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Animals Matter X Dogs Playing For Life - Animals Matter, Inc.

Dogs playing for life® is an organization that prioritizes quality of life for dogs while they are in the shelter. We teach shelters how to get all the dogs out of their kennels for play groups.

Animals Matter® supports a no-kill philosophy. We put our money where our mouth is. Proceeds from our products help fund the compassionate efforts of Dogs Playing for Life, a nationwide program to help shelters incorporate play as a therapy and socialization tool. Led by dog advocate Aimee Sadler, the program trains staff and volunteers (free of charge) to hold “play groups” for shelter dogs that work to improve the well being and behavior of the pups so they’re more likely to be adopted.


  • Lydia Wilson

    This is amazing! I have a rescued pitbull just like Raine with a very similar story. I know the shelters do the best they can but it is still misery for these poor dogs that want socialization. This “play group” program would be the best thing to happen to these furry friends, while they await their furever homes. RIP and love Raine.

  • Irma Mendoza

    I am a new customer and just purchased my first dog bed from your company. My dogs love it. I read on your website about your mission to provide a place for shelter dogs to play. Just wondering if you have any plans on helping out a shelter in great need of help located in Baldwin Park, CA. The Baldwin Park Shelter could really use improvement to provide a play ground for these sheltered dogs. The shelter has no air conditioning for the long hot summers and the play area is only big enough to give one dog at a time a place to stretch for a bit by volunteers. These animals could really use a large play ground for both small and large dogs and a pool would be great to take a break from small holding area. I volunteered one hot summer and feel sorry that these dogs have to endure so much misery until they are adopted, rescued or have to be put down.

  • Eunice Gautsche

    Keep up the good work! I am so grateful for people like you who are doing so much for dogs all over the world!

  • Ibi firestone

    Sounds fantastic. So glad to learn about this brilliant program:)!!

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