Animals Matter® Companion Collection®

Animals Matter® Companion Travel Hammock

Travel in style with our Animals Matter® Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover Hammock, the ultimate protector for your car's interior.

Immerse your furry friends in the lap of luxury with our premium dog seat cover. Meticulously crafted with the finest materials, this cover is made of padded velvet that oozes comfort and builds the perfect den for your four-legged pals.

Our exclusive LUXURA-FILL® technology, embedded with High Memory-Spring Hypoallergenic cushioning, takes your dog's comfort to new heights, ensuring they never have to settle for mediocrity.

Whether heading out for a road trip, visiting the park, or simply dropping the kids at school, our luxurious dog seat cover will always be your perfect companion.

Featuring a See Through Mesh Window that not only allows your furry friend to enjoy the scenic ride but also ensures optimal airflow for their comfort.

Travel in style and sophistication with our unparalleled car seat cover.

Securing the cover is a breeze with adjustable nylon straps and quick-release buckles that tie around the headrest. The seatbelt connector openings ensure a snug fit with the added safety of using your car's seatbelt. The car seatbelt secures the Travel Cushion in place. Ride in style and comfort with our premium car seat cover.

Indulge your fur baby with the finest pet products that are not only luxurious but also handcrafted in California, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Animals Matter; we promise to help you pamper your precious companion with only the best.

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Dog's Harness and Leash not included.

See sizing and care instructions below. 

It arrives overstuffed and will settle with use.

Size Chart


56"w with two 9" door flaps on each side, 22"d seating area, 69" overall


Cold water machine wash, line dry. No Heat, Bleach, or Bleach Alternatives.