Hudson: The man likes hugs!

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Hudson: The man likes hugs! - Animals Matter, Inc.


All beefcake, all the time. But don't let the muscles fool you ladies, within his massive chest is a heart as big as his smile. Living with his bevy of beautiful babes keeps him in line, and keeps him as kind as he is handsome.

Animals Matter Hudson licking people's faces

An all American shelter pup, he was rescued by Animals Matter from the San Bernardino Shelter Euthanasia list, fifteen minutes before closing. Now he runs with the company's A list models on every production shoot. Here he is, showcasing his modeling talents, on the new Ruby Collection. He was made for it with those beautiful green eyes and naturally occurring eye-liner. Eat your heart out, no make-up needed for this handsome guy.

Animals Matter Companion Model, Hudson

It's not all work for this heartbreaker, he can turn anytime into playtime. He would tell you about it but he's too busy playing! Hugs and kisses are his game and he is the master. When he's not running the playgroups in the backyard, he can be found walking next to his main girl, Raine, while she swims laps around the pool. He is the total package! 


Hudson, Animals Matter dog model, winking

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  • Beth Rook

    Love that hunk Hudson!

  • Yvette Thibault

    O M G! ( This is my second comment, but I promise I’m not a stalker lol ). Your items are amazing and after we get back to Tampa I am definitely ordering some new BEDS!! This beauty looks so much like our Moe . He was completely white as well except for the large brown spots along the top of his back. Now he’s covered with freckles on his skin. Your pups are so gorgeous and I can tell you adore them. I really hope that more and more people like us keep adopting these wonderful animals and less are put down!!! I would have a houseful if I could but our Moe had his first bi-lateral ACL surgeries at 22 months and 4 more after that. He finally healed without any more incidents about 3 years ago! Bless your hearts and keep making beautiful products!!!

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