Caring for your companion's new favorite snooze cloud is easy

Learn how to easily wash and reassemble your companion's favorite snooze cloud to keep it as fresh as the day it was made. Full care instructions are listed below, with video instruction to help make re-stuffing a breeze!

Simple wash instructions

1. Remove the foam base and long tube inserts from the bed cover.

2. Machine wash the bed cover with mild detergent on cold wash cycle.If needed, spot clean inserts with 50-50 water and vinegar solution.

3. Line dry the bed cover after washing. Air tumble if needed. No heat*.

4. Time to re-stuff the puff! Start by feeding the tubular insert through the bed cover, and then tucking the ends into the channel to start to create the bolstered circular shape. Fold base into taco shape and re-insert to the center between the four circular seams in a diamond orientation.

These easy care instructions will keep your companion's bed looking amazing for many years to come! If the time comes for a new cover or if you'd like to add another color to your rotation, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

*Many home dryers can exceed 170 F - hot enough to damage the softer materials in your companion's bed. Avoid heat and air dry your Animals Matter bed.