Animals Matter® Companion Collection®

Animals Matter® Companion Travel Hammock

Animals Matter® Companion Travel Hammock pet car seat covers protect your car's interior from rips, scratches, dirt, stains, and pet hair while creating a barrier that helps prevent pets from accessing the front seat.

With the See Through Panel Mesh, the dog Hammock for the back seat creates a barrier and allows Air Flow from the front car vents.

Ultra-plush and tufted, the Animals Matter® Companion Travel Hammock animal car seat covers are made from Luxurious yet rugged, padded Velvet, cushioned with LUXURA-FILL™, a High Memory-Spring, Hypoallergenic cushioning for a ride that's even more comfortable than the seat alone. In addition, our back seat cover and dog car seat covers create Comfort and Convenience for companions and People.

The Animals Matter® Companion Travel Hammock and car seat covers fit most vehicles. Our seat covers attach easily with adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles that tie around the headrest. In addition, animals Matter dog seat covers are easily secured with shoulder straps and seat belts.

They are handcrafted in California under strict regulations for safety.  

Dog's Harness and Leash not included.

See sizing and care instructions below. 

Size Chart


56"w with two 9" door flaps on each side, 22"d seating area, 69overallll


Cold water machine washes, line dry. No Heat, Bleach, or Bleach Alternatives.