How the Right Dog Bed Impacts Your Dog’s Long-Term Health

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How the Right Dog Bed Impacts Your Dog’s Long-Term Health - Animals Matter, Inc.

Many dog owners wonder about the benefits of many of the tools, toys, and supports they choose for their dogs. Do dogs really need a dog bed? As it turns out, providing a dog bed—and choosing the right dog bed—can substantially impact your dog's sleep and, over time, wellness.

Take a look at how the right dog bed can impact its long-term health.

1. The right dog bed can help protect your dog's joints.

Choosing the right dog bed can help support your dog's joints. Over time, that can mean a lot less strain on those critical areas, which may keep your dog pain-free longer.

Orthopedic dog beds, including those specifically designed for senior dogs, may also help provide support and keep your dog more comfortable as it ages. Sleeping on a hard floor can not only make it more difficult for your dog to get good sleep, but it may also put more pressure and strain on the joints over time. In addition, orthopedic dog beds become more critical if your dog needs special care for arthritis or hip dysplasia.

2. Using a quality dog bed can help keep your dog warm and comfortable.

You snuggle under your blankets on cold winter nights, grateful for the warmth. But, while your dog might have a warm fur coat, that doesn't mean that they will enjoy being out in the cold! A high-quality dog bed can provide extra warmth, which can be particularly important for older dogs or puppies.

3. Using the right dog bed can help give your dog a place to call its own.

Your canine companion's mental health can be just as important as its physical health. Dogs need a place to call their own: a place where they know they can go to get away from tugging fingers, demands, or loud noises.

Having a comfortable dog bed can help decrease your dog's anxiety, which can help keep your dog healthier for longer. Furthermore, having their own bed can help increase a dog's sense of security. Retreating to the bed, a private space they can call their own, may:

  • Reduce heart rate and blood pressure
  • Help your dog control stress
  • Stop things from becoming overwhelming

4. Using the right dog bed can actually help with behavioral issues.

It may surprise you that many behavioral issues occur because your dog doesn't get a good night's sleep. Just like you may have a hard time giving your best when you're cranky and tired, your dog may be more disobedient after a night filled with disruptions. Having their own bed can be particularly important if you:

  • Have a dog who is struggling with your snoring (or you're struggling with theirs!)
  • Recently added a family member, such as a small child who might often be up at night
  • Notice that your pooch is having a harder time settling at night

You may also find that having separate beds is better for human sleep. While sharing a bed with your dog can have some benefits, like an ongoing source of warmth, you may find it harder to get comfy with dog breath in your face or a furry friend, especially a large dog, trying to get comfortable along with you. Having your own space can improve everyone's well-being and lead to better, more peaceful nights. Each of you can choose your favorite sleeping position without having to worry about the presence of the other.

5. A washable dog bed can make it easier to avoid dust mite buildup or to address fleas.

Choosing the right dog bed can have immense long-term benefits for your pet's health. By choosing a washable bed or a bed with an easily-removable washable cover or blanket, you can cut down on the buildup of mites. If your dog ends up with fleas, it's much easier to remove and wash a cover than it is to deal with a large, fluffy bed that you can't fit into your washer.

6. Jumping up to your bed can be harder on your dog than you think.

As your dog ages, jumping up on your bed can become increasingly challenging. Your dog may not find it as easy to get up on the human bed for a good night's snooze. Just like it's not good for you to keep putting a lot of stress on your body by engaging in high-impact activities as you age, it may not be good for your dog to engage in those behaviors.

The right dog bed can lead to better sleep and help both you and your dog feel more comfortable. At Animals Matter, we have a variety of dog beds that can help your furry friend get as comfortable as possible. Check out our orthopedic beds, complete with memory foam, that can make your pet's sleeping arrangements as comfortable as possible.

Need to know more about the benefits of choosing the right bed for your dog, or have questions about our products and how they can help? Contact us today to learn more.


How often should I change out my dog's bed?

You should replace your dog's bed when it starts to show signs of wear or when your dog no longer seems to be comfortable in the bed. Washing the bed regularly and choosing the right dog bed for your furry friend can help it last longer.

Should a dog have a dog bed?

Yes! Dogs, like people, benefit from having their own space. Furthermore, a pet bed can also help improve your overall sleep quality since you'll get a good night's sleep in your own bed.

What are the benefits of the right dog bed?

Having a dog bed can offer several key benefits to you and your furry friend. Dog beds help:

  • Improve sleep quality
  • Improve dog health
  • Keep your dog more comfortable
  • Keep your dog warm
  • Reduce or eliminate co-sleeping

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