How Does My Dog Know Their Luxury Dog Bed is for Them?

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How Does My Dog Know Their Luxury Dog Bed is for Them? - Animals Matter, Inc.

You may have put a lot of money and effort into choosing the ideal bed for your dog: one that is hypoallergenic, made from memory foam, washable, or designed for either large dogs or small dogs, for example, depending on the size of your dog. Buying a dog bed, however, is just the first step in the process. You then have to make sure that your dog knows the dog bed is for them.

Why do dogs like to sleep on a bed?

Dogs, like people, like the comfort and convenience of sleeping on a bed. They may appreciate having a specific dog bed for their needs for a number of reasons.

Dog beds can provide much better cushioning than the floor.

An orthopedic dog bed can offer considerable support and comfort on an older dog's aging joints. That cushioning can also help younger dogs get cozier and more comfortable, making it the ideal solution for ensuring that your pooch is able to get comfortable in their own space.

Dog beds can provide dogs with their own space.

A pet bed gives your furry friend a comfortable place to snuggle up and call their own. Dogs, like people, sometimes need to get away from it all. Having a pet bed designated just for your dog can help make your dog feel safer, which can lead to fewer signs of anxious behavior.

Luxury dog beds may be warmer and more comfortable.

The best luxury dog beds are made of high-quality materials that are comfortable for your pet, including materials that can help keep them warm at night. Having a dog bed may help prevent your pet from jumping up on your bed, especially if you have a pet bed in your bedroom.

What is the importance of a dog bed?

Your dog bed is important for several reasons.

A good dog bed can help support your pet's joints.

Like people, as they age, dogs may start to have more problems with their joints. A comfortable, luxurious dog bed made from memory foam can help dogs sleep more comfortably and increase the support for their joints, which can lead to considerably less joint pain.

A dog bed can help give your dog a place of their own.

Sometimes, you may need your dog out from under foot. Other times, your furry family member may want an opportunity of their own to get away. A dog bed ensures that your pet has a place to go on their own, where they won't be bothered.

Dog beds are often easier to clean than other pieces of furniture.

A high-quality dog bed may have a water-resistant, removable cover that can go straight in the washing machine, making it easier to clean than your couch or your bed. A machine washable dog bed cover may prevent you from having to constantly clean up fur.

A dog bed gives your pet a comfortable place to cuddle up.

Many dog owners find that their dogs are much more comfortable, in general, when they have a soft surface on which to cuddle up at the end of the day. Providing your furry best friend with a dog bed is much like ensuring that you have adequate furniture for human visitors to your home.

How do dogs know that dog beds are for them?

When you first put a new dog bed in your home, your pet may not seem to know automatically that it's the right place for them. In fact, it may take some time before you see your pet comfortably snoozing away in their new bed. However, there are some things you can do to help encourage your dog to check out the bed and everything it has to offer (and, in many cases, to help get them out of the human bed).

1. Show your dog the bed.

Leave the dog bed in a consistent location at first. Chances are, if it sits in the floor for a while, your dog will eventually check it out. Show the bed to your dog and encourage your dog to get in it.

2. Add some dog treats.

If you want to train your dog to use the bed more often, whether you've selected a donut dog bed or an outdoor dog bed, consider adding some treats. Your dog will be more likely to try out the bed when it has something they note as theirs in it.

3. Encourage your dog with pets when they go to the bed.

Many pet owners find that petting their dogs and showing them that they are glad they used the bed is a great way to encourage the dog to start lounging in it more often.

4. Respect the dog's space.

Let the dog bed be your dog's territory. Don't allow kids or other pets to pester the dog in that area. Your persistence can help make that bed a safe space for your pet.


Do you have questions about the best dog bed for your dog's needs, or how to choose ideal pet products? Contact us to learn more about our great luxury options.

How do dogs know they are ready to sleep on their bed?

Dogs respond well to routine. If you have the same routine every night, your dog will generally fall into that same routine and settle down for the night when ready. Your dog may also start to go to the bed when tired.

What is the difference between a dog bed and a pillow?

A dog bed may have raised sides and orthopedic support. Dog pillows, on the other hand, are generally flat, and lay straight on the floor.

Should you get multiple dog beds for your pup?

In many cases, you may want more than one dog bed to leave throughout your house. You may also want a separate outdoor dog bed for your pet. Dogs like to be around the other members of the family, so they may prefer to have beds located in the rooms you use most often.

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