Dog Car Seats: Everything you need to know

Dog Car Seats: Everything you need to know about car seats for dogs. - Animals Matter, Inc.

As a pet owner, you’ll want to ensure your pup's safety and comfort when traveling. To do so, having the right dog car seat is essential. No worries if you're looking for an upgrade or your first time purchasing a dog car seat!

We've got all the information you need to choose the perfect fit for you and your furry companion.

This blog post covers everything from determining correct sizing and measurements to understanding materials used in constructing each type of dog car seat.

Whether treating your pooch with luxury or giving them essential comfort and protection on the go – let us provide everything necessary for choosing the ideal dog car seat for safe travels with your canine best friend! What are the benefits of using a car seat for dogs?


A small dog riding in the Animals Matter Dog Car Seat


7 Benefits and reasons for using a dog car seat:

1. Safety: Ensuring your four-legged friend is secure and safe on the road can help provide peace of mind. With a properly secured dog car seat, you not only prevent them from becoming an unwanted 'flying furball' but also take additional steps, such as using the vehicle's seat belt to keep the dog car seat in place - offering luxurious safety for both driver and pet alike!

2. Distraction:Driving with a furry friend can be tricky. Avoid "ruff" moments-- keep them secure in the backseat and their paws off your steering wheel! You'll have total peace of mind with an effective dog car seat on your journey to new adventures together.

3. Comfort: Discover the joy of luxury car travel for you and your pup! A dog car seat provides a secure "pooch palace" that spoils them with extra legroom to stretch out in style. In addition, their window view will be memorable as they can admire the scenery while taking calming cat naps - transporting you and your four-legged friend into first class on an unforgettable road trip adventure.

4. Protection:Experience the superpowers of a canine chauffeur with a dog car seat! Keep your car's interior pristine and free from dirt, hair, or other 'souvenirs' Fido may bring. Enjoy effortless protection against furry decorum – perfect for pet parents on the go.

5. Laws:For pet owners on the go, it's important to remember that keeping your pup securely seated in the car is a must. Many states now require dogs to be secured with a dog car seat and appropriate harnesses or carriers - otherwise, hefty fines will leave you howling! Keep things legal and preserve peace of mind by investing in an adequate doggy seatbelt solution; after all, nobody wants their furry friend ending up behind paw bars!

6. Health and well-being: Give your pup a luxurious ride with the perfect dog car seat combining comfort, safety, and style while on the go. A dog car seat is designed to provide peace of mind and stress relief for you and your furry companion by preventing motion sickness and injury from sudden stops or turns during travel, plus added headrest support. Keep them safe AND comfortable - enjoy every drive together!

7. Training:Make your next road trip peaceful with the luxurious training of your pup! Transform them into expert back-seat travelers, letting you and "the Zen master" enjoy every second spent on the open road. Say goodbye to any barking or unrest - no more wrong turns here!

Is there such a thing as a dog car seat?

Traveling with your furry companion has never been easier! Dog car seats have revolutionized how you and your pup can explore together. These specialized products are designed to keep smaller dogs secure, cozy, and safe as they journey along in style. Offering a variety of designs such as booster seat options or hammock-style covers - all made from durable materials that can be easily cleaned – these dog car accessories provide an ultra-comfortable ride for pooch passengers.


A dog riding in the Animals Matter Companion Dog Car Seat

What is the safest way for a large dog to travel in a car?

Give your large dog the protection it deserves on car trips. Invest in a heavy-duty dog safety harness, specifically designed to secure them while using regular seat belts and distributing forces at an impact throughout its chest and shoulders - reducing risks of injury. Pet carriers are also available for larger breeds needing extra care during travel.


Where should I place the pet car seat for the safest travel and road trip?

For a stress-free ride with your furry friend, the back seat is always the safest place for pet travel. However, to ensure optimal security during road trips and car rides, never risk placing them in an unsafe spot - like front seats where airbags have been known to cause severe harm or even death. Remember that safety comes first! 

