April 19, 2018

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Raine is a Lustrous Blue Beauty that loves fresh oranges off the tree, any body of water, and keeping herself in tip-top shape. When she is not hanging with her A List Model Crew, she can be found doing daily laps, dives in the pool and splashing in the beachfront. The Olympian in the Animals Matter crew, she is as dedicated as she is Gorgeous.

Animals Matter Dog Model, Raine The Olympian







Raine was one of our day foster office pups from the shelter. She was adopted twice previously. During her second adoption, after 2 years in a kennel at the shelter, she was badly neglected and abused. Being returned to the shelter for the second time, she was kept in isolation because of her reactive behavior. She was labeled "unadoptable."  She was no longer safe. We adopted her. She has learned to trust again. She is incredibly sweet, loving and connected. She is now living the life she has always deserved. 








Raine digging in water

This overachiever is 8 years old, but keeps herself in tip top shape. She’s is a shining example of the resilient, loving and forgiving nature of pups.

That's Raine!  

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Yvette Thibault
Yvette Thibault

October 19, 2019

She’s BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much for coming to this sweet beautys’ rescue! We are a lover of Pitties and adoption. We adopted one 5 years ago, my son has a Blue, my daughter adopted a 5 year old one and my other daughter has 3! It’s sad that so many still have that ignorant belief of these wonderful dogs!

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