6 Groups of Dogs That Benefit from Orthopedic Dog Beds

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6 Groups of Dogs That Benefit from Orthopedic Dog Beds - Animals Matter, Inc.

Are you considering an orthopedic bed for your dog but you're wondering if the benefits outweigh the price? Well, here is the information you need to make the right decision.

Will an Orthopedic Bed Improve Your Dog's Quality of Life?

Of course! If your bed is uncomfortable, you probably don't put up with it. Instead, you go purchase a bed that will give you a good night's sleep. Well, doesn't your poor pup deserve the same?

Unfortunately, a dog can't simply order a new bed the way we can. Our dogs depend on us to recognize when they're sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and do something about it. A bed upgrade will help them sleep more soundly and wake up feeling better.

A new high-quality orthopedic mattress will provide better weight distribution so that your dog's hips and elbows aren't carrying so much pressure. And by conforming to your pet's body, it helps cushion joints and encourages good circulation. That's something that a pet with achy joints will really appreciate!

Deep, restful sleep on a great orthopedic bed will leave your dog ready to tackle the day and whatever it might bring.

How to Tell if a Dog's Bed Is Uncomfortable

Is your pet tossing and turning on their existing dog bed? That could be an indication that the bed isn't comfortable. It might be too soft, too lumpy, or otherwise uncomfortable. In the case of a heavy dog (or a thin bed), your dog might as well be sleeping on the hard floor!

Soft beds may not provide pain-relieving support across your dog's entire body. An older dog might even abandon their too soft bed altogether because of the pain it causes their aging joints and bones and the difficulty of getting out of it.

With a rectangle memory foam orthopedic dog bed, designed perfectly to provide luxurious softness, comfortable memory foam to form to the body, and plenty of room to stretch out or curl will not be too soft and not too hard creating the perfect balance for your senior dog and his or her aching joints.

What Dogs will Benefit Most from an Orthopedic Bed?

According to VetInfo, these groups of dogs will benefit the most from an orthopedic dog bed.

1. Growing Puppies

Puppies, especially large breed pups, grow very quickly and need proper support for their growing skeletal structure.

They're less likely to develop muscle, bone, or joint problems if they sleep on orthopedic beds starting when they're young.

2. Playful Dogs

A dog that's played an intense game of Frisbee is apt to have sore muscles at the end of the day. An older dog who still enjoys a great game of fetch will probably have sore muscles and achy joints. Unfortunately, PetMD reports that dogs that do a lot of running and jumping are prone to developing joint problems.

Relieve your hard-playing dog's aches and pains with a soothing orthopedic bed. The thick orthopedic foam is firm enough for great support yet gentle and comforting on achy bones, painful joints, and sore muscles.

3. Hard-Working Dogs

Herding dogs and hunting dogs spend long days on their feet, much of it on the run. The same goes for service dogs with a human to take care of. These hard workers will appreciate a comfy bed on which to rest their weary bones.

4. Sighthounds

Whippets, Salukis, and other sighthounds have naturally thin bodies and generally fine coats. Without proper support, pressure points can cause callouses or even raw spots to develop while they snooze.

This means they will benefit from the even weight distribution and extra cushioning that are found in quality orthopedic dog beds. They may also benefit from the extra warmth that a memory foam bed provides.

5. Recuperating Dogs

If your dog has suffered an injury or is recovering from surgery, your vet may prescribe enforced rest. Unfortunately, long periods of lying down can result in bedsores.

This is especially likely to happen to thin dogs. Fortunately, even dogs that lack natural padding are less likely to develop bed sores if they have a comfy and supportive orthopedic bed while resting in their crate.

A memory foam dog bed also holds onto your dog's body heat. This warmer temperature promotes better blood circulation, which encourages healing. A waterproof orthopedic crate pad will make things easier for both of you.

6. Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, they tend to develop the same types of aches and pains as people do. This is especially true for large breeds and dogs that have led a very active life.

Senior dogs may also start suffering from painful arthritis or hip dysplasia and other joint problems. They can also develop incontinence and they (as well as you) will benefit from an orthopedic dog bed with a waterproof cover.

Choosing the Right Orthopedic Bed for Your Dog

It's important that the bed you choose fits your dog properly. Not only should it have enough surface area for your dog to stretch out comfortably, but it should also support your dog's weight.

The same bed that lets a 65# Greyhound stretch its long legs may not support the weight of a similarly long but150# Neapolitan Mastiff.

A machine washable cover or bed will make life easier and keep your home smelling fresher.


Keep reading to find answers to common questions about orthopedic dog beds.

Do orthopedic beds help dogs with arthritis?

Orthopedic foam, or memory foam, contours to a dog's shape. This means that dogs of every size, shape, and health condition will find comfort and support on an orthopedic foam bed—including arthritic dogs.

Do orthopedic beds help with joint pain?

The memory foam used in high-end orthopedic dog beds helps cushion and support aching joints. It's also easier to get up from, which causes less stress on damaged joints.

What are the disadvantages of orthopedic pet beds?

Obviously, a dog bed of this quality is going to be more expensive than a regular dog bed that you can pick up from any big box store or even most pet suppliers. However, isn't your precious pooch worth it?

At Animals Matter, we take your dog's health and comfort seriously. That's why all of our orthopedic dog beds are made using Certi-PurUS® certified memory foam. This is the safest made-in-America memory foam available.

If you're looking for the perfect orthopedic bed for your pooch, contact us today. And don't forget to check out our Animals Matter blog for more tips on improving your beloved dog's life.

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