Wherever you place the dog car seats, ensure it is adequately secured. Use the adjustable straps in the pet car seat or other anchoring methods. Use a regular seat belt as an extra layer of security so that if any unexpected situation occurs, your furry friend will stay safe and secure. 

Finally, familiarize yourself with the dog car seat before going on your trip. Ensure all straps, clips, and other components are in good condition and can support your pet's weight. This is especially important for larger breeds or puppies, who may need extra protection. 


How can you make your car seat more comfortable for your dog?

Here are some ways to make your car seat more comfortable for your dog:

  1. Make sure your four-legged companion is comfortable on the go by outfitting their dog car seats with a luxurious cushion or pad. Providing extra comfort, such as a cushioned seat cover, will ensure maximum relaxation for them when traveling in style. 

  2. Make sure your pup is as comfortable as possible, even in the hottest climates. A cooling pad offers optimal air circulation to keep them cool during those long car rides and road trips.

  3. Give your pup extra comfort and warmth with a luxurious blanket or towel when using their pet booster seat. Then, enjoy the cozy ride as you both cruise in style!

  4. Make every drive a comfortable experience for your four-legged companion with a luxurious dog car seat cover. Offering both protection and support, this premium car accessory provides superior defense against dirt and other items that could damage or sully your vehicle's interior while giving extra cushioning to ensure an enjoyable ride for even long journeys.

  5. Keep your dog's car seats pristine while keeping Fido comfortable with a luxurious seat cover specially designed for canine passengers. Then, enjoy the peace of mind that you and your four-legged best friend can cruise in style!

  6. Let your pup enjoy the open road in ultimate comfort and safety with a dog car seat that provides excellent ventilation. Let Fido cool down during hot summer days while still having all the security of being strapped into their particular spot on any adventure!

  7. Enjoy luxurious comfort for your pup on the go! Look no further than dog car seats with additional padding - perfect for those long drives and ultimate relaxation.

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your pup is essential while driving - make sure the dog car seat is adjusted correctly and harness clipped in securely, then place them snugly in either rear seating area for contented travels. 

For the most luxurious ride, treat your pup to a dog car seat explicitly designed for them! With adjustable straps and multi-position options, you can be sure that your four-legged best friend will stay safe and secure while taking in all the sights of your journey. 

A Dog riding in the Animals Matter Dog Car Seat Hammock, Backseat Car Cover.

6 Questions to ask and what you should look for in a dog car seat:

What materials are used to manufacture the dog car seat, and are pet safe? 

There are many factors to consider when manufacturing a safe and comfortable dog car seat for your canine pal. First and foremost is the material used in constructing the pet car seat. It’s essential to ensure that what you choose is durable enough to sustain wear and tear from regular use and safe and comfortable for your pet.

The best dog car seats on the market are typically made with high-density Foam as a primary material source. This high-density foam provides excellent support, while its conforming properties give superior comfort that won't sink or flatten over time like other traditional foams. The dog car seat foam helps keep your pup in place during bumpy rides while allowing them to have room to move around if they wish so they can remain comfortable throughout their journey without sacrificing safety standards.

Additionally, most premium models with this type of material feature CertiPUR-US certification, which ensures that an independent laboratory has tested it for durability performance, content accuracy (so nothing hazardous leeches into the foam), low emission (VOC) levels of toxins to help provide indoor air quality protection over extended periods as well as being free from formaldehyde, PVCs or any heavy metals such as mercury, lead or flame retardants (PBDEs) mandated by California Prop 65 – all since our furry friends spend much more concentrated periods sitting on these pieces than us! What kind of foam is used as a structural base of the dog car seat, and is it floppy or structurally safe and sound?

Our doggy car seats use a combination of high-density memory foam and polyurethane foam. This hybrid combination supports your pup’s body while providing comfort and contouring for an optimal ride. The combo also ensures that it is structurally safe and sound in case of any accidents or bumps. 

Is the cover removable and machine washable, durable yet luxurious and comfortable?

