Animals Matter® Apparel Helps People Remember Why Animals Matter®

Animals Matter® Apparel Helps People Remember Why Animals Matter®

July 25, 2015

To be perfectly honest, we tried hard not to let anyone see our eyes misting up when we read a Washington Post piece about a dog born with no eyes, one who was rescued and now helps others as a therapy dog. The animal was one of 85 rescued from a puppy mill. He was such a happy animal that the vet tech called to the scene decided to keep him and share him with others. We were so touched by the story that we searched for other stories of dogs that helped people. We wear ourAnimals Matter® apparel and sell it to remind others that such miraculous animals are out there and that we love them.

Meet Rami

Rami is a pit bull-dachshund mix living in Georgia. He was rescued from the streets and now lives at the local shelter. This dog, however, has a totally cool story to tell. He wasn’t allowed to be adopted, because the shelter personnel feared he would be “turned into a freak show”. So the shelter established a Facebook page for him, and it’s having him certified as a therapy dog. His foster family loves him, and he loves them right back. Check out his Facebook page to become one of his over 4,000 followers.

Say Hello to Hunter

New Jersey’s Bergen County has honored its K-9 force each year since 2011. It is the first state to pass laws officially honoring its search and rescue animals. Hunter is a therapy poodle that usually helps autistic kids. Hunter belongs to a New York City retired firefighter, who went to the 9/11 memorial to “comfort wounded warriors”.  Hunter’s owner, Robert Reeg, stopped by with Hunter to support K-9 Veterans Day. We’d like to give them a tail-wagging bark for recognizing that animals matter.

Special Pups: Stubby, Chips and Lucca

Bet you’ve never heard of a dog winning a Purple Heart. Stubby served honorably in WW1 and died in 1926. His remains were sent to the Smithsonian, where you can see him to this day. Stubby was honored with a medal, a thing that had never been done before but has since. Chips was a collie-shepherd-husky mix volunteered into WWII by his owner in New York. Chips busted up machine gun nests so his troops could take prisoners in Sicily in 1943. Chips was awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded in battle, a Silver Star in addition to a Distinguished Service Cross. Someone, however, thought this ridiculous, and Chips’ awards were temporarily rescinded but later returned. Lucca was with her Marines in Afghanistan when she lost a leg and was given a Purple Heart by a recipient of two of them. Most dogs going to war serve as company mascots or message carriers. Thes e furry guys (and girl) teach us that animals matter on a battlefield as well as at home.

Our name says it all. At Animals Matter®, we produce luxury pet care products for your canine friend. We, too, have rescued animals and work passionately for animal welfare. Please contact us for further information about rescuing animals as well as deservedly luxurious pet care items.

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