Purchasing Pup Stairs? Consider these tips.

Purchasing Pup Stairs? Consider these tips. - Animals Matter, Inc.


Your pet is a member of your family. When faced with an injury or advancing age it may become difficult for your pet to jump up to a favorite resting spot. Injury may occur when attempting to ascend to the top of the bed or to get down from a comfy spot on the couch. No one wants to see a family member suffer. At Animals Matter, Inc we value the health and comfort of your companion. We applaud your decision to investigate purchasing Animals Matter® Companion Stairs® so your beloved pet will be able to continue enjoying a favorite rest location. Now that you are evaluating your options consider the following tips.

Quality Construction

A reliable and safe set of stairs is required. Therefore you want to avoid purchasing cheaply made or unsatisfactory options. Look for stairs constructed from high density foam that are strong enough to support the weight of a human. Quality made stairs will last for years of use.

Easy Cleaning

Eventually you will want to clean the stairs whether your pet has an unfortunate accident or the upholstery has just gotten dirty over time. Make your life easy and select stairs with upholstery that can be removed for washing.


You will find you want to clean under and around the stairs. It may also be desirable to move the stairs in order to change sheets on a bed. Therefore select stairs that are light enough to move with ease.

When purchasing Animals Matter® Companion Stairs® consider not only how your pet will get to their favorite resting spot but also if they need stairs to get in and out of the car. Lifting a pet can be difficult and awkward. It is possible that further injury will occur if your pet struggles while you are picking him up. Having movable stairs will allow you to use them in a variety of situations.

By selecting the right Animals Matter® Companion Stairs® you will make your pet more comfortable and improve their quality of life. For additional information on Animals Matter® Companion Stairs® or other pet products contact us.

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