When it comes to luxury, durability, and comfort, the answer is a resounding yes! Animals Matter dog car seat is made with a padded velvet fabric cover that is aptly designed for maximum ease of use and protection. Not only is it breathable for ultimate comfort, but its ultra-soft velvet exterior is also completely removable and machine washable, so you can keep it looking new. Our fabric also meets the stringent requirements of CA Prop 65, so you can rest assured that everything’s safe and secure.

If you’re looking for luxuriousness that won’t wear off through time, superior comfort during use, or convenience when washing - the padded velvet fabric cover fits your needs perfectly!

Is the foam used tested for pet safety, has a removable cover, and is the surface tested for chemicals?

Many pet owners are rightly concerned about the materials and certifications of foam used in their pet beds. However, to ensure you're providing your furry companion with a safe, comfortable sleeping space, it's essential to pay attention to how long-lasting and hypoallergenic the material is.

Regarding Animals Matter luxury pet beds, we have taken special care to ensure that all requirements for pet safety have been met. For example, our removable covers allow you to easily clean them when necessary and protect your furniture from dirt or accidents. Furthermore, our bedding has been thoroughly tested by third-party accredited laboratories for chemicals such as carcinogens and phthalates in compliance with California Proposition 65 (CA Prop 65) regulations; it is also certified by CertiPUR-US® which is an independent certification program verifying that luxury dog beds make no compromise on content or indoor air quality standards set forth by the US EPA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, and US FDA. In other words - rest assured that your beloved pet will be sleeping on perfectly safe, luxurious bedding!

What is Certipur-US Certified Foam, and does the dog booster seat have this certification?

Regarding luxury and professional quality products, you need the highest safety standards. The Certipur-US Certified Foam is one assurance established by the American Home Furnishing Alliance to ensure that foam seating materials used in furniture meet strict guidelines for health, indoor air quality, and performance.

On top of this, California’s Proposition 65 places an additional level of environmental protection on products sold in the state, which must be met if a company desires to have its items certified as Hazardous Materials-free (Hazardous Materials include lead). Our dog booster seat meets all these requirements with its Certipur-US certification!

Certipur-US Certified Foam undergoes independent testing by a third-party lab for physical properties such as compression and resilience and indoor air emissions, including formaldehyde and ozone depleters such as PBDEs. In addition, our dog booster seat has been tested extensively by these labs to certify that it meets even the most stringent regulations for your pet’s utmost safety—and yours too! So you can rest assured that our high-quality product will keep your pup happy and safe during travel.

What is CA Prop 65, and is the dog car seat compliant?

When it comes to the safety of your four-legged best friend, nothing should be left to chance. That is why when choosing a dog car seat, you need to look at one that is CA Prop 65 Compliant.

CA Prop 65 stands for the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 and requires businesses to warn Californians about exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive harm. This means any products intended for use in California will require a warning label – guaranteeing you are purchasing with absolute knowledge about the product’s contents.

Dog car seats should also have Certipur-US certification, which provides yet another layer of assurance when it comes to luxury products like those from Animals Matter. In addition, all materials must be evaluated against some stringent performance standards so you can feel confident they are safe enough, even for human babies! Finally, each component is tested separately and again as part of the finished product—because only by trying every bit together can we achieve our promise: a perfect fit every time.

When looking for quality dog car seats compliant with CA Prop 65, there's no better choice than [brand]. Our dedication to safety gives you peace of mind knowing your furry friends are guaranteed the utmost protection while out on the road.


Who makes the best dog car seats?


A picture of a dog riding in the Animals Matter Dog Car Seat.


Regarding pet car travel, Animals Matter is a trusted brand that has been crafting luxury pet products with integrity for over two decades. From their Luxury Dog Beds and Car Seat Coversto Pet Stairs, Water-Resistant Blankets, Travel Hammocks, and Organic Shampoos - they offer everything an animal lover needs on the go! And when seeking out the best dog car seat solutions, look no further than Animals Matter's line of state-of-the-art Booster Seats, Bucket Boosters & Safety Seats explicitly designed for small dogs up through large breeds.

