NEW Ruby Collection

Introducing the Ruby Puff Collection by Animals Matter®, a magnificent re-envisioning of comfort and luxury for your beloved companion. This collection is a tribute to the elegant design and exceptional quality our brand is renowned for, now enhanced to set a new benchmark in companion luxury and relaxation.

At the heart of this collection is the Ruby Puff® Luxury Dog Bed. This bed is a refined version of our classic design, offering an unrivaled sanctuary for your pet. Meticulously crafted, this exquisite dog bed cocoons your companion in a haven of comfort and tranquility. It features a sumptuous, generously overstuffed bolster with our advanced LUXURA-FILL® technology and high-memory spring cushioning, providing a soft yet supportive nest that contours to your pet’s shape. The addition of NASA Certified, CertiPUR-US® Certified Companion-Pedic® Memory Foam offers extraordinary orthopedic support, molding perfectly to your pet’s body for an unmatched sleeping experience.

The Ruby Puff® Ortho Lounger Luxury Dog Bed, another highlight of the collection, offers an evolution of our classic design. This luxury lounger bed envelopes your companion in unmatched comfort, boasting a plush, overstuffed bolster and a layer of orthopedic memory foam. This perfect fusion of support and luxury guarantees the most rejuvenating rest for your companion.

The Ruby Sydney™ Ortho Companion-Pedic® Luxury Dog Bed. This bed features a low-profile design, making it easily accessible for pets, especially seniors or those recovering from surgery. The bed is also graced with super luxe, 16-gram faux fur and a supportive, sloping bolster headrest filled with LUXURA-FILL® technology. The bottom cushion, made of authentic, NASA-certified, CertiPUR-US® Certified Companion-Pedic® Memory Foam, offers maximum luxury, comfort, and support. Wrapped in a gorgeous, textured velvet bottom, the Ruby Sydney™ bed is the epitome of luxury and convenience.

Complementing these beds is the Ruby Puff® Luxury Dog Blanket. This elegant accessory blends seamlessly with the Ruby Puff bedding. Made from the finest materials, it provides additional warmth and luxury. The blanket's plush texture adds a layer of coziness, ideal for cuddling during relaxed moments. Its practical design also offers protection against pet hair, spills, and wear, maintaining cleanliness and longevity. This blend of sophistication and utility makes the Ruby Puff® Luxury Dog Blanket an exemplary choice for those seeking luxury and functionality in their pet’s relaxation space.

Each product in the Ruby Puff Collection is wrapped in a custom, high-end, luxury fabric that surpasses CA Prop 65 requirements, assuring safety and durability. Handmade with strict quality controls in California, this collection is a testament to our dedication to premium craftsmanship, luxury, and the well-being of your cherished pet.

Experience the Ruby Puff Collection, where each piece, from the iconic luxury dog bed to the orthopedic lounger, the plush blanket, and the accessible Ruby Sydney™ offers a luxurious haven for your companions' ultimate comfort.