Does Your Dog Really Need a Dog Bed?

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Does Your Dog Really Need a Dog Bed? - Animals Matter, Inc.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), dogs sleep for an average of 12 to 18 hours a day depending on their age. When you spend that many hours snoozing, it helps to have a comfy place to do it. From a stylish faux fur pet bed for a young pup to an orthopedic dog bed that cushions elderly joints, every dog deserves at least one bed of her own.

Dog Beds are Optional — But Wonderful

Like humans, dogs don’t technically need a dog bed. And there are plenty of furry pups that live perfectly happy lives without one. But dog beds do provide extra layers of comfort and support. And many dogs will find that comfort invaluable to their rather lengthy sleep schedule.

Let's face it, sometimes you'll find your pet stretched out on the floor next to that luxurious dog bed you spent hours picking out for her. Don't feel like a pet parent failure! Lying on the floor is just a dog thing. Another time you'll find her curled up in comfort on her dog bed. Apparently, dogs prefer a variety of sleeping options and that faux fur dog bed will get its fair share of use as your dog rotates through those options.

Do Some Dogs Need Dog Beds for Support?

Absolutely! Your vet may recommend a special orthopedic dog bed if she's older or has aching joints. These firmer beds provide extra support to your pet's bones and joints. This support is vital to an aging or achy dog but is just as important for a younger dog that's at risk for orthopedic problems as she gets older. By providing extra support while she's young, you can help prevent aching joints later in her life.

A soft, fluffy bed that she sinks into will put undue pressure on her joints — especially her hips and elbows. When style and support both matter, you can get the look of a fluffy faux fur dog bed with all of the orthopedic support she'll need.

Dog beds made with memory foam are the gold standard of orthopedic dog beds. They may cost a bit more but are worth every penny in terms of joint support and comfort.

Do Dog Beds Help Prevent Joint Injuries?

Providing your young pup with a quality orthopedic dog bed from the outset can help prevent soft tissue injuries and bone and joint injuries. Remember, her bones and joints are still fairly soft and growing at a rapid pace. They need every bit of protection you can give them! An orthopedic bed will also help prevent back injuries in long-bodied breeds like Dachshunds, Basset Hounds, and Corgis.

Anything you can do to prevent back injuries or bone or joint injuries now will pay off later in less pain and a better quality of life for your pet. It will also likely result in fewer expensive vet bills, too!

What Type of Dog Bed Should I Get for My Dog?

Your choice of dog bed depends largely upon the type of dog you have, her age, any health issues she may have (like hip dysplasia), and your own sense of style. There are a wide variety of dog bed options available to meet any need.

For instance, if your pet belongs to one of the slender sighthound breeds with their naturally bony frames and generally thin coats (Borzoi, Greyhound, Saluki, Whippet, and the like), an orthopedic bed will help prevent pressure sores on her bony frame. This type of bed is also absolutely essential for dogs with joint problems like hip dysplasia or those getting on in years.

Fortunately, even these medically necessary dog beds are available in a dazzling array of stylish options, including faux fur pet beds. When choosing a style and fabric for your dog's bed, consider her sleeping and cuddling preferences. A dog that likes to stretch out on her side will probably prefer a mattress-style floor pillow. If she generally sleeps in a curled position, she's more likely to enjoy a nest-style or bolster bed.

What's her favorite fabric? Some dogs love the feel of fleece blankets. Others will lay on any sweatshirt within reach or show a liking for chenille throws. Or she may think that your faux fur-trimmed slippers are the best and would like a faux fur pet bed to match. Picking a bed style and cover that matches your dog's preferences will practically ensure that she loves her new bed!


How do you choose the right dog bed size?

Always opt for a larger dog bed rather than one that ends up being too small for your pooch. After all, would you enjoy sleeping in a bed that feels cramped and claustrophobic? Neither will your pet! In fact, they may end up just ignoring a bed that's too small to be comfortable.

Do dogs like dog blankets?

Adding a cozy pet blanket to a dog bed will help satisfy your dog's natural instinct to dig and root to make a comfortable nest in which to sleep. It's just another way to help your pup feel safe and comfy while adding to their happiness and the quality of her life.

Should I have multiple dog beds?

Many dogs will skip the comfort of their bed for a chance to be close to you — especially after you've been gone all day. That may mean curling up next to your favorite chair or beside your bed. For this reason, you may want to have multiple beds, one near your chair, one near the bed, and a third in a quiet corner for those times when your dog just needs some quiet time to herself.

Do my dogs need an outdoor dog bed?

Probably not, if they just go outside to do their business and then come right back inside or if they have a dog door they can access as needed. However, if your dogs spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, they'll appreciate an outdoor dog bed that offers them the same comfort that they enjoy inside.

The ideal outdoor bed:

  • Is made from materials that will withstand your typical local weather conditions.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Is breathable for your pet's comfort on hot summer days.
  • Provides enough room for your dog to stretch out comfortably.
  • Is sturdy, well-constructed, and durable.

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