Animals Matter is dedicated to ensuring maximum safety for your beloved pet. They go above and beyond by guaranteeing their car seat foam meets the strict Certipur-US certification standards and creating a pet-safe blend of durable high-density Foam tested explicitly for toxicity and safety before ever reaching your four-legged family member. Such dedication gives you an unparalleled assurance that Animals Matters' dog car seats are safe havens on journeys shared with furry friends.

Animals Matter offers unparalleled pampering for your pup with their deluxe, luxurious, and removable car seat covers. Crafted from only the best quality fabrics tested to ensure compliance with California’s Prop 65 standards, these stunning products are further strengthened by heavy-duty YKK zippers in America. So you can guarantee top-of-line durability.

Animals Matter never uses toxic flame retardants and have been known to be the safest, pet-safe, and most luxurious products on the market. They may be expensive, but it’s worth knowing your pet is safe from unregulated and imported products that can be unsafe and harm your best friend with toxic materials. Pet owners worldwide have raved about their products for years, and the reviews can be found on their websites.

Animals Matter, Inc. is a Direct To Consumer Brand redefining luxury for pet owners by crafting the finest products from their Manufacturing home base in picturesque Palm Springs, CA.

Ensure your beloved companion feels their best with these essential tips for creating a cozy environment. From providing warm beds and blankets to engaging in plenty of playtimes, please give them the special treatment they deserve!

The Animals Matter Companion Travel Hammock stretches over the entire backseat, making it the perfect large dog car seat for extra big dogs.


A Dog Riding in the Animals Matter Dog Car Seat Hammock, for the car backseat cover.


The Companion Car Seat comes in several different sizes tailored for dogs up to 20 pounds, 30 pounds, and 45 pounds.

Easy to install, machine-washable, with a removable cover, durability, ultra-soft touch, and comfy.

Give your pup a luxurious experience with this sleek and simplified design. Its stylish, sophisticated look is free of unnecessary extras that curious canine teeth could potentially chew up!

Our luxury 5-star ratings and extensive selection of offerings guarantee you an exceptional experience.

Customer Story:

Miles and his two beloved dogs, Max and Maya, had been inseparable since he adopted them as puppies. But their car rides had recently become more of a chore than an adventure. Max was prone to carsickness, while Maya seemed anxious on the road; they were no longer looking forward to trips.

But Miles was determined to make things better for his fur family, so he invested in high-quality dog car seats for them. He did a lot of research online before finally settling on one highly recommended by fellow pet owners: The Luxury Dog Car Seat by Animals Matter. It wasn't cheap, but it promised superior comfort, stability, and safety - everything Miles wanted for his pups!

So with great anticipation, the three set off on their first long journey together since adopting Max and Maya, 4000 miles across state lines and back home again! To everyone's amazement (especially Miles'), neither pup was sick or scared during the trip, but they also seemed perfectly content just gazing out of the window as if nothing else mattered! Even when passing through some bumpy terrain or loud construction work along the way, they never lost their composure as they used to before having their luxurious dog car seat cradling them each time.

Miles knew then that spending money on these special dog car seats was worth every penny - now that he could take his beloved pets wherever he went without worrying about how uncomfortable it might be for them, there was no limit to where life would take him next...




A dog car seat is essential for any pet owner wanting to ensure their pup's safety and comfort while traveling.

With the right size, fit, and construction, a dog car seat can provide luxury and protection for your furry companion.

Here at Animals Matter, we have everything you need to choose the perfect car seat for your dog.

From determining correct sizing to understanding materials used in constructing each type of dog car seat, we have you covered.

So whether you treat your pup with luxury or give them essential comfort and protection on the go, let us provide everything necessary for choosing the ideal dog booster seat for safe travels with your canine best friend!

Do you use a dog car seat for your dog? What type of dog car seat do you have and why? Let us know in the comments below!




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