How to Wash Your Faux Fur Dog Bed

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How to Wash Your Faux Fur Dog Bed - Animals Matter, Inc.

Like many of the items that your pets enjoy on a regular basis, dog beds need to be washed periodically. That faux fur dog bed looks great in your home, matches your decor, and feels super soft and comfy for your furry friend. At the same time, however, you may find that over time, that faux fur bed gets dirty.

That’s normal! Dogs track in dirt, have accidents, and like to roll around in all forms of dust. Plus, some dogs shed… a lot. So, how do you wash a faux fur dog bed, keeping it clean and sanitary for your furry friend?

What's the Best Way to Wash Your Faux Fur Dog Bed?

Faux fur dog beds contain high-quality dog bed foam and inserts, which are designed to help keep your pup as comfortable as possible. Those inserts, however, are not machine washable, and should not be saturated, when avoidable.

You can, however, keep them clean and looking their best.

Step One: Remove the Cover

Many high-quality faux fur dog beds are made up of two parts: the cover and the insert. The insert might not be machine washable, but the cover should be! Unzip the cover and remove it from the dog bed.

Step Two: Spot Treat the Cover and Wash

Most luxury faux fur dog bed covers are made of washable materials. Spot treat any obvious stains or spots, then toss it in the washer and wash according to directions. You may want to use cool or cold water for the first wash cycle so that you can wash away any dirt or stains. Make sure you pay attention to the directions on the tag, since you want to make sure you keep your faux fur dog bed looking its best for as long as possible!

Step Three: Spot Treat the Insert

Does your faux fur dog bed insert have some stains that have leaked through? You may want to spot treat those stains with a mixture of organic white vinegar and water. Spray the affected area, scrub lightly, and leave to dry.

Step Four: Deodorize

Dogs can be smelly, especially if they spend a lot of time outside. To keep your faux fur dog bed smelling better and to maintain it for a longer time, spray the insert periodically with a half water and half white vinegar mixture. The vinegar will help counteract any lingering smells and ensure that the dog bed can stand the test of time.

Step Five: Air Dry

Before you put the cover back on your faux fur dog bed insert, make sure you allow the insert to dry completely. If you put the cover back on while the dog bed is still damp, you may trap moisture inside, which can lead to mold and mildew (and even more smells that can be hard to combat). Check the insert to make sure that it's dry before you replace the cover.

Step Six: Replace the Cover and Enjoy

Once your insert is clean and dry, and the cover is clean and dry, put them back together and allow your dog to enjoy!

Can You Wash Your Dog Bed in a Washing Machine?

Most cheap dog beds can be thrown in the washer whole. They use cheap, rough fabrics, and they rarely have high-quality interior foam. High-quality faux fur dog beds, on the other hand, should never be put into the washing machine whole. Many models have removable covers, which can be washed on a cold cycle. But the interior foam should be cleaned using a vinegar and water solution. For example, Animals Matter products use luxury dog bed foam that should never be machine washed. The exterior is meant to be easily removed and washed, but you should never throw the entire bed in the washing machine.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog Bed?

In some cases, you may see obvious signs that your faux fur dog bed needs to be washed. You should not, however, wait until the dog bed smells or has obvious stains to start trying to keep it clean, since you could end up with set-in stains and odors. Instead, plan to deodorize and sanitize once a month for regular breeds and twice a month for large breeds or for dogs who spend a lot of time outside.


Curious about cleaning your dog bed? Take a look at some of these FAQs.

Do dogs care if their dog bed is clean?

Your dog might not seem to care if the dog bed is clean. (After all, you've seen some of the things they roll in outside—and some of the places they choose to sleep.) However, your dog will notice if you keep the dog bed clean and odor-free. Many dogs show a distinct preference for clean bedding. Allowing the dog bed to become smelly and dirty could mean that your dog goes looking for another place to sleep. Not only that, over time, you'll notice the smell increasing, which could mean that you'll have to replace the dog bed more regularly.

What are good non-toxic detergents for dogs?

You need a good, non-toxic detergent that will help fight smells and remain safe for your pup. Look for a scent-free solution to help your pup's sensitive nose. Try:

  • Seventh Generation Free and Clear
  • Babyganics Fragrance-Free
  • All Free and Clear

Are dog beds machine washable?

Cheap dog beds, especially those with no covers, may be machine washable. However, high-quality faux fur dog beds often are not machine washable. While you can machine wash the covers, you should plan to spray the inserts with a half vinegar/half water mixture.

Are you ready to find the dog bed of your dog's dreams? Are you looking for more information about how to wash or re-stuff your faux fur dog bed? Contact us today with any questions you might have about our luxury faux fur dog beds.

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