The Best Furniture Protectors for a Clean Couch and Happy Dog

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The Best Furniture Protectors for a Clean Couch and Happy Dog - Animals Matter, Inc.

If you live with a dog, you know how much joy, love, and laughter they bring to a home. Unfortunately, they also bring shed fur, dirt from their adventures outside, drool, and the occasional accident. Most pet owners will gladly accept these problems in return for all the ways their companion makes their lives better. However, it can be a challenge to combat the mess in the home, and one of the hardest parts to protect is your couch.

But you don't have to constantly scrub your upholstery or accept the mess along with the dog. With the right pet furniture protector, you can keep your couch clean and your pup happy at the same time. Here's what you need to know to pick the perfect one for your home.

What Can I Put on My Furniture to Protect it Against My Dog?

One option for protecting your furniture is to train your dog to stay off the couch entirely. However, it can be difficult to get 100% compliance with this rule, and if you've ever dealt with a wet dog with the zoomies, you know how likely they are to remember to stay off the couch. On top of that, many people prefer to have their beloved companion curled up next to them as they relax.

To have the best of both worlds--a happy dog at your side and furniture that stays clean--the best choice is to place something protective between the pup and your couch. But before you pull out that worn old blanket to do the job, there are a few things you should know about dog furniture protectors.

Choosing the Right Type of Furniture Protector

There's no reason a furniture protector should detract from your home's decor. An attractive cover in a neutral tone should complement any look, as well as keep your couch looking its best. But looking great isn't enough. You'll also want to select the furniture protector that will function well in your home and for your unique pet.

To be effective, the type of dog couch cover you choose should be matched to your dog's behaviors. Do you have a very active dog who's likely to hop on the couch and roll around in delight? Or is your dog more sedate and happy to curl up in its favorite spot? Here are the top options, so you can pick the one that will work best for you.

Fitted couch protector

If your pet moves around a lot, a fitted furniture protector is your best choice. Soft, adjustable ties hold it firmly in place, so it stays put no matter how much the dog may flop around. A high-quality fitted furniture protector should be easy to put on and take off, yet stay where you need it to be when it's in place.

Non-fitted furniture protector

For less active dogs, a non-fitted furniture protector is a simple way to keep your couch clean. Be sure to get one that is large enough to cover all the areas that might be vulnerable, such as the arms or back of the couch, if your dog might rest their paws or head there.

Dog blankets

This is a great choice for dogs that snooze in the same spot all day. If you have an elderly dog, a dog blanket with a waterproof backing will protect your couch from drool or accidents. Just pick the size that protects the area your dog prefers and toss it in place.

Dog pillows

Putting a dog pillow on the couch offers all the benefits of a pillow along with protection for the upholstery. A cozy pillow that surrounds your pup can be comforting for anxious dogs. A pillow with extra padding also cradles dogs that have painful joints with special care.

Are Pet Furniture Protectors Comfortable?

The best furniture protectors are comfortable, easy to use, and attractive. Unfortunately, not all of them on the market meet these standards. They can be scratchy and stiff, or made of low-quality fabrics that quickly become matted and uncomfortable with wear. Some are simply too slippery to stay in place, leaving your sofa without any protection at all.

Our furniture protectors are designed to be comfortable, durable, and effective. We use Katie Puff textured chenille that has a silky soft touch that lasts. We created them to look as good as they function, and to feel luxurious to both dogs and humans.


What are the best sofa covers for pet owners?

The right choice depends on your needs. You may need a fitted cover that stays firmly in place, no matter how much your dog moves around. Or maybe all you need is a small blanket to cuddle a tiny, calm dog. You know your dog best, so consider how they behave on the couch, and that will help you pick the perfect protector.

How do you get pet couch covers to stay on?

If you have trouble keeping a couch cover in place, consider choosing a fitted cover. For less challenging dogs, you can also use a non-fitted cover and tuck it in between the back cushions and bottom cushions. If you don't need much hold, a furniture protector that's well crafted shouldn't be made from fabric that's too slippery to stay in place.

Do pet couch covers protect against fur?

Absolutely, as long as they cover the area your dog uses. The fabric should have enough texture to collect any shed fur, so you can periodically shake it out or wash it. If shedding is a big problem, consider getting two furniture protectors, so you can have one in place while you're washing the other one.

Those of us at Animal Matters understand the struggle to keep your couch clean and your companion close at the same time. We offer the best in pet furniture protectors, as well as our other high-quality pet supplies. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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