Animals Matter® Vegan Paw Balm

Animals Matter®

Animals Matter® Vegan Paw Balm


Animals Matter® 100% Vegan Paw Balm with Colloidal Silver, for added healing and antibacterial properties. Paws Matter Too™ is formulated to sooth, smooth and restore your dogs cracked, dried, rough, chapped paw pads caused by extreme weather conditions, hot asphalt or harsh surfaces. Paws Matter Too™ provided soothing and healing ingredients to reverse the damage and reduce the pain of sore paws. All ingredients are 100% vegan and are safe for humans, but designed with your pet in mind.  
  • ◦ Contains no beeswax
    ◦ Non-toxic and animal cruelty free
    ◦ Contains Colloidal Silver for strong healing and antibacterial properties
Animals Matter® Vegan Nose Balm $ 17.99
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