Animals Matter® T-Shirts Benefit Animal Welfare

There are many organizations to provide charitable donations to these days. We believe you should consider purchasing an Animals® Matter T-Shirt the next time you are looking to give money to a good cause.  Here are 4 reasons why!


Every purchase of an Animals Matter® T-Shirt means more money is donated to an animal welfare organization. We pledge to send a donation to an organization that promotes a No Kill society with every T-shirt we sell. Your purchase of a T-shirt results in a charitable donation to a good cause! You can feel good about that!


Our T-shirts are soft and smooth. They are made with fine-gauge pre-shrunk combed ring spun cotton. The neckband is ribbed making it higher durability. This is a high quality shirt with an extra soft feel making it extra comfortable to wear. You will want to wear this T-shirt and will be able to wear it over and over!

Colors and Sizes

With 7 colors to choose from it is easy to select the one that looks best on you. In addition, you can purchase a different color for each member of your family. The range of size choices means everyone can fit whether they are Small or XXL or anything in between.

Made in USA

Not only are you supporting a great charitable cause with these shirts, you are also supporting USA manufacturing.

Wear your Animals Matter® T-Shirt with pride knowing you are benefiting animals and the US economy. In addition, you will be letting everyone you see know the importance of animals in your life. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our other products such as dog beds, crates, car seats, and more don't hesitate to contact us.


Animals Matter® T-Shirt

Scott Avera
Scott Avera


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