Ruby: The New Luxe of Luxury

Ruby: The New Luxe of Luxury - Animals Matter, Inc.

When you buy Animals Matter you are buying into a high-end luxury pet brand and our latest offering, the Ruby Collection, takes everything to the next level. It is a truly cozy retreat and, like its namesake, is perfectly made for snuggling. We patiently sourced the most decadent textile with the intention of creating a new line that elevates our already premium expectations, and we are thrilled to finally offer it to you.


Raine on the Animals Matter, Ruby Collection, Rug Dog Bed

The Ruby Collection is the height of comfort and luxury. The super luxe 16 grams of faux fur is highly stain resistant making cleaning as quick and painless as possible, getting back to the real business of your companion collapsing into blissful slumber. Super luxe perfectly captures how other-worldly the collection feels.

Each piece of the collection is precisely overstuffed with the finest upholstery-grade fiberfill. Fiberfill is the ideal choice as it is allergy friendly and maintains its springy nature, so your Ruby bed will keep its support and shape for longer than ever before. 

 As with everything we create, the Ruby Collection is painstakingly and locally made to order. This is how we ensure the quality of our products. No part of the building process is out sourced so we are able to guarantee that no corners are cut and each bed follows the exacting standards that our customers have come to expect. Every detail is looked to, and the quality is second to none. This collection is made for your pet to melt into and will last through many years of slumber, no matter how rigorous.


Each piece of the collection is replaceable should the need arise, this includes the cover, the insert and for added protection, the waterproof cover (email us for a purchase).  This keeps us as eco-friendly as possible by greatly limiting our carbon footprint while ensuring the absolute height of quality. Sparing no expenses, you can be assured that your Ruby bed will last through all the cuddles your very own Ruby can handle.

More important than anything else, our Ruby Collection, like all the products we make, are guaranteed 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free. This is the promise we make to you and your companions.

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The Ruby Collection is our next level of luxury and comfort for your companion. The Ruby Collection is available in Puffs, Sydneys and Rug Beds

Click here to see the collection! 

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