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NEW: LA Dog Company® Turbo Travel Hammock

Treat your Pup to luxury during car trips with the LA Dog Company® Turbo Travel Dog Hammock. This high-quality, handcrafted backseat dog Hammock is designed for Maximum Comfort, Convenience and Car Seat Protection. 

Crafted from luxurious patterned velvet fabric and padded with our proprietary hypoallergenic LUXURA-FILL® technology Memory-Spring Cushioning, this premium dog car seat cover will give your Pup a smooth, cushioned ride that even humans would envy.

Experience unparalleled Comfort and Sophistication with our exquisitely crafted upholstery. It boasts an irresistibly soft touch and offers exceptional resilience against wear and tear, ensuring a pristine look that effortlessly withstands the test of time. Indulge in Luxury that's truly built to last.

Experience the ultimate fusion of Luxury and Protection with our Deluxe Handcrafted backseat dog hammock, meticulously designed with adjustable nylon straps and buckles. Embrace the peace of mind as it effortlessly wraps around the headrest, while the innovative seat belt slots ensure a secure hold via your car's seatbelt.

Indulge in this Elegant solution, safeguarding your beloved Pup and the pristine interior of your vehicle.

Enjoy an additional bonus of protection with the see-through panel mesh barrier designed to keep pets from accessing your car's front seat or air vents - all while allowing fresh air to flow through.

Experience travel like never before and pick up the LA Dog Company® Turbo Travel Dog Hammock today!

They are handcrafted in California under strict regulations for your and your pets' safety.  

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Dog's Harness and Leash not included. 
See sizing and care instructions below. 

It arrives overstuffed and will settle with use.

Size Chart Dimensions:

56"w with two 9" door flaps on each side, 22"d seating area, 69" overall.


Cold water machine washes, line dry. No Heat, Bleach, or Bleach Alternatives.