Animals Matter and Too Faced Cosmetics Collaborate On Launch Of Two Limited Edition Pet Products In Celebration Of National Dog Day

August 26th, 2021 — To celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th, Animals Matter and Too Faced Cosmetics are collaborating on two new limited edition companion pet products, especially beneficial for aging and aching pups. As with all Animals Matter sales, a portion of the proceeds from these limited-release products will go to Dogs Playing for Life.

Animals Matter and Too Faced Cosmetics came together for this collaboration because of the two companies’ shared cruelty-free mission in producing their products.

“What’s really exciting about our collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics is that our two companies share core values around being cruelty-free,” says Nancy Avera, President, & Co-Founder, of Animals Matter Inc. “Too Faced Cosmetics makeup components are never tested on animals. And all Animals Matter products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and are never made with or tested on animals. (Never have, never will).”

Available for immediate purchase, Animals Matter and Too Faced joined together for this collaboration to design two limited edition pet products using the latest technology. Each of these products features a leopard print fabric, digitally printed on a luxe, textured micro-velvet.


Animals Matter Too Faced Collaboration Stairs Featuring Clover

Limited Edition Stairs Featuring Clover — Animals Matter x Too Faced Collaboration

Upholstered with a gorgeous leopard print and padded micro velvet back and bottom. Individual Step Dimensions: Height (rise) 7”, Depth 10”. 3 Step Unit Height 30” L x 21” W x 21” H.Available for $364.99.


Animals Matter Too Faced Collaboration Bed Featuring Clover

Limited Edition Bed Featuring Clover — Animals Matter x Too Faced Collaboration

The bed features a memory foam middle measuring 15” x 15” x 3” H. The foam is Companion-Pedic ®, NASA Certified, CertiPUR-US® Certified Memory Foam. The bed is filled with a Hypoallergenic Luxura-fill. The top of the bed is a leopard print fabric, and the sides of the bed are padded micro velvet. Dimensions are 34” x 34” x 5” H.Available for $294.99.

The bed and the stairs are available for immediate purchase on the Animals Matter and Too Faced Cosmetics websites until sold out.


About Animals Matter

Animals Matter® is a luxury pet products brand that supports a No-Kill Philosophy. All Animals Matter® products are vegan and cruelty-free (and never made with or tested on animals). Proceeds from our products help fund the Compassionate efforts of Dogs Playing for Life®, a nationwide program that helps shelters incorporate play as a therapy and socialization tool. We put your Companions on a pedestal with Luxurious goods and products for companions that keep them in Luxury’s Lap (when they’re not in yours). Learn more at

About Too Faced Cosmetics

Too Faced is a serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun. We believe makeup is power, giving people the freedom to express themselves and the confidence to take over the world. With an exuberant approach to everything we do, we use the finest cutting-edge ingredients to create innovative, cruelty-free cosmetics that people love to wear. Create your own looks, find what you love, and OWN YOUR PRETTY. Learn more at


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