small dogs, which will make it more comfortable for your pet regardless of their size
  • Easier machine washing
  • Hypoallergenic materials Comfortable materials designed to support your pup's joints and keep them comfortable

In addition, you can choose custom, luxury options, like elevated dog beds that can be placed near your furniture.

What makes a good dog bed?

What really makes a quality dog bed may depend on what you're looking for. What are the best luxury dog beds, and how do you know the difference between a designer dog bed and one that will deliver on the quality you're dreaming of? There are several key factors to take into account.

  • Is the bed supportive?
  • Does the bed fit your dog's needs? Is it supportive? Comfortable? The right size?
  • Is the bed made of quality materials that will stand the test of time and last as your pet uses them?
  • Does the luxury pet bed have support foam that will help protect and cushion your pup's joints?
  • Is the bed made of washable materials that you can clean easily?

Do dogs need a special bed?

Providing your dog with their own bed can have a number of advantages. Dogs need a space that is all their own: a comfortable bed that they can't be chased off of. Having a specific dog bed can also help cut down on the dog fur on the furniture, and give you one specific piece that needs to be cleaned, which may help cut down on messes.

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