Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Bed

Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Bed - Animals Matter, Inc.

There's nothing like a good night's sleep. Our furry friends need rest and relaxation just as much as you and I do. Nothing contributes more to your pooch's health and well-being than a solid night of sleep in an orthopedic dog bed with adequate cushioning.

At Animals Matter, Inc. we're all about promoting a healthy lifestyle for both pet parents and their pooches. Today, we're going to discuss the top ten things that pet owners should consider when shopping around for a dog bed for their faithful companion.

Type of Cushioning

First things first: is it comfy? Before you ask anything else, you have to consider the type of material that is made from, and whether or not that material provides adequate cushioning for your furry friend. Take foam beds and foam mattresses for example.

The right dog bed should have both support and a little bit of "give" or pliability. When dogs prepare for sleep, they must be able to mold and shape the cushion to their own body. At the same time, the cushioning must provide enough support to prevent serious health problems, such as joint pain or hip dysplasia, from occurring, while simultaneously promoting the dog's sleeping habits. That's why memory foam, which "remembers" your furry friend's sleep posture, is the ideal material for well-cushioned dog beds.

Is it Orthopedic?

The question of orthopedics goes hand in hand with cushioning material. In fact, the orthopedic foam cushioning mentioned above is ideal the ideal way to ensure that your dog bed provides proper ergonomic support for your furry canine companion.

If your dog's nighttime posture isn't properly supported by their dog bed, they can suffer from a host of health conditions, Including:

  • Arthritis
  • Generalized joint pain
  • Back problems
  • Hip dysplasia

Whether you choose a more traditional foam mattress or a donut-style dog bed, orthopedic support can mean a world of difference for your furry friend.

Care and Maintenance

Imagine sleeping in the same sheets, blankets, and bedding without ever washing them. Nobody on earth does that. Your canine companion deserves the same respect.

Even the most cleanly of animals needs their dog bed to be washed from time to time. When shopping for your pal's next bed, make sure the product is machine washable. There's nothing worse than a clogged washing machine or a shredded bed. Also, take a minute to evaluate whether or not the material is breathable to gauge how often you'll have to wash it out. Ideally, look for beds with removable covers to economize your wash cycle.

The Size of the Dog

Not all dog breeds are created equal. Small dogs have radically different needs than large breeds who predictably need larger dog beds. Therefore, the size of the dog bed is an important factor when it comes to choosing a new bed for your furry friend.

When shopping around for the perfect dog bed, make sure to take your pooch's size into account in order to support good sleeping habits.

Is it Water Resistant?

Accidents happen. Even the best-trained canine makes a mess from time to time. Whether it's a bathroom accident or muddy, soiled paws, every furry friend has the propensity for chaos. That's why the right dog bed has to have the right features (and be made from the right materials) in order to stand up against abuse.

When purchasing a new pet bed, look for water-resistant, removable covers that can easily be cleaned off — especially if it’s an outdoor dog bed.

Is it Hypoallergenic?

Although dogs can be synonymous with allergies, pet owners aren't the only ones who get sniffles, rashes, and hives. Dogs can suffer from allergies too!

If your canine companion is sensitive to certain materials, look for a hypoallergenic dog bed to help ease their suffering and promote top-grade sleep. The good news is that the same types of materials that contribute to hypoallergenic products are also eco-friendly, contributing to an overall better quality of life for your pet.

Will it Fit in a Kennel?

It's in a dog's general instinct to make a den when they go to sleep. Creating a den-like environment out of their dog bed is a perfectly normal sleeping habit.

Pet owners who have successfully crate-trained their dog know that the animal views their kennel as a source of safety and security. Adding the right dog bed to the kennel is the perfect way to increase the kennel's den-like atmosphere, giving them a safe and comfortable bed to relax on.

Does it Fit With My Home's Decor?

Pet parents have a difficult task: balancing the needs of their furry friend with the needs of the household at large. The last thing you need is a dog bed that clashes with your home's decor.

Fortunately, the modern orthopedic dog bed comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You should have no difficulty finding one that fits with your interior decor.

How is the Bed's Overall Quality?

So far, we've discussed the ins and outs of selecting a dog bed. While it's good to pick apart the features and aspects of each individual product, sometimes you have to ask the big-picture question: what's the overall quality of the product?

When shopping around for a new bed for your furry friend, look for products with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and feedback.

What are My Dog's General Sleeping Habits?

In the end, it's your canine companion's comfort that should matter most. When evaluating prospective dog beds, ask yourself what your dog's general sleeping habits entail. A suitable pet bed should address their comfort, health, safety, and security while contributing to the overall look and feel of your home.

To learn more about dog sleeping habits, or dog behavior in general, please visit Animals Matter, Inc. today.


How do I choose the right bed for my pet?

Choosing a suitable dog bed is a matter of balancing your pet's health, safety, and security with a product that's high quality and easy to take care of.

What are the advantages of dog beds?

Orthopedic foam dog beds can help prevent health problems like joint pain and hip dysplasia. Additionally, a good pet bed can help contribute to your pet's overall well-being.

What is the price range for a dog bed?

When it comes to dog beds, there's a wide price range that's highly dependent on quality. You can expect to pay anywhere from. $19.99 for a cheap bed, to $100 or more for top quality.

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