Animals Matter®

Companion Car Seat Console®

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Now you and your Companion can travel safely, comfortably and in style with our original and patented Animals Matter® Companion Car Seat Console®.

This Console Car Seat can only be installed on the car console and not the seat of the car. Fits console tops that open from one side and or from the front. Just clip the attached strap to your companion’s harness and you’re off! 

Our Car Seat allows your pup to see out of the window while riding in Comfort with room to lay down and sleep during long rides. It helps ease car sickness. It also secures pups that like to roam around the car or sit in the driver's lap. 

The seat is constructed of dense upholstery-grade foam with an easily removable and machine-washable cover in a Luxurious Padded Velvet. Handcrafted in the California under strict regulation.  

See sizing and care instruction below:

PAT NO. 7,717,062 & 7,574,975

Model: Charger 12 lbs  Car Seat Console: SUV

Click here for the installation instructions.

Size Chart

Companion Car Seat Sport Console®
* for dogs up to 4 lbs.  *
* Outer Dimensions: 9W x 15D x 7H
* Inner Dimensions: 5.5W x 12D x 6

Companion Car Seat SUV Console® 
* for dogs up to 12 lbs
* Outer Dimensions: 12W x 19D x 8H
* Inner Dimensions: 9W x 15D x 7H


Cover unzips for cold water machine wash, line dry. No Heat.

Inserts and/or Foam are not washable. Please use a solution of half white vinegar and half water sprayed on soiled area and air dry.