Where Should I Put My Dog's Dog Bed?

Where Should I Put My Dog's Dog Bed? - Animals Matter, Inc.

Adding a furry family member to your family, or making sure that your pooch is as comfortable as possible, can mean a lot of additions to your household. Do dogs really need their own bed? If your dog does have their own bed, will they sleep in it? You may, in the past, have assumed that your dog's sleep would be better sleeping with you, or that they can get a good night's sleep in a dog crate just as easily as they can on a fluffier piece of furniture. However, it may surprise you just how many benefits a dog bed can offer.

Do dogs really need a dog bed?

Dogs can benefit from having their own dog bed for a number of reasons.

Orthopedic dog beds can help provide additional support for aging joints.

Older dogs often have many of the same problems as aging humans, including increased joint pain. An orthopedic dog bed can help provide more support for an older dog's joints, reducing the pain associated with many age-related health problems.

Your dog needs a place to call their own.

Dogs, like people, sometimes need some time to get away from it all. You want your pup to be able to find a comfortable, cozy spot to call their own, away from the hustle and bustle present throughout the rest of the household. A pet bed can quickly become a favorite, personal sleeping spot, which can make your canine companion more comfortable.

Dog beds can make crate training easier.

When you train your dog to spend time in a crate, whether with you or when you aren't at home, you want to be sure that they are as comfortable as possible. A pet bed or crate cover can make that space—and your furry friend—cozier.

Dog beds can lead to better sleep.

Large dogs, in particular, may need their own space at night in order to encourage better sleep for everyone. Your dog will also sleep better when they have their own bed to count on, rather than being stuck on the floor.

Where should I put my dog's bed?

Where you put your dog's bed may depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the house and the number of people who live there. You may want to choose a sleeping spot for your furry family member that is away from some of the hustle and bustle of the house.

Look for a place that is quiet.

Your furry friend, like you, may sometimes need a place where they can go to get away from it all. Look for a place for their dog bed that will keep them comfortable.

Keep the bed in a location where they won't be able to hear people walking by, if possible.

If you place your dog's bed right by the front door, it could cause your dog to jump up and bark at everyone who passes by, disrupting rest and making it more difficult for your furry friend to get that much-needed rest.

If your furry friend already has a favorite sleeping spot, that could be the ideal place for a dog bed.

Has your dog already chosen a favorite sleeping spot? It could be the perfect place to keep the dog bed long-term.

Keep your pet close to the "pack."

Dogs may appreciate being in an out-of-the-way corner, up against a wall or in another comfortable location, but they also tend to not want to stray far from the rest of the "pack." Look for a sleeping location near or in a corner of the room where you spend the most time.

Consider where your dog spends the most time.

For example, if you have crate trained your dog, you may want to put a dog bed in your dog's crate. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, you may want to get an outdoor dog bed for your furry friend to use outdoors.

How do I make my dog's bed more comfortable?

There are several strategies that you can use to make your dog's bed more comfortable. Choosing an orthopedic dog bed made with memory foam can help create a more comfortable spot for your best friend. Pet parents may also want to consider options like dog blankets and rugs, which may be more comfortable for your pet.

Furthermore, make sure you have the right size bed for your dog. Small dogs may benefit more from a dog bed that is designed for their needs, while big dogs may feel more comfortable in a bed that is large enough for their needs.

If you have more questions about how to make sure you've chosen the right bed for your dog, contact us to learn more about our luxury dog bed options.


Do dogs like sleeping on dog beds?

Yes! Dogs can enjoy the comfort and luxury of a comfortable bed just like people can. Choosing a luxurious memory foam dog bed can help make your dog more comfortable.

Should I put my dog's bed in my room?

If your dog is in the habit of sleeping with you, including sleeping on your bed with you, your room could be the perfect place for a dog bed. You'll simply need to convince your furry friend that their new bed is the best place for them to sleep! On the other hand, you may want to think about whether you want to tuck your dog in your room during the day, if no one uses that room until bedtime, since separating your dog from the rest of the family may make him feel isolated and lonely.

Where do you put a dog bed in a small living room?

If you have a small room, try putting a dog bed in a corner. Your dog will feel cozy and more protected when he has a wall nearby. Make sure you put the dog bed in a space where it won't be in the way, so that your two-legged family members won't be likely to trip over it when moving through the house.

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